Our Ultimate Blog Post Promotion Guide: 27 EFFECTIVE Steps You Can Take to Promote Your New Blog Post and Website – Traffic getting on Speed! #howtopromoteablog #blogging101

How to Promote your Bog Post  and drive traffic to your Offers or Content in 90 minutes or Less, A Detailed Checklist & Guide!

Our Ultimate Blog Post Promotion Guide: 27 EFFECTIVE Steps You Can Take to Promote Your New Blog Post and Website – Traffic getting on Speed! #howtopromoteablog #blogging101

Dear Sybil,

This is Part 2 to your question where I help you unravel how to drive traffic to your blog or How to Promote your blog post! First we tackled How often to Post on your blog and if you haven’t yet read about it do so here. Good juice that, we’ll wait!

I also comprehensively handled how you can Promote Your Content…By the way dive into this as well. So wont this be reinventing the wheel?

Nope, let’s show you how. Welcome back… Now that you hit that PUBLISH button, shall we go to the beach, sip that Mohito and the traffic flows…!

Hold on to your mankini and flip-flops…In fact hang your sun hat on the door hook, roll up your sleeves and get your marigolds on…! 

So what next you ask? Well now the work starts! Yup you heard me, promoting your blog post is the work! You see you gotta let that special person you wrote that post for Know that your gift to them is ready! You have to let them know wherever they are, coz that person is in abundance across the globe.  

BUT YOU HAVE TO KNOW and hangout in those places too!

I like to think I share our links and content in dozens of different social platforms and online areas.  The idea is to get as many people to click on them and Take action. And that’s where the real art is.

Let’s first tackle a big misconception: Many Bloggers think that the more content they pump out; the more traffic they will get. WRONG!

The more content you pump out; the more traffic you will get right! WRONG! #blogpromotion Click To Tweet

It’s all about WHAT & How you promote! You see: the more you promote your QUALITY posts in the right places, the more Traffic, Opt-ins and income you will create! Does this make sense?

So instead of spending hours creating content/posts. Go check your analytics. Find those posts bringing you traffic, Refresh, re-purpose and RE-SHARE that content to your social media already! Always be re-tweeting, repining, re-Google plus. You get the picture? 

In Business Admin parlance, we consider publishing a new post as Output. Now you want to create the Inflow of Income. And this is all about Content Promotion! Period!

Yes, there is a plethora of untapped traffic sources all over the web. And we recently also shared some more awesome information on Free blog traffic sources for list building. You can dive into those too. Yet in this post I would like to open your mind to attraction marketing!

For most new Bloggers, this feels like a deep dark hole…swimming in the deep without a paddle! Right? Well fear not because today I am here to help you unravel how to promote your blog post and ATTRACT the traffic!

Hang out with me to the end coz you will understand exactly what I mean!

Cool? Let’s do this!  

The First step is you must have a checklist of the steps you take, to help you focus and get productive. You want to Track your actions and be able to know where your blog traffic comes from. And guess what? Once you know which 2 platform work best for you, you rinse and repeat. Rev up your actions on those spots. That’s why I focus on two main platforms. Facebook and Pinterest! More on this later. And how do you track…well good old Google Analytics and we shall touch on this some more!

Oh my goodness, now I need a checklist? I thought hitting publish was job done!

Well lesson 1 is you definitely must have a writing style that speaks to a specific audience, so much so they find it pulls them every time you publish! We are creatures of habit. And seek for value in the content we consume. If we find it, and love the writing style too, chances are we will return to your blog again and again!  

“So listen mate, People aren’t attracted to not just your content, they are essentially attracted to YOU, your energy! It’s a spiritual thing! So It’s important that you find your writing voice and Style. This will help you ATTRACT your audience so you aren’t so much Driving traffic to your blog as ATTRACTING it! And it’s also important to know that this starts way before you hit that PUBLISH button!

But I know you want the action packed adventure. So let’s dive into my checklist on how to promote your blog content!


Trigger goes here

#1. Know your Target audience

I always write for that 1 person… (in millions.) I write to address their pain points, educate, entertain them or fulfill their desires or dreams. I also believe this person finds my content to his/her liking and learns from it.

I try to enlighten them so they can have a better understanding and hopefully also see the light at the end of the tunnel. And absolutely keep coming back despite the millions of posts online. So one of the things I do is….

#2. Make sure your Post Headline Grabs Attention.

This is again Pre-publishing. You want to Research your blog post headline, ensure it has your Focus Keyword and Is Attention Grabbing. To get you going we have a whole resource to help you Create Killer Blog Titles & Newsletters that Convert, do make use of it always.

Once you have 3 Headline drafts, check out their Strength using aminstitute.com and make sure you get at least 25-30% strength for your Post Title! More is awesome!

#3. Links Are Essential

You could be attracting an amazing pipeline of traffic to your blog. Here's how #promoteablog Click To Tweet

Okay I see a lot of blogs with so much text, tiny blurry stock images, and that’s it…No links no recommended resources, nothing. I feel cheated at the end of these posts. And I am not alone.

So my aim is to help you stand out, in order to drive traffic to your post. You gotta link it to other related resources, preferably with higher traffic and authority than your site. If you can link to an educational resource, you could be attracting an amazing pipeline of traffic to your blog. In order to build solid white links, you don’t need to be sat on hour PC searching 24/7. Here are a couple of ways to do that and #3 is my fav:

  1. Blog Commenting – on related niche blogs esp. those that allow you to leave a link!
  2. Guest Blogging- connect with like-minded niche bloggers and write a post for their site allowing you at least 2 links on said blog. One for these should link back to your site and may be your Social profiles!! Authority bloggers and
  3. Build 25 authority back links Daily on autopilot to your Blog, without spending hours on your PC using THIS RESOURCE RIGHT HERE! Highly recommended this. It has helped our site grow in Rank with quality back-links!

Don’t forget to always link to your own older posts or pages as well. When your readers click on those links, they get to see more of your awesome content. Staying longer on your site, reducing your bounce rate, absolutely smashing for SEO and site rank! And guess what this will do also…? With better SEO, you will receive more organic Search traffic to your blog…Subscribers and if it’s that kind of site…Sales! YES!

Now remember Humans have always been visual beings so…


I will stay longer on a post/website with amazing images. They simply draw me in. And I recommend you add at least 3-4 images to your blog post. Ensure that you create amazing, HD, Descriptive or inspiring images for your posts. Save them as your post keyword. This serves as part of the image alt tag. It also means that when people search, your image will show up for a specific Keyword linking back to your blog post!

In our case I ensure that one of the 3-4 images is Pinterest Worthy for every post. Remember it’s one of our special traffic sauces.  

It could be yours too and if you have no idea how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, I encourage you to Take advantage of this Time Limited Offer of The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map, carts close on 11th July. Learn more about it via banner below!

The Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap - Your Solution to the dwindling Facebook Newsfeed reach! #Socialmediamarketing

#5 Create Small snippets of your post.

This is for various Social Media platforms. I usually use this little known resource to tweak my headline and keywords to create different titles. Edit the top 10-20 for better readability! I beef them up & share different versions of the blog post to same platforms different times! This ensures it’s not flagged as spam!

#6 And now to The List of Online Platforms we Share our Blog posts once published!

Note: On the whole most of these shares are automated via various resources which we freely share in this monster resource, dive in! To mention but a Few: Networked blogs, Hootsuite, Shareaholic – right on the blog, TailWind for Pinterest, etc. So below is the list of places our Posts Are Shared, that drive traffic to our blog posts:

How to Promote Your Blog Post – Driving Traffic to your Content My Social Media Checklist!

  1. Pin your Post to Pinterest – Use 2-3 different Optimized Images incl. the one on your post, with a brief description + URL. Ask your audience to Re-Pin.
  1. Share on Google+ – Add a short Keyword-rich Paragraph, 2-3 hashtags and add post URL. Share to 3-4 G+ niche Groups!
  1. Email Your List – No matter how many you have 10 or 10k, email them your new content! You need a CRM for this and I highly Recommend Aweber, try it for just $1 today!
  1. Post to Your Facebook Page – Ask a Question, share a paragraph or 2 of your Post + URL. Ask your audience for engagement and to SHARE if they get value.
  1. Post to Your Facebook Profile – I recommend you share your “Facebook Page Post” to your Personal Profile. Facebook prefers this too!
  1. Post to Niche Facebook Groups – 2-5 Max per day. Don’t be a link dropper. Make sure to engage with other people’s content too i.e. like, comment, share. If not a member of any groups, you are welcome to Social Bloggers Hub!
  1. Submit your post to StumbleUpon – If you don’t have a profile yet follow this link to create your free account. Note though that in my experience, StumbleUpon is mainly traffic un-targeted even though you do add a category to your post. Most visitors seem to bounce without checking out other posts or pages. Yet you can easily get lots of Stumble shares on a post if it’s interesting!
  1. Tweet your Post over and over – Do this on autopilot via Tweet jukebox. Make sure you #hashtag, use your focus keyword and your Twitter handle e.g. @juleskalpauli.
  1. I always share an Image with our Post link on Instagram – add hashtags, tags and keywords
  1. Get that initial traction and search engine indexing with Blog Comments. Become a Smart Commenter. The easiest way to do this is to Join a Blogger Community like Tribber. Or these days via Facebook Blogger Communities. Or you might not like to do the “Reciprocation type groups.” In that case find as many niche blogs as you can, and leave a constructive detailed comment with your relevant post URL
  1. Absolutely Join Link Parties – Share your Posts on Blogger Link Parties, There are Thousands every blessed day. I highly recommend you find 2-5 link parties and go Be a GIVER. Visit lots of Links and Say so in a comment and add your post link! We hold a Weekend Linky from Thursday to Sunday every week- The Bloggers Pit stop, Join in, Share and Be shared, Enjoy! Bookmark this site!
  1. Share on ForumsWarrior Forum is the best place to promote your content for Network Marketers and MLMers, but not the only one.

Quora is a great Share and Q &A Forum What you should do is engage and answer Questions. Take part in Discussions with your blog post URL in your signature. And here is the trick: Become the Expert in this or any other Influencer/Q&A forum. This is by answering people’s questions, be generous with your knowledge.  Become one of the “big players” that people look to for answers, they will come to your blog posts, Trust me on this!

How to promote your blog post 27 Different ways! #quoraforum #blogging101

You can also Share your blog post on Reddit, Digg, and Tumblr. Make sure to add hashtags,  the URL, keywords and tags.    

#7. Re-share your Blog Post over and over:

Right now you want to be sure to spread your bread crumbs all over the show to lead your audience to the big loaf! And here is how:

  • Turn your Post into a PDF and share it on some of the untapped traffic sources we shared above!
  • Create a PowerPoint Presentation and Upload your content to Slideshare, follow me here while at it! Once uploaded, add one of the snippets you created above PLUS your post URL in the description. Add your Keyword as a tag! And boom another great back-link to your site and a fresh new piece of content that you can add to your post 2-3 months later and re-ping as refreshed content!
  • Create a video from your Post and Share it on YouTube…linking back to your post as a resource for more detail! This also addresses a whole new audience!




#8. Share your Post on Ibotoolbox

You need to have an account to share on there. Get Your free Ibotoolbox account here! – It’s an amazing tool where we get quite a bit of traffic esp. if your content is unique and value packed. Ibotoolbox has some of the most tuned in users, all entrepreneurs. Looking for great content and opportunities to invest their time and hard earned cash! And again a great back-link to your blog!

#9. Share your post on Betternetworker

Again you need to be a member and you can Create your free account here. Always share a snippet, maybe the first 3 paragraphs of your post, then Guide your readers for More = your blog post URL as a hyperlink! We get in the region of at least 200 views per post from here! 

#10. Share on bookmarking sites.

For this we use Onlywire to do so and visit some of these sits at least once a week. To network, connect and engage so our shares are recognised too. If you don’t do this, your content won’t pick up much momentum on these sites!

#11. You could also do Blogger outreach.

This is where you reach out to niche influencers whose content you referenced or who you would like an opinion on a specific topic you are tackling. Most will not respond but if you keep at it a few will and happily share your post! I don’t put much emphasis on this tough. Purpose to Become the leader you seek to be! Others will seek you, then BE THAT GIVING influencer who says Yes to potentially great upcoming brands! 

Purpose to Become the leader you seek to be! Others will seek you #leadershipskills Click To Tweet

#12. Cross Promote your Post to your Online real estate!

The best tool for his hands down and a freemium at that is; IFTTT. If you have no idea how to use “If This Then That.” I suggest you take a look at this resource I created for you!

#13. Share on viralcontentbuzz

If you want lots of other shares of your blog post, without being necessarily obliged to reciprocate. Then this is for you! Soon as you publish your post hop on over to VCB and share it on there too…Great back-link and other bloggers will share your post if it resonates with their brand!

It used to be so very active, but not so much now. That’s why I have added it at the end of this, “How to promote your blog post and drive traffic to your content.”

#14. How to Promote your Blog via Paid Traffic!

But Julie Syl, I thought you were sharing only the Freemium? Well my dear I didn’t say that exactly. I did promise to share with you how to promote your blog post, and Paid traffic is indeed part of the process if you wish to scale this long term!

And you wish to make money, life changing income via your blog right? I assume you are serious about creating a solid Income from your blog! I created a powerful resource on How to create 1k/month or more via your blog right here.

Now this is for you the Serious Blogger and Entrepreneur. Real business talk here. How to Promote your blog post via Paid Traffic! WHY? Because its scalable, predictable and totally under your control! It will give you a clear taster of WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE NEEDS and will definitely go a long way towards Monetizing your blog…

Paid traffic could come from Google ppc, ppv, Promoted Pins, Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Solo ads etc.

Here is the deal, I don’t really believe a serious blogger should go for the peanuts you get from AdSense…Just my view. How about you build your BRAND from day one with intent to MONETIZE…Yes it may take time. Patience of a farmer…Unless you go paid traffic!

Create irresistible complimentary offers of whatever it is you love to do and are great at. Cut little Videos, PDFs, Slides or short course. Offer them free…WITH A PAID Product right behind on Opt-in! This is a sure fire way to build a Steady flow of income from the traffic that will surely come from Paid Ads!

NOTE: when you run your first paid ads you might me rubbish, and make very little back! Yet, ad this is when it gets super exciting: This traffic will be predictable, trackable and Under your control. Test what works for your blog and ZONEIN on your market needs! Once you do this, you will be able to get leads predictably. You will also recoup every penny of your ad costs. This is how the pros do it. You have to take control of your Content Marketing and Business! Here is how to set the foundations right:

  • Set up your choice of platform Ad.
  • Direct the traffic to a Webinar, or Pillar Blog post created for Opt-ins with a Killer Complimentary offer front ending a Paid offer behind!
  • Direct the traffic to a squeeze page, created to suck in leads…I.e. an irresistible offer!

Always remember Paid traffic don’t know you from Adam, but they are looking for something you are offering… if they opt in! Never direct paid Traffic to a direct Sales page! Invite them in to your world, introduce yourself, determine their needs, point them to a solution, offer them value…Only then can you ask for a sale, timing is everything here. BUT ALWAYS Share or offer them a chance to Decide right after they opt-in. They are a HOT Lead at that point, and in the right buying frame of mind! There after you can Re-target them or build the trust via content. Blogs, Newsletters etc.  

#15. Make sure your post is shared on Bloglovin

First Create your free account and Follow Me right here.

Yes, this is last but most definitely not least. You should be on this free Blog sharing and bookmarking resource. Once sent up, every time you hit publish, its automatically populated to Bloglovin. And lots of Bloggers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and lots in between sing this site to share and find content! So if you aren’t sharing and leveraging it…what are you waiting for? I just created an account and already have followers! Go share your awesomeness!

How to promote your blog smartly and effectively #bloglovin #blogpromotion

Let’s wrap up how to promote your blog post 27 different ways!

Well surely you are wondering where is the Attraction Marketing in all this? Well it’s in the Whole process I have shared above. Above all in personality you pour into your content! This is Your Writing Style. Do you write like a robot, are you funny?

How much of your character do you add to your content? That’s what will attract other people who would be attracted to your characteristics.

Create a Desire in their minds! It’s the Art of Storytelling and you ought to learn it… Click To Tweet

Every post must take the reader on a Journey, answer their question. Make them question their life or style, entertain them, educate them or Create a Desire in their minds! It’s the Art of Storytelling and you ought to learn it. 

I highly recommend this resource to help you churn out mind gripping, audience grabbing stories!

It’s absolutely essential that you use tools both free and paid if your wallet allows it. This is to automate the process of blog promotion and driving traffic to your post! There are so many online. You need to set your post to be re-shared to social media and Over and over several times a week and over the coming months.

Well, how long does all this take YOU MUST BE ASKING? It should take a whole lot more than writing a blog post…Okay, with automation tools it should take you 2 hrs a day tops to promote your blog post! 

Well you have come to this point, you deserve a BONUS: Effectively promote your content for successful Attraction Marketing from now on by Downloading this 27-point checklist for easy reference and use it for every blog post you publish.


And if you’re looking for more In-Depth tips on how to promote a blog for more blog traffic, then make sure you subscribe to our Blog here, Like our post, Pin It and Definitely Share on Facebook

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