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Jules & PauliIts super awesome that you stopped by and are looking to work more closely with us.

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Maybe you are exploring the idea of partnering with us in our Network Marketing Company and you want to become your own independent Entrepreneur, is that the case? Then you are in the right place. 🙂 

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Being a Tutor offline since 2011 and an online coach in the Industry since 2013 has exposed Julie to different opportunity’s, products, compensation plans and programs. Truly there are very specific reasons that we chose the company we are with and below we go into more detail on what’s important to us:



Great Leadership with a vision to not only create a legacy and help others do the same. Leaders that build by Leveraging Online and Offline Marketing Strategies and we can show you how! 
A Product that Can Easily be Promoted Off and Online with speed of duplication
A System that Duplicates (this is enhanced by Team Training)
A Stable Company that has lasted the test of time and grown steadily esp. in these economic times (no risky start-ups)
A product we already were using regularly and would Buy even out side of the company.
A product that has Mass Market Appeal and Everyone Wants, most work for years to get it in the corporate world! 
A product that has Enhanced our Personal Brand 


We have no idea if any of the above points appeal to and are important to you, we know that when you’re looking to partner with a company it’s important to make sure that the model fits YOU.

So…. learn if you can work with us

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We interact with a plethora of other Network Marketers from various companies so it is a MUST for us to have a service that we can share with anyone without a conflict of interest. We found something that we could share with & market to ALL: Marketers, Networkers, Non-Networkers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, work-at-home parents etc…! It’s a game changer and it’s helping lots of people. It’s about having Multiple Streams of Income & Living Your Life!

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In Honolulu Hawaii – Treating Family & Enjoying together Rocks Oh yes we have lots of fun while building our business


With some Research & effort anyone can find a gem in the Network Marketing Industry i.e. finding the right company to promote, one that is positioned correctly, and in the right markets for huge growth. We found that Gem. And can tell you that the above means nothing if you don’t have a Team with the right mindset and attitude, the right Mentors, and have Marketing Tools that work. We have the Team, We “Run with Lions” in a major way! Our Program is basically FREE, our product SAVES everyone money. And we get to work with people who started out as our Mentors (and still are!) and have turned into our Teammates, our Friends…..our extended Family whom we love.

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We have Masterminded and crafted an *exclusive marketing* site reserved for serious business builders that understand the concept of time leverage, that is replicable so that anyone who wants to run with this business will have an unfair advantage over other Distributors not just in our program, but in other companies as well.

Our Team is youthful, Driven, Focused & well placed team with leaders who have over 22 years of experience in the industry. We’re driven by a huge PASSION to manifest our Dreams of Time and Financial Freedom, to create Wealth; with a Desire & passion to make a POSITIVE Difference in other people’s Lives. If you’re looking for something that truly has you and your Family’s best interest at heart... we HAVE it.

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TSL – Success is Our Garment!

If you are ready to kick some BUTT in a home business, if you want to lock arms and race ahead, to work with us…to raise the bar and Find that Success…If you appreciate the Value of running with a driven team and you want to position yourself to reap the financial benefits of working with us, in order to secure what you KNOW you want and deserve, i.e. Time Freedom and personal lifestyle… Then Simply Click the Learn More button above or below. Work with us starting Today to Create the Life you’ve always DREAMED ofFill out the required information, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Your passion is our passion.


NOTE: If you’re already in something, this would likely compliment it nicely. It won’t hurt to chat.  Pride Can be such a dream stealer…if what you’re in SUCKS…we’ve been there and know how hard it can be to admit it.  But now is the right time to start afresh and show everyone that you can succeed at what you set out to do NO MATTER WHAT! We all deserve to live the best life has to offer!

Know that Pauli & I ONLY work with a select few people a month on our Team, so we can give them our undivided attention. The fact is, not everyone is a good fit. Filling out the form below won’t necessarily confirm that you can work with us or a Top Leadership position on our team, we reserve those for committed, passionate people we know, who are Go getters. We have to be diligent with our time… heck, we don’t want to waste your time either.


Here is who we are looking for:

– Someone with a burning hunger to create success & a lifestyle of their dreams
– Someone that is Dependable and loves Hard Work
– Someone that is Coachable and would be a pleasure to work with
– Someone with a No-Excuses Mindset
– Someone that takes Personal Responsibility for their actions and results 


We are committed to Living the Life we were created for, with Integrity and Style, Giving back to society, traveling the beaches of the world!

Fill out the form below. Let’s see where You’re at Now! Start to Imagine where YOU could be a Year from TODAY! 

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