Blog Comments are NOT Effective for SEO! #Contentdistribution

 Blog Comments are NOT Effective for SEO! — Do you Believe This Statement? We share 6 Super Steps  + Resources to Build an Effective Blog Comments Strategy!

Your Blog Comments Strategy in 6 Simple steps! #bloggingtips


Do you Know The Golden Rule of Blogging? 

Today you’ll get great insights into what the golden rule of blogging is & a blog comments strategy that actually works, to help you understand why comments are important for your site SEO –Page Visibility and Ranking! That could mean Organic traffic for you…sweet!! Master this if you want successful SEO for your sites!

If you don’t have the level of success you want from your blog, this may help you.

Remember if you are blogging with focus only on making money as opposed to sharing value, you wont be attracting the right audience as your blogs. Remember what Ryan Biddulph says:

Blog for fun instead of for profits or fame to find your writing voice really quickly.”

If you don’t know this guy, he is of the Blogging from paradise fame! Your living proof that focused, persistent blogging works and pays in  a big way if done right. He is living the Real Life Laptop lifestyle from blogging.  Find his books on Amazon here to learn more of his lessons on Blogging esp the value of Blog commenting and how you can make money with this strategy on your blog!

Ryan taught me the golden rule of blogging and its quite simply “GIVE MORE” By this he meant give more value in your own blogs and give freely and once done, find others in your niche and give freely of your comment love aka blog comments! Give without really expecting much back. Give with value in mind and leave value comments on other people’s blogs. Take into consideration the time, effort and resources they used to create that work of art. A piece of content you learnt from or enjoyed! So today……

We give you 7 super steps to building an effective blog commenting system to help you attract bigger fish and influencers to your website! If you don’t yet have a blogging strategy for 2016 you are in dire need of our post on that topic right here! 


The idea of your blog is to create awesome content that will ultimately attract not just targeted subscribers, but also attract high end customers right? Then you need to understand what blog comments can do for you and how you should approach this beast! Many a new and even more seasoned bloggers completely miss the boat on this amazing way to increase your SEO, Blog authority and ultimately traffic! 


Imagine you drop some bird feed along a path to attract a specific type of bird or better still some breadcrumbs to attract some swans! And you do attract find some rare types of ducks and geese coming to your pond overtime, and one day you find a beautiful swan on your pond…and you know where there is one swan, more are coming…right! That’s exactly want you can do with blog comments depending on where you leave your value blog comments! We can assure you that You can most definitely build website and brand authority with blog comments…this is not new. Yet so few bloggers like to give comment love, or leave a VALUE COMMENT!

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I think comments are a lot like breadcrumbs in the social media world. They’re an opportunity to freely “tag” your name and show off your writing in public places around the internet. Blog comments allow you to express yourself on a highly visited premium online real estate and attract an audience to your content too. (Blog comments ARE NOT an invitation to be nasty or to spam). Many new bloggers approach comments quite casually or unconsciously… without realizing if you get more organized and systematic about leaving comments, you can build a strong reputation and generate highly-targeted traffic for your own sites and content.


The Reciprocal Nature of Blog Comments! #blogging

Its Meant to Be Reciprocal!


What the Experts say about the power of  Blog comments 

Now while you may wonder how come you never heard how powerful they are! You may start to reconsider your strategy when you do some simple Google search and find lots of amazing articles talking about of blog comments and SEO. And how they impacted their blog traffic and income!  

Blog comments and seo - It works with Patience! #blogseo

 You can go further and check out what multiple 7-fugure earners say about blog commenting and how it has affected their web presence. Check out what Neil Patel of Hello Bar, Crazyegg And Quicksprout fame to mention but a few; has to say about Blog comments. How he has created a powerful brand and made lotsa Mullah from this strategy. Simply Google him if you never heard of this guy! 

Neil Patel on the power of Blog Comments! #neilpatel

On the other hand Some powerful bloggers e.g. Seth Godin simply have turned off blog comments for strong reasons other than SEO.  Many get so much traffic & Comments, its impractical to respond to all comments and they don’t want to use a VA. So hey rather you shared the love if you find value! 


The Reciprocal Part of blog comments

When you leave a Value comment on someone’s blog, Instagram photo, or Facebook update…they’ll (almost) definitely notice. Pleased that you paid attention to their content, many will take a look at your profile or blog. If you did this regularly, you’ll build rapport & bank up good energy. Some will eventually feel compelled to reciprocate and comment on your stuff as well, So our advice is leave blog comments generously?

Question is why do so many blogs look like death valley?


The answer is insecurity, meanness or Fear take your pick! 

By value comment we mean a paragraph or more of related words that make sense, try to include the keywords ( Hint – Look at Title). In fact you could write a mini blog post in your comment and definitely you can leave a value link in such a comment in addition to the required URL…Imagine someone visiting said blog and they find your link. We have visited many a website from value blog comments! 

**Blogging comments Super Tip: If you do find 100s of blog comments, you could add yours to the top better visibility. How? By “Replying” to one of the earlier top comments with a value response. Thus your “Mini blog post and links” will be higher and more visible to the blog visitors! 

Blog Commenting that attracts leads is an Art! #blogcommenting

Blog Commenting is an Art — Learn it!


Efficient Blog Commenting- Its an Art! 

Well you wouldn’t go to feed the swans with no bird feed or bread crumbs! In the same way you need a strategy & resources to be successful and efficient with your blog comments. Top on this list is TIME! You must absolutely set side time for this. As part of some superb blog tribes and communities, we know how much time blog commenting can take. 


  • Join a Blogging Tribe or Syndication group! 

I know some coaches discourage this…but they are lying to you if they say they haven’t been part of a syndication or blog tribe before! You should know its essential to be part of a blog syndication tribe or group to get that initial blog comments momentum on your blog. You need this. If I visit a blog that has no comments, I wonder whether the author is a “Giving Blogger” I also don’t feel welcome to leave a comment! Its a ripple effect so get those comments in! They will be the magnet to attract more comments from other website traffic you get! HOW?

Because those comments also give your blog posts and website authority to the visitors thus they share, they feel you know what you are saying and will share your content as an authority! I wont belabor this point because you KNOW IT now if you didn’t before! 

**NOTE: while its nice to have Facebook Comments on your blog, trust when we say its only good for social proof. They do not contribute to your SEO or page rank at all! Our advise today coming from a place of love is: DISABLE FACEBOOK COMMENTS PERMANENTLY or until they fix whatever it is they are up to!

And  here is a new development…Lately facebook is cracking on blog commenting using their api. Many people are confused as they cannot comment on blogs via the facebook. We believe Facebook is changing its algorithms yet again as it always does in January and it probably is phasing out FB comments Apps! Learn some more about Social media changes so you are not caught pants down! 

Below are some of the blog comments resources you definitely might need. 

  • Disqus for your Blog Comments 

Disqus is a popular, spam-resistant comment management system. Once enabled, it remembers your identity automatically on any Disqus enabled sites– It is similar to facebook commenting then coz you you can get on with your blog commenting without having to input your name & e-mail address, URL. For congruence and your target market to find you, why not register and upload the same image you used for your Gmail and Website account. Ensure you configure your display name exactly how you want it to appear on blog comments! When we first registered my name came up as “Sylvajulekalungi” without spaces….not cool. So double check! 


  • Use a WP Comment Plugin

If you use WordPress then there is absolutely no reason why you aren’t using a WP blog comments plugin. Most that we know are recognized by Google and other search engines. They are also very easy to use. You don’t need a website to be able to comment on a blog. All you need is a link e.g. your Facebook Profile link, Twitter account or any other social media linked to you. So many people walk away with their comment love from a blog post they thoroughly enjoyed or learnt lots from! NO more excuses. These WP plugins usually also link in to avatars like gravatar and that brings us to the next resource! 

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  • Upload an Image- We use Gravatar

Gravatar stands for “Globally-recognized Avatar.” It is a software that allows your image to show up consistently across platforms, including WordPress, Blogger, Emails and social sites. Use an existing email where you uploaded an image or Upload a picture, create a user name and your image will show up automatically linked to that email wherever you leave your blog comments.

  • Install an RSS Reader

Have you tried to keep track of blogs you visit and follow, esp as part of a syndication group? Lol its a nightmare. Why not try an RSS reader? We use and recommend Feedly but you can learn more about the 10 best Feed Reader apps that could be better suited to you or your PC. Feedly is popular—its clean and simple interface is a perfect solution for the casual reader who wants to see all of their websites in one place…! It also integrates with most social media apps and you can use the free version of fork out $65 a year! 



  • Use a Form Filler

In our experience leaving a comment is so time consuming, its like someone is asking for your whole life details lol! So why not try a form filler tool. It makes commenting in bulk so much easier, filling in your details super fast so you can focus on simply dropping your insightful comment and on to the next blog or site…Blog comments on cruise control.  We use the Google Chrome Form Filler add on and LastPass to login to our various resources super fast! Has made our lives a breeze as we do heavy duty blog commenting. Different products for Windows and Mac find your juice! Blog comments can be done easily and enjoyably! 


Power Blog Comments

Here is how to Create an efficient Blog Comments Strategy in 6 steps! 

The idea is to position your self and ideas in all the right places online! So to do this you gotta…

Blog Comments Strategy #1 Chose strategic “target blogs”

Not every blog deserves your precious time and not every link is a value link! Remember that when you drop your blog comments, you are attempting to build a relationship with that blogger. Why not make it an awesome comment, one that stands out. So much so the other person feels the  urge to connect with you beyond that comment!

Not every blog deserves your precious time and not every link is a value link! Click To Tweet

This is also a proven way to promote your site – As stated above, a visible top comment on a power or authority blog like Quicksprout, Hubspot etc. could send more direct click-through traffic than twitter or Instagram. So I say again chose your blogs wisely. You want traffic and recognition from the blogs you visit and of course add them to your Feedly! Why not create a google doc subdivided into who you wish to give targeted comment love to! For instance we have:

  • Social Media blogs
  • Influencer blogs
  • Friends blogs
  • Niche blogs  etc. 


Blog Comments Strategy #2 Add Value to the conversation or topic.

While we do appreciate blog comments Like; “Awesome post” or “Thanks for sharing this,” they are better than no engagement at all. My advice is; why not briefly write why you think its an “awesome post”? Why you agree with XYZ point. How it has affected you, Or what you have learnt from it! E.g.

“Awesome post on ….(title)! I think you nailed it on point #3 and I find that I do enjoy using the Form filler tool. I use the …..tool too(suggest one you use not on list)! Have you tried it…I also agree with the main line of thought here, although I don’t agree with point 2…Doesnt resonate with my brand…Thanks for sharing” 

Do you see how that comment above can be more valuable to a post and of course to you… even if you may not agree with some of the content? I always click on the name of the commenter with a value comment…Which links to their URL, and learn more about that awesome commenter! 


If you visit a popular site with a powerful comment, I guarantee you could get more social shares than the blog post itself. It has happened to us before. So do write quality comments on your chosen blogs so you can be seen and recognized for the value you add & share! 


Blog Comments Strategy #3 You don’t have to read the whole article, But Try to! 

A post with over 2500 words like this one, does take time to read, pick out what speaks to you and comment. So Yes we get want shorter posts…But do you get value from such posts? It does take time to research and create an authority post. So my advice to you is:

If you get bored or lose interest or find the post wasn’t all that…don’t read the whole thing. Scan it and see if it truly has more meat or is just verbal diarrhea! Find that part that speaks to you. Create your blog comments based on such points and bounce! 


Blog Comments Strategy #4 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD USE YOUR NAME 

I get real P**d off responding to “Nail polisher Artists” or whatever you call your brand or worse still using a keyword! I know, I know you were told its great link-text building…not anymore. When you decide on blog comments to build authority, USE your Names, the ones you’re are most associated with online. Most WP blogs have that specific space for Your email & URL so why use it as your name? Pathetic,  that! It makes spam filters work harder to block you as well and you get to be the loser! It discourages other people from clicking through to your site which is what you wanted in the first place! You could get away with: “Julie Syl (@Pkjulesworld)” though.  


Blog Comments Strategy #5 Be Sure to Leave a Highly-relevant Link If Necessary

We almost always leave a substantial, on-point, keyword rich comment on value blog posts esp. high traffic ones. We are definitely happy and not afraid to add a link in such a comment esp. if it relates to a resource. (Try not to use affiliate or optin links) 

Warning: Most webmasters edit such links out but if they check it out and its great resource, it will survive the chop!

That said its sad, pathetic and un-integral spamming other people’s blogs with irrelevant links or using bots to comment! That will definitely hurt your reputation online!

Set aside time for Blog Comments To Build Your blog Traffic! #bloggingtips


Blog Comments Strategy #6 Stick to a specific Number of Blog comments aka Sites to visit Per Week! 

Okay lets wrap this up. You now understand that effective blog comments and blog commenting are key to your own Site Growth, visibility, traffic getting, Recognition the list is long. BUT IT IS A Learned skill too. TIME IS MONEY. So Prioritize. Blog commenting will make a huge impact on your personal blog and brand success. If you take blog comments seriously and do it consistently with focus and flair, people will take note, they will like you as a pro-blogger and soon begin to “trust” you too. You will build a great reputation in your niche & beyond!

New to blogging and simply read others content and walk away?Today is your wake up call! I challenge you to step up and create a blog comments strategy within your time limits.

By the way  TWEET THIS NOW, you are a gem.

And I also encourage you if you are reading up to here to Leave a value comment below You will notice how the comments with time, directly attract more to you and the universe will bring even more of what you desire into your experience 🙂  

Blog Comments are NOT Effective for SEO!


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So find your blog comments mojo this year and go crush it…

For you deserve more!

Live. Learn. Love!

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