6 Effective Steps to Determine How often to post a Blog! #bloggingfrequency #contentstrategy

How Often to Post on Your Blog is One Heck of a common problem! 6 Effective steps to End this Dilemma! 

Today I had to answer part 1 of a burning question “How often to post on your Blog” from a wonderful new blogger Sybil you can check out her blog here. So I put together this Training and post because I get this question way too often. I believe it’s a common problem esp. for new bloggers!

We’re going to talk about how often to publish a blog post! To create the momentum you need to keep going and build up your blog & brand authority! Now if you wish to know how often to post on Facebook, dive into our earlier post on Facebook News feed reach right here

If you are sitting there thinking ‘Man if I was that Jules with an authority blog, of course I would be attracting opt-ins and making lots of mullah!’

Not necessarily! So in this week’s video, we are taking about how to post smart and still have a life! Attract targeted traffic, generate your first leads and monetize your blog…! A mouth full I guess huh? Not if you follow the simple steps I am going to lay out for ya!

First you must celebrate where you are at: You started your blog which for many is a milestone too big and confusing. So How often do you post to your blog, in addition to getting the finer details, like the best plugins  is going to be okay! You got this.

Coming up with blog content, may seem overwhelming! Fortunately, how many times you need to post to your blog per week is broken down for you in this post!

The good news is that you most certainly don’t need to blog every day. In fact, you may well find that posting just 2-3 times a week works better for you.

BUT if you are in a hurry to build blog authority in search then posting daily could be a good idea! Neil Patel of QuickSprout, does give a great proposition that: your blog/website wont rank on Search engines until you have at least 200 posts/articles published!

That in itself may be a good enough reason to get started blogging more often. But is that all you need? In my opinion, one high-ranking Power value packed post will generally bring you much more traffic in the long run than 7 short, rushed shallow articles!



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6 Effective Steps to Determine How often to post a Blog! #contentstrategy

My Criteria for Posting Daily:

  • Keep your posts short and to the point – check our Ray Higdon’s Blog.
  • Plan, Curate and Research, so you don’t publish sub-standard rushed non ranking articles.
  • Vary your post types: try video posts i.e. vlogs, use lots of images, use audio posts. Check out Pat Flynn’s Podcast.


Yet this may sound controversial but its been proven by personal experience & other blogging experts: as a blogger looking to attract your first 1k readers, updating your blog daily is one of the worst things you can do! Its better you post a little less and Focus on Quality Content Promotion & exposure! 


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Now in order to find related content I use several resources which you can access above! Plus a little known tool/resource that’s totally free, its called Google Correlate! I simply pop in the keyword I am hoping to use and see how many Searches are correlated to what I intend to share. Sometimes some keywords don’t return any results!


No good posting content that no one is searching for #blogging101 #contentcreation Click To Tweet

I pop over to Google Analytics & do the same. No good posting content that no one is searching for, however much you may love the topic. You must be serving someone, their pains, desires, interest, or entertain them period!

HubSpot is all for Posting regularly or often, and I quote:

the more blogs you publish, the more traffic, leads, and sales your business will generate.


Although how often to post on your blog is left to YOU to decide based on several criteria! See their findings below!


So don’t let your sentiments get in at this point! Although very much write with your own Speaking voice. Share Stories. If you have no clue what I mean, I Highly Recommend that You Get this Resource to help you tell heart grabbing Stories to attract Subscribers and sales!



Below are my proven guidelines on how often to post on your blog.

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The aforementioned Six steps would put you in a great position to determine your ideal posting frequency. I also want to help you even further by sharing my Personal Schedule & Experiences.

2 to 3 posts per week – This has been our personal strategy at Juleskalpauli and I am using the same strategy for building our audience at Pkjulesworld.com

It’s a smart and effective strategy because: We know that posting less often does build anticipation in our audience. We also have the time to create quality value packed monster posts that do rank! See our Post on Traffic sources below! 

How often to Post on your blog for SEO #bloggingtips

It’s a fact that you can attract great traffic without burning yourself out. And, you also won’t overwhelm your audience with excessive number of posts daily. I don’t read every post I get in my email not even from my mentors! We all got 24 hrs right!

Some people have teams of staff or Pay VAs to do some work, have advertising budgets. Comparing yourself to them could kill your dream and affect your health! To help you build Authority pretty fast on your blog I highly recommend Ray Higdon’s Course The 3 Minute Expert.

Keep in mind that your blog authority, traffic and leads will be impacted by the number of times you post per day/week/month! And from the moment you start your online & blog journey, you must also manage your online brand reputation! People buy from & work with other people or brands they Know, like or trust! Don’t kill that for a quick win!



NOTE VERY IMPORTANT: Lots of Bloggers miss this. Posting daily or a couple of days a week is important, BUT DON’T FORGET this essential Blog ranking factor. You need to regularly update your older posts to keep them relevant and fresh and thus also give them a chance to rank. Or maintain their search ranking if they are on Page 1!



Remember why you started your blogging journey, it most definitely shouldn’t be a chore. Experiment, trial different times, vary your routine and posting times. Do what works for you. Remember you are the expert/blogger and your audience will adjust to what you offer. As long as its regular, quality and serves their purpose. Also not everyone will tune in every time you publish, yet someone will if its great content, over time!  

Sing your own Song, to your tune and your adoring audience will come in good time. Diane Hochman 



Sing your own Song, to your tune and your adoring audience will come @DianeHochman Click To Tweet


As long as You are All in and know what you want, how often to post on your blog or website will become a routine you enjoy and love!  If posting daily isn’t working out for you, how do you expect it to serve your readers? Food for thought….

Did you get value? How about sharing your blogging routine with us below, or see whether you want to make some changes! Whatever your style, we hope you keep sharing, Like, Pin This and why not also share on Facebook…




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Next week I will tackle Part 2 of the Question very comprehensively: “Any tips on driving traffic to your site?”

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