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A Creative Approach to Effective Results.

You know how important social media is to your brand growth but it truly isn’t your forte, nor do you wish to spend hours on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest. Heck you only want to Focus on what YOU are supremely qualified to do to serve your clients. Or may be simply look at all those amazing homes, Inspiring quotes and décor… 😉 

Obviously your aim is to Build an audience that LOVES and Buys your offers as well as Shares and promotes them. 

You can be and are in control of what and how much of your brand they get to see.

Our job is to help you do the above consistently and in a focused way that actually serves your end goal. We leverage a combination of viral and trending content, as well as relational building and social engaging techniques that attract more followers… Helping you in the journey to converting them into buyers and/or business partners.

How Does A Social media Manager Benefit Your Business?

Free’s your Time so you Increase Your Productivity– to focus on the MOST important task that will grow your business.

Stress Reduction – it can be overwhelming and lead to Wrong decisions if you are the boss-wearing-lotsa-hats: Admin, Web Designer and Maintenance guy, PA, social media manager, Ads manager, promoter, accountant, all at once…

Delegating some of these tasks will REDUCE the stresses of trying to wear all them hats and save you from overwhelm which leads to procrastination.

Saves You Time and Money – Hire a Social media Manager to save you time and money. You will have more time to work on what really matters, business growth and development and the cost of hiring an employee (e.g., worker’s compensation, sick days, leave Pay, payroll taxes, etc.)

Out Sourcing to the right Outfit, will save you time and money. Period.


You want Followers, Fans and Brand ambassadors but… where the heck is the time to do all that?

social media marketing and management services

Social Media Management & Marketing Services We Offer:

Pinterest Specific Management Services:

Our Done For You Pinterest Marketing Services; Let us get that party started for you. We can Create Optimized assets for you, Optimized Images, Keep your Pinterest Feed a hive of Activity, plus a lot more. Attracting a ton of Traffic to your other Online Brand Assets esp. your website! You can Choose The Package that Suits you best Here

Don’t have a Website Yet?

Lets Fix that for you Already! You cant be a brand in the modern digital world without an Online presence you can fully control and grow into a formidable Brand. Lets get that cracking for you today, check out our K-WEB Design Solutions Here.

For all Our Tailored Packages we commence with a Zero Cost 25-minute consultation about your Business and Social media goals AND what has most challenged you so far. Then, we’ll craft a plan to help your brand/business grow with the most value monthly investment.


Social Media Marketing Strategy:

If you already have your social media assets setup, and still struggling to attract your tribe. And you definitely Need to get traffic to and from your social media channels; You can either Check out our Pinterest Marketing Packages! Or keep reading…..

We will evaluate your existing efforts and craft a strategic social media marketing plan tailored to your target market and business goals. Call us for More: +447858134865


This package is for you if you are looking to delegate the everyday Social media tasks so that you can focus on working ON your business as opposed to IN your business. We help you with your 2 most effective platforms.

You can choose your 2 from:

  • Facebook profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter

This package includes the following:

Please note that our Payment Portal Adds an extra Mandatory 2.99% Processing Fee. 

(Running Paid Advertising Campaigns Costs EXTRA.)


***If you’re providing your own graphics, we must see proof of purchase***

  • We create and post 3 posts per week on each Social Media platform (For up to 2 platforms. You may approve the posts).
  • Community Management – Daily engagement with your customers/clients – we reply to and engage with your followers comments and messages for you. (Max 48 hr response time)
  • Curated Hashtag List for up to 30 niche Hashtags
  • Monthly Reporting via email. We will send you a report of how your accounts are doing overall. This could lead to a: 
  • Strategy Call to discuss Analytics, Changes to strategy, Upcoming events/promos 

We commit to sharing your content on 2 social platforms at $541.50/month

So if this is your requirement please Contact our Admin at admin[at], Once you hit the button Subscribe below. Follow instructions, then Contact Us with proof of purchase.

We will then arrange our first Strategy Call and send you some documentation Incl. a quick form for the necessary details for your Project to commence!  

(Terms ad Conditions apply). We cannot guarantee sales No One Can. We guarantee increased brand exposure though.  


This package is great if you are looking to grow your social media platforms into an engaged tribe or community of fans and followers on 3 Platforms.

Choose your 3 from the List below: 

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • Twitter Account

It also includes everything that the Social Gold package has as well as the following:

  • We will analyze your social platforms to create a customized plan to Increase your follower base and engagement with your content.
  • If needed we will Setup and Optimize  the social platforms including headlines and bio. 
  • Creating copy and captions for your socials – We will have a chat with you about your business goals and social media platforms. THEN, we will create custom copy for each platform based on your end goal. (Includes hashtag research)
  • 5 Posts per week on each Social Media Platform (up to 3 platforms.) 4 posts to stories per week (either on Instagram of Facebook, you choose.)
  • Daily engagement with your customers/clients (we reply to your comments for you.)
  • Engaging and commenting as you, with other social media accounts that are relative to your business. This helps to gain recognition for your accounts and attracts potential customers/clients to your account.
  • Curated Hashtag List for up to 30 niche Hashtags
  • Audience building and manually growing follower base 
  • Comments and Social inboxes monitored with a   maximum 24hrs response time 
  • Monthly reporting on insights and stats delivered to you via email so you can see how your platforms are evolving. Which can lead to a Quick: 
  • Strategy Call to discuss Analytics, Changes to strategy, Upcoming events/promos 
  • We will use stock photos for your posts unless you share your own photos that you would like us to use.
  • Weekly check in’s (Optional after 1st Month). We’ll put together a weekly report of how each of your accounts are doing.

Our Social Platinum Management & Monitoring Service – 3 Social Media Platforms at $899.50/month.

Understand that: our Payment Portal Adds an extra Mandatory 2.99% Processing Fee.

K-Web Social Platinum - Management Services
Social Platinum – Management & Monitoring Service on Up To 3 Social Media Platforms, Charged Per Month. (Note that our Payment Portal Adds an extra Mandatory 2.99% Processing Fee)
Price: $899.50
GBP £674.63

Please Note: Running Paid Advertising Campaigns Costs EXTRA.


***If you’re providing your own graphics, must see proof of purchase***

Social Media Profile Set Up:

Let’s get YOUR social media knees-up rocking! If you’re pretty new to social media marketing or kind of technologically challenged, Or simply don’t have the time, but have a budget for the social media…And you have no clue where to start – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. We’ll help you SET UP the following Online Social Assets:

Either Click the Button below to Contact Us “use K-Web Social Set up” in your headline or Call/WhatsApp: +447858134865 serious Inquiries ONLY. 

Facebook Profile and/or Facebook Page,


LinkedIn Profile and/or LinkedIn Page,

YouTube Channel, 

Twitter Profile,

We will do the heavy lifting for you: from setting your profiles up with your information, create the right graphics, to optimizing them for ease of finding by your target market.


Are you looking for a Writer, You want Content Created for your:

        • – Book/s
        • – Blog
        • – Newsletter
        • – Lit Review? etc.

We can Help. Simply check out our

Written Word Services Here

Social Media Graphics & Cover Photos:

A picture speaks 1000 words on social media. So even if you have set up your profile, and your visuals are lacking you need to fix that asap. We can Create for you engaging graphics, from cover photos to make that Great First impression to Banners. Graphics that connect with your followers/fans better and attract the eyeballs!

For where attention goes sales flow. 

Our stunning graphics get customers curious and clicking, because they stand out from the noise. Contact Us for Pricing Via Phone on +447858134865 (Serious Inquiries ONLY) Or More Here


If Any of the Above Sounds like Music to your ears, Click Button Above to get started OR…

Lets Chat Here

Once you have selected your package, follow the instructions.

Once we receive and confirm your payment, we will email you a short Form that you need to fill in with as much detail as possible to confirm the job and get us the details we need to get started on your Project.

We will keep you updated on an agreed basis via e-mail, WhatsApp where available, Zoom or Skype chat for one-on-ones and Messenger if absolutely necessary! 

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