Killer Blog Titles and Email Headlines

Info-graphic with over 71 Blog Titles or Newsletter Headlines that actually Convert!

Do you struggle coming up with headlines or titles to your content, social media posts, emails or blog posts

The struggle was real for us too, when we first started blogging ad posting on purpose on social media. So, we feel your frustration! 

We didn’t even know that a title could be the difference between getting more traffic and well…crickets

By the way, it is not hard to create killer blog titles that grab your target market attention! Once you get the hang of things you wont look back.

See, we used to struggle with not just Blog titles and content ideas, we also couldn’t get our emails the eye balls. Despite these people opting to receive our awesomeness…Whats that about!  

Then we learned the secret source of endless bog content via a Ray Higdon training. Now, it was a matter of how to craft titles and headlines that grab our audience.

It is a major and quite common problem, coming up with high CTR email subjects lines that get opens like crazy…! If like us your target audience get inundated with emails, if your headline doesnt catch their attention, then its either the “delete button or worse still Spam yikes!!!

Choosing a Killer Blog Title: 

Choosing a blog title is an important process. It should be short, compelling and easy to find in search results, Learn more here.
Be sure to use an SEO Search tool like this one to check how your title Keyword/s rank. You want your blog to get found and read don’t you?
We use this resource to find out the “Heart Strength” of our title…and Then use the Co-Schedule tool to analyze its effectiveness as an advert! 
Keep a running list of possible titles as you’re brainstorming & check their effectiveness. Go for blog titles that are short, easy to read, catchy and descriptive.
You can get inspiration from:
  • song titles,
  • adverts,
  • infomercials
  • blog directory lists and other sources keep it fun if you can, get creative with your titles!
Do you maybe need more ideas for your new blog titles or headline that can potentially become an epic post and get shared all across the internet..Well worry no more;  we’re sure this info graphic with over 71 blog titles or email title lines will help:

Killer Blog Titles or Headlines


We know you now have some seriously awesome blog post titles, email newsletters, social media posts titles. Now go and wow your audience with super value filled content, because these are some killer headlines!

In fact, you can use them for your videos, reviews and paid ads as well.

In fact, you can use them for your videos, reviews and paid ads as well. #blogging101 Click To Tweet

Talk to you later.

P.S. If you are struggling with a whole lot more than Content writing and Blog headlines, we encourage you to use a tried and tested system. This not only generates leads for you it also positions you as a leader in your niche. 

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