Julie and Pauli Kalungi

Julie & Pauli in Assisi Italy

Who are Julie and Pauli anyway?

Are They:

  • Trainers and mentors for home-based business entrepreneurs?
  • Savvy business-persons with a renowned brand?
  • Creators of “The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map,” “The Ultimate Lead Grabbing Sales Letter Guide” and ” Pkjulesworld”?
  • Dedicated parents who love having plenty of time to spend with their children?


Yes. All that and more.

Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi are world-class experts at teaching entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, and mentors the exact strategies to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that are built around their top priorities.

They firmly believe that one of the biggest benefits of running your own business is that it allows you the freedom and flexibility for what’s most important to you!

That’s why they are dedicated to training their clients in the fastest and most strategic methods in business building – those that produce BIG results quickly and consistently.

So Was it always That way?

Wait a minute, while we don’t know why you are here, Julie and Pauli Kalungi, don’t believe in accidents. We believe that something got you here and what you take away has the potential to change your life for the better.

It may be that you are looking for some answers, you may be looking for a way to make extra or full time income, or you may be struggling to make it in what you are doing today. Do you have an awesome product/service and you have no clue how to grab the attention of your target market? Or you’re looking for a way to kick-start a home based business, or you are already in one, and you need some help with your sales. Whatever it is, we’re here to provide you with value, mentoring, leadership – Whatever, you need.

Julie & Pauli Kalungi live in Liverpool, England, UK, and have done for over 17 years. They first got started in Internet Marketing almost 5 years ago (at the time of writing), but it hasn’t always been “rosy.” They haven’t always been successful (more on that later). Like a lot of people, they’ve had setbacks in life that delayed them from reaching where they wanted to be. It started with “long hours on contract/part time jobs & night shifts (for Julie Syl)” after moving to UK for Paul to do his PhD in Civil Engineering! (Julie Syl studied & Practiced Law in Uganda). Not that there is anything wrong with part time work or night shifts, but that wasn’t what they had dreamed of about life in UK.

This wasn’t the worst.

They dealt with all of the usual problems – Long hours, unreasonable bosses/supervisors missing their daughter left to minders for hours on end. Pauli soon started work and had a 30 mile commute, every day after his PhD! In 2002 they had the worst pregnancy any mother or couple could go through. Julie had Hyperemesis for 7 months of their second pregnancy, and could not hold even water down. She was in and out of Hospital, so now they had just the one income…long story short Julie & Pauli had the most gorgeous little baby boy and to date they believe he is a miracle from God!

So from the dull monotonous, to back breaking work and the 2 hours travel time each day, both day & night work for Julie, they always seemed to be exhausted at the end of each day. They never had time to have much fun, or even spend together as a family. They were constantly working, living “paycheck to paycheck” in UK… it wasn’t the life they had envisaged.

It wasn’t what it said on the packet 🙁 Julie was so tired, no scrap that she was extremely exhausted (in her own words)

a zombie looked healthier, half the time I looked like death warmed over! Our marriage was under assault…!

You see on weekends it was double pay, and of course Julie took on as many shifts as she could. She was the working partner & making money wasn’t she! Well not much; taxes took care of some, child care took the other half, bills etc. leaving little for extras! Julie and Pauli Kalungi had no social life as she was always too tired or was working nights. Was this the Life they’d signed up for or even wanted? NO!

And as stated before the 2nd pregnancy was in their own words, the worst pregnancy ever, 7 months of absolute torture, morning sickness, weakness, pains… BUT would do it again to have a wonderful lil person like their son! Suffice to say they wanted out of the life they were leading so bad. They prayed Hard! Julie was frustrated, on and off work as the economy dictated. By then Pauli had been offered a job, an opportunity they couldn’t spit at! So now they both determinedly climbed the corporate ladder. With Julie half the time as a Temporary contract worker, which was a personal half way choice so she could be there for the children!!!

That was Julie & Pauli Kalungi back in 2012.  Julie worked as a Customer Services Manager for a Housing association. Pauli as a Consultant Engineer who still enjoys his profession and finds it extremely satisfying; so he chooses to carry on. He is a fulfilled man in his career and a very supportive partner in their Home Business.

That Wasn’t Bad at all many would say…!

Anyone watching or looking at them would see a normal happy family. A  woman with a nice car, a good job, a house in suburbia; a partner who loves her! A vacation once or twice a year…it wasn’t all pain and tears 🙂 So they would have wondered why they wanted a Change so bad. Many thought they were simply being immature and ungrateful! Why were they chasing butterflies? Well guess what, that’s what the outsider looking in saw! The whole corporate life was driving Julie nuts…mind you apparently she has a natural repulsion for limitations and being put in a box, routine literally kills her spirit!

Julie and Pauli Kalungi’s Breakthrough, The Shift:

Something seemed to be missing in Julie and Pauli Kalungi’s lives. Something that made us wonder if there was more to our lives than the 9-5 daily rat race, minding other people’s business, building their Dreams! I missed my life as a Counselor and both Pauli & I had something inside, demanding that we make changes and start to utilise the multitude of skills we have for our family and to impact other people in a positive way, change our lives and help others do the same! Family is our whole life.

We base our decisions & actions on how it would impact our family! Back where we come from family thought we were living the life & expected some support!!! So something had to give… And Internet Marketing literally found us!

We got 2 books as Christmas presents from a sister in law “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki & “The 4 Hour Week” by Tim Ferriss. We started researching Online Marketing and by destiny Paul’s cousin invited us to take a look at an Online Program.

We decided to take the plunge and get involved in it. That program literally had an e-Library to die for, a treasure trove of E-books & Audios and we dug in. We also purchased lots of courses and spent a lot of money…We made lots of amateur mistakes BUT learned from them!

We knew there had to be a better way and we started researching the training we needed to progress! After all who goes to a half-baked doctor for specialist treatment, or to a shoe shiner for legal advice? We knew we needed to find someone to guide & mentor us, train up and find an unfair advantage…all successful people in life do these things! We gave ourselves 6 months to crack this internet thing or….! Frankly speaking, I Julie had no choice, so it had to work… ? 💡 🙄

It always seemed that (in this industry) there is lots of training but most of it specific to one area or topic! But what if you are a small business or have a product/service to sell and are looking for an all round system/process or resources to get you going; our services are for you. It is our aim that our info-products and website will be that “one stop shop”.

When we first started in Online and Network Marketing/Affiliate Marketing, we found the first few months particularly difficult. As a first timer in product launch & sales it might be the same for you!

You may be on the early stages of this journey yourself, or have been at it and see no results. Are you at either stage?

Our website esp our Blog & Training products are to help you on the first few steps and get you going faster in your journey so that it works quicker for you. To encourage you at this early stage, we can only tell you that; Put in the Hours today, soak up the knowledge The Rewards are definitely worth the hard work!

Julie and Pauli Kalungi



We are on a wonderful journey to achieve our dream of a successful online business. We’re able to generate an Income through Affiliate Marketing and our Training Programs!

Each day, we Are Building Higher. We are here to help you get to this level where you can see the end in sight.

We have put together a system that works for us, with resources that are bringing us consistent results. We’ve been on company leader boards, and now we’re focused on hitting 6 figures/month consistently.  We love to share and give value through sharing our knowledge and experience with those ready to cut their journey shorter & getting results. The rest is history. Julie and Pauli Kalungi we are on a journey no looking back, we are determined to enjoy every moment, no one said it’ll be an easy one but by gosh we’re enjoying it…! 🙂

Very simply, we have successfully developed a database of tens of 1000’s of leads that are resulting in a number of new distributors that would not otherwise have been enrolled. We teach what we do to those that follow us and become a part of our team. What we like to call “our tribe.” Come let us help take you to the top!  If you are ready to kick some BUTT in your offline bricks and mortar or a home-based business and Create the Life you’ve always DREAMED about!!

We’re so blessed and Grateful for our lives. We are making progress daily, getting results and helping others do the same. It has taken time, sweat & tears, late nights, sacrifice. We are working our Business Hard but we definitely know we have something that most people don’t have…..And are focused on achieving Financial & Time Freedom.
We love what we do and wouldn’t trade the ups & downs of becoming successful entrepreneurs; owning our own Business for anything! We do our best to train our children to also be entrepreneurs. In fact our daughter chose to be part of our primary platform She is an entrepreneur already and we love that she chose to join us.

We travel as a couple & as a family several times a year because Travel is our Passion. All this is made possible through our Online training, Resources, Success vault  and  Home Business  and we are so grateful to be so blessed. 😀  😎

Maybe you want to…

… start a movement that will change the world.

… give Higdon a run for his money.

… have enough time and resources to travel half of the year…we do! 

… fill your “empty nest” with a new and exciting business and still see your children or grand kids whenever you want.

Whatever your heart’s desire is, We can help you get there. Why not start now?

All great things come to those who go get them. Dare to dream and to get started TODAY.

Drop us a line at support[at]juleskalpauli.com and let’s arrange a strategy chat to Map out your path to creating the life of your dreams.

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It’s great to meet you our new Friend. Let us know how we can add value to you or your Home Business!

To Your Abundance


Julie Sylvia and Paul Kalungi of juleskalpauli.com








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