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Forum marketing is a great way to get free, targeted traffic to your website or Offer! Or is It..Find out More!

Whats Forum Marketing I have been asked ” Ask Julie” Thanks Jade? Its important to note that its not for everyone! And no one should be tearing their hair trying to use more than 2-3 types of marketing strategies. Being a Jack of all Trades in network Marketing is not good; you have to Master one. Forum Marketing Could Appeal to You if you master it! Its true that customers aka traffic/leads/prospects are the lifeblood of any business and if you aren’t getting any or many you are struggling! It’s also important to realise that you can’t run a business on a Zero Marketing budget, coz your time has a monetary value! Of course many of you are trying to build your online business on a tight budget as you don’t have a lots to spend on paid traffic e.g. Facebook ads, PPC, solo ads etc. and that’s okay. We’re here to tell you that you absolutely can get 20 leads a day with the strategies we’ll share today. So it’s not a Traffic problem then…it’s a cash flow, follow up & closing problem! We wrote a blog before on Maximizing Your Traffic and building your email list coz you know by now that the $ is in the relationship you build & follow up of your prospects what is called back-end sale! You will start to make a whole lot more when you build that list & Follow up like we do. Share valuable info with them, what we call “Marinating” them…! Build trust, credibility & good will, be generous with your Free offers and make them Good! People will with time naturally want to work with you and buy/join what you promote. So your goal in Forum marketing is absolutely the same! People will either like you and come to you as the go-to person someone they have come to know, like and trust. Keep that in mind that your goal is to build your email list and build relationships with your subscribers whether via Forum marketing or any other method you chose!
With Forum marketing if done right, you can work on a shoestring budget say $50 & get back five hundred or more; while also generating quality leads for free. This is more so if you have a high-ticket program on the back-end.There are some more Tips on Forum Marketing on this Blog that would help you too!

Why Forum Marketing? To Build credibility & Get Leads/Traffic!

Because forum marketing is a solid and respectable way to meet people interested in your industry, where you can share your knowledge with them. As your credibility grows so is the likelihood of these contacts turning into fans & possibly buyers! And there are some thing you should definitely not do in Forums.  I read an article about 8 Top Common Mistakes in Forum Marketing! Avoid these mistakes!

Forum Marketing is one of the best ways to generate free targeted traffic. If you focus on building your Profile & sharing value, so much so people come to you! Many people focus on making the sale & like on Facebook/twitter they post their links and get banned. Go to forums with an intent to actually help people and solve problems, with that value added you are building respect & positioning yourself as a leader and you will soon make a lots of sales! Take the focus away from yourself, look to actually helping other people as much as you can. I know someone who has built a solid solo ads business via Forum Marketing! He drives 20,000 – 40,000 visitors per month from forums, he is crushing it in a very well-known Affiliate program. Forum marketing is literally his goldmine. You too can do it! You can build a successful business just from this strategy if you have a good offer & sales funnel set up.

Forum Marketing

Today we focus on one of the best online marketing forums, the Warrior Forum, which gets almost 2Million/month visitors. Did you know that it’s the 315th most visited website online? Well now you do ! Most of these are buyers, your potential prospects, looking for ways to make money online and willing to invest. This is where your knowledge or expertise in will come into play. You need to hang out where the customers hang out too, in our industry we must go where the buyers are and warrior forum is teeming with buyers. Believe it or not, you want these buyers as – once a buyer always a buyer! In the NM Industry discussion forum there are over 2million posts when I last logged in with 12,133 members logged in! When people visit the warrior forum, they are looking for a solution and you just could have it! They are tired of the 9-5 grind and want to make money or buy information to that effect! Many are new internet marketers!!! Are you an expert in your niche…well you just could be getting leads in numbers within weeks of sharing your expertise!

Organic/Free Traffic though forum marketing

So now you have spent a few days sharing value & getting your self known in the forum! You want Traffic right! This needs a disciplined routine, coz you can be sucked in like any other forum or social media. So be strict with your time. Set a time & do what you need to do and sign out! Once logged into the Warrior forum decide if you are looking for posts Or a specific thread! A thread is a new discussion/topic and a post is a comment or response to a thread. All you want to do is share value & make valuable posts, helping people with their queries! So be sure to have something you know very well to share! Find new threads that don’t have many comments. The higher your post gets positioned on a hot topic the more your offer in the signature will be seen…LOTS!

In order to get in there fast, you must spot posts that are trending, like for example somebody who shares a story about how she quit her job, and congratulate her and write a decent post, preferably toward the top, among the first commenters. You will see how to get lots of free traffic. This is a value based strategy it’s going to take some work, you need to put in a couple of months to build it up, and this is where most fail, they are looking for the magic wand & don’t want to put in the upfront work, that’s it! How do you do Forum Marketing? By adding a link to your capture page in the signature area. Try to post 5-10 times a day, as on average a thread gets viewed approx. 200 times a day, that’s 200 potential people seeing your signature link!  With consistently sharing valuable info/tips imagine how many eye balls will see your link & posts and connect with you, list building baby! 🙂 Offer some helpful advice do some research if you don’t have value to share we suggests you Get with This Program, it offers so much value & positions you as a Leader o fast, You will have people reaching out to you for some training faster than you can imagine. This program will make you appear  knowledgeable in a good way, its the least you can do if you want your dream real bad!

Forum Marketing WSOGive away something 100% Free of course in return for their details. For this you should use the Warrior Special Offer (WSO) section. This has to be something you have made sure is not offered by someone else, that is valuable that they need! you will get such great results! Similar to ay other Marketing strategy give your audience what they want FREE and they will come to you for more of what you got to offer…for Money! To properly leverage this strategy, you must create a simple post, Make the headline catchy but not spammy, with a call to action that leads to your capture page. You definitely want to get your free WSO to be seen at the top, if so you have to pay $40 to bump it up, believe yo me, people are paying DAILY to keep their WSO on the top spot! WHY because they are raking in Leads that cover that daily cost over n over again simple as that!

Forum Marketing Using Banner Ads – Warrior Forum
Please do read the T&Cs lest you fall foul and get banned for use of wrong colour banner 🙂 You are also looking for your banner to be placed at the top the sweet spot! This could cost in the regions of $100/day . Banner Ads on Warrior forum can drive a lot of custom & leads to you when done properly! We assume you have a sales funnel set up for your high ticket offer like This One OR a Digital One like This and your banner Ad copy is killer, you could bring in Residual in $1000s! Its doable People!

Something you must remember, the forum is an online Market Place its Forum Marketing so you will find a whole lot of Crap to put it mildly! Be focused on why you joined the forum, keep your wallet tightly closed unless whatever it is is really worth your while! Your job is to sell Your stuff, you need to Market Your Content on the forum thats it!

So in forum marketing like any other form its all about value, you want to build relationships, you need to offer value, you need to engage & you need to sell your offer! Your goal is to build your list for free, to start with. This will in the long term grow your income as they start to buy your offers over and over! You need to be able to make a profit off of your Ads, not loose money, so even if you make $1 profit from your Ad, you have found a golden thread, rinse & repeat, dig deeper and you will get to the mine! Never forget that as you build your list, the Cash is in the Follow Up! In the relationship you build in that follow up…if you pitch, pitch, pitch, you wont have any relationship at all with them! Money is made on the back end Jade… I hope this gives you a Taste of Forum Marketing. If its for you, I suggest you start implementing Today and Be consistent!


Below are Daegan Smith’s Internet Forum Marketing Secrets:

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