Untapped free blog traffic sources for more leads and Sales! #blogtraffic

You Don’t Know These Untapped Free Traffic Sources? Then Your Email Lists aren’t Growing! 

The Untapped free blog traffic sources you need! #blogtraffic #freewebtraffic

What have untapped free blog traffic sources and email lists got in common?

Frankly everything and then some!

See if you are blogging weekly, posting on social media, working hard in Syndication Tribes — by the way you are welcome to the Social Bloggers Hub, right here…Anyhow, if you are doing all these things and still barely get an optin per week. You Need this medicine today seriously! 

This Post was inspired by a hugely popular post on Free Traffic Sources we shared in Jan 2015 and to date drives the most traffic to our blog month after month read More about it here!  


We want you to get back to basics of how to find free untapped blog traffic & why Email Lists are essential for your business!

Since the start of the year, we’ve received numerous comments and emails from newbie bloggers and it all seems to boil down to why email lists, when I can drive traffic to my giveaways or whatever offers?


Most of you say you have blog subscription capture pages but have no clue what to do with them. And others even say, “I am not really selling anything on my blog so why bother with email lists?”  The thing is many seem to spend a inordinate amount of time in Facebook groups sharing said blog posts and don’t know half of the Untapped free blog traffic sources available online. Now while we did a pretty great job with the original post on 5 free traffic sources heck its #1 on Google page 1 we know there is a heck more and thus here we go with more. And also we are sharing with you a powerful tutorial to answer the question “Why email lists?” Well our responce is: does your Business model look as below? You are Joe…

Untapped Free Blog Traffic Sources - build better Business Model!

That’s Crappy…. and you know it! You started your blog and business to Live More. Not get tied down to another JOB, get seriously stressed doing everything and even consider the dreaded Q word…Quitting…Nooooo!  

And you can get what you want… 

In this article, we will explain why every serious blogger and small business needs to focus on not just the common traffic sources like Search engines and Social media, but also on building an email list from the much underrated free blog traffic sources. We also share a powerful, easy to follow, actionable step by step tutorial that should get you implementing a traffic getting & email marketing strategy in your business/blog right away.

When we talk with our mentors and other professional bloggers, not driving targeted traffic, building an email list are the #1 & #2 mistakes they admit. So why is it that newbies continue to make these mistakes over and over?

  • Because there is a false presumption that email marketing is dead!
  • Because they have no clue where to find more free blog traffic!

not driving targeted traffic, building an email list are the #1 & #2 mistakes Click To Tweet

So let’s be realistic both the above can stop your business or blog growth dead in its tracks. And So we urge you to, First read our Original post on so you can grab the other 5 Top sources of traffic above then dig in as we give you an extra bonus of 4 untapped free blog traffic sources to help you build your email list.

Remember, why drive traffic to a company link or website just because you are affiliated or have partnered with them for a give-away or offer when they can get there via your Optin page and get on your email list? Its an amateur thing to do, so don’t do it. Use your own branded capture page. And without further ado below is our video on why email lists – which you will build at will using both the usual run of the mill & our Untapped free blog traffic sources?


Learn how to Leverage Social Media for your Blog and Business Growth Fast In This Short Complimentary Training! 


And now for those Traffic Honey Combs so we can build those email lists: 

#1 Untapped Free Blog Traffic Sources – Tutorials

Yes, as stated in video above, creating value, implementable, practical content via Tutorials is a great way to attract traffic online to your blog. If you’re skilled or have learnt a way to deliver certain results, or how to use a tool or resource, or offer services of any kind, its best to create a tutorial/s and post it online so that you can reach as many people as possible with that message for a long time to come. This alone can drive thousands of visitors to your blog and offers and of course help you build an email list.

Of course once you have created your tutorials below are 10 untapped free traffic sites you can share them:


#2. Untapped Free Blog Traffic Sources – Video & Social Media Tags

The best way to drive traffic to your content esp. blog post Is to use the same tags as other related videos on YouTube. You can find out which Keywords to use as Tags on your Videos using Google adwords or by using QuestionSamurai a paid product but so worth every penny in your SEO journey. Then you will have half a chance at having your content rank in Search engines or your Videos showing up in related videos on YouTube (As shown in image below) and thus driving valuable FREE traffic to your blog & offers too. Learn how to find out ranking keywords in your blog post on email marketing campaigns here. Also Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram use Tags ad using the right targeted tags on your social shares will help drive even more traffic to your blog. Don’t just posy stuff on these platforms without optimizing it!

The Untapped free blog traffic sources you need! #blogtraffic #freetutorial


#3. Untapped Free Blog Traffic Sources – Pinterest traffic

As you know by now, Pinterest is Julie’s area of expertise. And for most Internet Marketers Pinterest is an unknown and thus a largely untapped free blog traffic…! Yet truth be told Pinterest has been driving more traffic to our blog than LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter combined! If you aren’t leveraging Pinterest yet or aren’t seeing the results you desire, we encourage you to check out our YouTube Pinterest Playlist. Subscribe to our Channel so you receive our Weekly hot tips, GUARANTEED to help you get started or proceed on the right foot. 

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According to this Social Media Study, Pinterest is driving more referral traffic to people’s offers, blogs/websites than Google, YouTube, or even LinkedIn put together. Its essential that you know how to best leverage this amazing Free traffic source by learning how the new algorithm changes affect you here. Because it sure has changed and I don’t want you caught unawares.

Now if you think that affiliate products don’t work on Pinterest, ask the Amazon, Etsy, Affiliate marketers killing it on this platform. Driving targeted traffic to their sites and offers. You absolutely can promote anything on Pinterest as long as you don’t use a direct affiliate link. Using direct Affiliate links, is the quickest way to have your account blocked.

You can and SHOULD use Tailwind or Boardbooster to schedule your pins, Join Pinterest Tribes (a new trend), repin/share other people’s content & get even more likes and repins to your own content, thus driving more free traffic to your blog!



#4. Untapped Free Blog Traffic Sources – Podcasting traffic

As you well know Our Julie is a Podcaster as well. On “Your Power Echoes with Juleskal” on SoundCloud and iTunes. Subscribe to her powerful broadcasts too!

It’s a trend now, lots of people love to listen to audios on the go or while getting other stuff done like: exercising, cooking, driving, doing housework, gardening, on the beach etc. If you aren’t getting your Personal Development done this way you are missing out.

Podcasts are the go to resource for Audios. As an Internet marketer, esp. if you are wary of or Video shy, you should be Podcasting. You will find it super easy to share your awesome content on a microphone in any niche. What we like about podcasting is that it highly improves your credibility and authority. You could start by interviewing success stories, leaders, team mates in your niche, share lil tutorials that don’t need visuals, or tell your story via an interview with another podcaster.  

Some of our Top Mentors and Podcasters include Ray Higdon, John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur on Fire), Amy Porterfield. These people have positioned themselves as Trainers and Leaders in their niches.

We too, generate a ton of traffic via podcasting.  You too can do the same.

Below are our top 10 Podcasting Resources and Share sites:

new to podcasting, you absolutely must Mention a Sponsor in your Episode intro Click To Tweet

Super-tip – if new to podcasting, you absolutely must Mention a Sponsor in your Episode intro, and guess who that is? Your Website, course, or offer along with the link in the description of course. 

So instead of saying “Hello this is Julie syl from juleskalpauli.com”. Intro by saying something like:

“Good morning and this is Episode #1 of Your Power Echoes with Juleskal and today’s show is sponsored by juleskalpauli.com where you (mention services)).”

See how that works?

a) It is true and

b) It gives immediate credibility to your new podcast!


Phew, we have handled 2 full tutorials in one post…and thats how we like it…Yet

Frankly if you don’t generate at least 5-10 leads per day, What are you doing? Its time you got out of that funk and Actually Make a Living Online or from your Blog, Try our Lead Generation System for 10 days, where even those that say No to your offers still join your Opportunity. 



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