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You Haven’t Got IFTTT yet…? Duh Its Awesome, Saves time & Its Free!


If This Then That (ifttt)….sounds like Gobbledegook doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. First let me tell you something….

Thank God I am over the writer’s block I’ve had over the past 2 weeks. Argg it’s been awful. I felt blank, uninspired & uninspiring! You know when you literally can’t think of anything interesting to say. Even when you come across something interesting you aren’t inspired…I had marshmallows for brains honestly…! Phew I have been neglecting people that depend on me for inspiration! Thank God for ifttt! CLICK TO TWEET! 

To Organise and link your Digital resources in One Place, Use IFTTT!

And Thank God I am over the block yay 🙂 !


I have gone through this phase before! Thank goodness my son helped me snap out of it this time round! On Wednesday lil Paul said he wants to study & master Spanish…in addition to French, plus of course his beloved music. Paul is a Chorister and barely has time for other extra curricular. Being a Cathedral Chorister is very demanding, but he absolutely LOVES it.

Oops I digress…I asked him why Spanish & he said…Of course compose Spanish songs 🙂 Light bulb moment & voila…I was saved from writers block, really motivated by that statement!

Here is a young man focused on learning something new to COMPOSE music in a new language and here I was allowing myself to get bogged down by some mental block…SNAP! By the way this young man is a composer, singer songwriter Check Him Out here. I opened my PC and the first bookmark I landed on was  the IFTTT resource website! I thought its time to cook up a recipe but for what awesome blog-meal? Now this is not really an ifttt review, but it gives you good idea why you should try this resource…In all this the thought below drifted into my mind: 


Look into IFTTT for Inspiration of what to blog about and to manage your online stuff, time etc!



So What is ifttt? 

IFTTT is a web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist. Wiki definition!


Now that We know what it is, let me clarify, while writers block tried to sneak in, the Universe has been doing wonderful things for Julie and I. Manifestation after manifestation. The Law of Attraction works my dear friend. I truly believe 100% that when I opened my bookmarks it lead me to the IFTTT resource which we have kinda been neglecting. I have been pushing myself hard and so has Julie because we like to take time out in Summer. I felt I wasn’t doing as my mind guides 🙁 Burning the midnight candle as well, to keep up with all the awesome plans and opportunities that the universe is delivering our way.

In fact a friend asked me why they haven’t seen much of my inspirational posts in the group lately. I really needed to snap out of this phase. And I am doing so in style by telling you about a wonderful FREE on-line tool



If you Haven’t yet Got IFTTT as an online tool, Watch this Short Video by Julie on Why You Should! 




We use ifttt to keep organized while also Generating Leads on complete auto Pilot. Different people use it in different ways, some have really got creative with it. Go to YouTube you will find some really wonderful ways to utilise this tool. It is absolutely awesome and has transformed the way I manage my schedule and time. And lots of people agree 🙂 If you aren’t using ifttt yet for your business or social life what are you waiting for? Go get it NOW it is absolutely FREE. You can also get the ifttt app as well for your tablet or android and have it on the go of course. 



You may ask why we use ifttt the way we do. Because we love automation, esp, of our web services and resources in a very practical way. We have lots of programs we have to manage and we also want to back up our content and diaries. We also use it to generate leads and get our offers to more eyeballs  even while we sleep. We presume YOU want some of that too 🙂

So you Haven’t Got IFTTT…By now you should be cooking up ifttt recipes, maybe as sweet as my Julie’s …You may find a more detailed visual review of IFTTT as a digital resource in Christopher Ratcliff’s article on What is IFTTT and why you should use it

Did you like this brief Overview of the IFTTT Tool and resource? If so would you please share some of your insights on it and share with our community some of your awesome tools and resources that your business couldn’t do without below! 



Rise & Shine to your Awesome Destiny

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