17 Super Ways to Promote Your Content & Blogs! #twittercards #contentmarketing


17 Super Ways to Promote Your Content & Blogs! #twittercards #contentmarketing

Hey my Friend, as you scan every word of this blog post you will begin to discover new ways to promote your content and blogs and that will in turn help you attract more targeted traffic, more optins and dare we say sales! Superb… 

Being content marketers and bloggers ourselves, I know how draining it feels when you spend hours putting together your content and blog posts. I read some of the quality content you offer. Like you, we take time doing lots of research, contact other content creators to collaborate…(the poor giving mentality in the majority of nuevo-bloggers is saddening). Anyway, it does take time to draft our, create visuals and graphics, or find them, proofreading…Lol. Sometimes I re-proof an old post, perfectionist or what!  Then you publish your content phew happy days….WAIT A MINUTE… not yet Jose!

You just got started mate that was PART A. You gotta promote your content or blog post!


You see, its a journey and yes you may rest a  few moments but whats the point of doing all the above if no one finds your awesome handiwork?


Below are 19 of the ways we know to promote your content and blog posts, once published. To help you attract a new audience and plug in existing loyal ones.

Very quickly we will list the places we know you probably already promote your content & blogs: Social Media aka Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, Bitly, Pinterest, Videos to YouTube, your email list…heck there are thousands of social medias in different world languages!  

Well that takes care of 1-8 right…… Lololol  Okay lets get serious here below we share some less trod and some well trodden places to promote your content and blog posts



1. Facebook Syndication Groups

Great Places to Promote Your Content. Learn More! #contentmarketing http://sumo.ly/c1Vq via #facebookmarketing #contentpromotion

Hmm don’t judge yet…read on!

There are a whole lot of Facebook groups for bloggers all around the world. Do some RESEARCH via the facebook search window. Or ask your niche blogger friends which groups they are a part of and JOIN THEM. Most Facebook groups have rules on self promotion and don’t allow spam. However, most groups do have a thread where you can share and promote your content, or link to a post, or your social media links as a way to help the members promote and grow their blogs. How about you take part in blog courses online, most have a Facebook community you could become part of, that also allows link sharing. Our absolute favorite online blog course group is The Ultimate Branding Blueprint group.


Some more groups we are part of and love are:

Blog/Vlog Love Tribe

Social Bloggers Hub – Our Favorite

Social Marketing Blogs

YouTube Syndication

Fast Track Traffic



2. SUMOME Share App – To Promote your Content:

The Sumome App is a Great resource to Promote Your Content and posts, Learn how to use it here! #sumomeapp #contentmarketing

Most of us have it on our websites. In fact it has virtually replaced the WP Google Analytics App. But are you leveraging this super resource to promote your content? I see so many blogs or websites with the Sumome icon, I click on their images and they aren’t shareable, I highlight their text and NOPE cant share it. Come on guys. Sumome is giving you 100% Free ways for your audience to share your content why haven’t you activated them? Sumome has made social sharing super easy at every touch point and devices: Below are Some of the cool features we have learnt –

  • It integrates with 15+ social platforms
  • Check which social platforms and posts are getting the most engagement. In our case its Pinterest
  • Control the page and position social icons display
  • You can ensure more of your posts are read by passing traffic
  • real time optimisation – You can check to maximize which networks drive the most social traffic

If you aren’t using it yet, heck its got a super generous FREE option go Download it to your website here.


In our view the least leveraged yet most exciting part of using Sumome to promote your content is the Text Highlighter. This wee tool allows ANY TEXT ON YOUR POST TO BE SHAREABLE BY HIGHLIGHTING IT…GO ON TRY IT. CLICK TO TWEET

Sumome, Highlighter was designed to encourage sharing of great content on Twitter and Facebook. Your audience simply need to select portions of your article to automatically share as quotes! Ensure you added your Twitter Handle to your settings and Highlighter attaches it to the end of the chosen text people wish to share.

This has helped build our follower count. In fact whenever someone highlights a piece of our content they will likely see a popup that looks something like image below –




3. Connect with Similar niche Bloggers to Promote your Content

Neil Patel (We love this guy don’t you?) He gives some super scripts to communicate with niche influencers and bloggers for purposes of link love and to promote your content!  Its a matter of composing a short and friendly email to a blogger who is in your niche or who writes about similar topics. Introduce yourself, compliment their work and the value they add to the industry, Mention one of their pieces of content that super inspired you.

Then share your own blog  and let them know you will be writing or wrote about a similar topic, link to their content with some edification. Invite them to come and take a look. If they choose to do so and reply to you, you could have just made a connection with a possible collaborator.

And if they like your content, its pretty likely they’ll share it with their targeted audience. Bingo you have someone to promote your content…to a much bigger audience and attract some of them to your offers! 2 birds – one stone! 


4. Promote your Content via Twitter Cards

There are 9 different types of Twitter Cards.  We discovered these following the TEAL3 Training by Vince Reed! We like to leverage & maximize social engagement. Here is how you have been targeted: in your tweeter feed if you clicked a photo, video, clicked on a downloaded directly, you likely have clicked on a Twitter card.

Twitter cards allow you to create rich media content far beyond the standard 140 characters. IN other words twitter allows you to have more information when someone finds your content on twitter. You will find CTAs like “View Summary” or “See photo.” means there is more info on that tweet. An amazing way to promote your content and super cool way to increase social engagement.



Because humans are visual duh! Great LINKED visuals = More Traffic  = higher CTR.

If you use WP and already use WP SEO By Yoast you are in for a treat: Quick Video Tutorial on the revamped Twitter Carts below!



I imagine that whatever tool you use, you’ll complete above task by taking a URL from your website (preferably a blog post). Run it through the Twitter Card validator, Click the “Request Approval” button and that’s it. No more forms to fill. Some say it can take 2+ weeks to get approval, but its typically 24 hrs approval. You’ll receive an email that it’s approved. On Application you should see a similar message below –

How to Promote your Content and blogs via Twitter Cards! #twittercards #contentmarketing

And guess what, next time you tweet your links, you will see a change. You should see a large image with more text than the usual 140 characters. And guess whose content will attract higher engagement…Yours of course Silly! A super cool way to promote your content and posts don’t you think? See how a more details twit aka Twitter card looks like below! 

Promote your content and Blogs via Twitter Cards - more engagement! #content promotion #twittercards



5.  Promote your Content via Google Plus Communities or Groups!

Most people post their link on G+ once, and maybe even go and like it and that’s it…Hello…You want more eye balls on your content right! Despite most content marketers being predominantly selfish and wont give, yet expect others to share their content and subscribe…!  Google+ communities do give you a targeted platform to promote your content, blogs, offers (Not spammy please). 

The Google Plus groups you chose should be niche related. By the way if you have no clue what I am talking about. Simply open a gmail account and you get a G+ account with it, that you can customize and start to share awesome content, yours and other people’s. Interact and share content, get social and you will find others do the same for you. 

There are literally thousands of communities tailored to almost every niche imaginable. So find them and Join them. Chose 3 max to share your posts or Google will consider your content spam & block you! A snippet of the G+communities we are members of below: 

How to Promote your Content and posts Via Google Communities! #contentpromotion #blogpromotion

To Join communities: Once you have created your blog post, podcast, vlog, a blab or scope, any piece of content, head over to G+. Select “communities” from the left navigation, enter a keyword of a niche you work with and JOIN all DYNAMIC related communities with lots of members & posts! No point joining a 5 member group with 1 post! Engage in the communities and You will receive the same! 



6. Join Pinterest Group Boards and Promote Your Content and Blogs

Just like Facebook and G+ above, find Group Boards on Pinterest that match your niche or topics of your posts. Systematically start to promote your content visually. This has proven a super effective way to promote our blogs and expose our offers to new readers.

We did create a Resource of Our Top Super Pinterest for Business Hacks, that are getting us a steady stream of targeted traffic from pinterest Grab them Here. This offer closes end of October!

Anyhow, ask to join the Pinterest groups and follow Boards. Once accepted, pin your images from related content and be awesome by pinning other pinners images too. Trust when we say you will grow your Pinterest following pretty fast too; while attracting more website traffic via your content! A highly targeted way to attract targeted traffic as these group pinners are already sold on the Board topic!

Find Pinterest groups & boards via Pingroupie.



7. StumbleUpon a Major Source of Blog Traffic

StumbleUpon what can we say about this. We were introduced to the joys of StumbleUpon by Vince Reeds

Okay StumbleUpon is a great way to find new content for your research & reading purposes. Its an awesome source of blog traffic so a great place to  promote your content and blog posts. You indicate your interests aka Likes, and StumbleUpon goes to work for you. Showing you what you like whenever you login.

Do you need some tips on adding your content to StumbleUpon your wish is our command!  You can also be a consumer as we said before and as always best practice is No spamming! Thousands of new traffic via StumbleUpon what are you waiting for….


8. Consider a Press release to promote your content or Share your Post to other Bloggers

If you know of a hot trending topic before it becomes common news, write a killer post about it. Check who else is writing about it via press and contact the Editor & share Your post! Make sure you have tight Privacy procedures and have ensured you will be credited with its origin! Invite the press or other bloggers to take a look and if they might like to link to it. Point out how your content brings something new to the market place. You got nothing to lose, who knows they might publish you….and the world will be your oyster in terms of website or blog traffic!  


9. Promote your Content as part of Blog Roundups

These are Similar to Facebook groups but a heck of a lot more picky. I used to love Viral Content Buzz as a way of avoiding this particular strategy! If you google you’ll find a myriad of blogs with a monthly, or weekly link roundup. Usually these blog owners have a list of collaborating bloggers and if handled well they do encourage other bloggers to take part and link to their blog posts. Of course they are niche or topic specific! Below are a couple of resources to help you find link roundup resources you could join:

Master List Roundup

Link Up Library

Seriously check out your niche and you will soon be part of a blog round up and getting a steady flow of more traffic to your site! Of course there is a best way to approach the link roundup owner. Don’t Spam them with your link. Follow advice given above scroll back up…you wont go wrong! 



We see lots of bloggers who are lazy – sorry! They share their blog once on one social media platform or 3 and that’s it! Mind you some of their content is superb. So why not learn the best times to post, and then promote your content or awesome blog post more than once? 

Mike Hobbs did a broadcast with Paul Hutchins where they encourage you to write killer content and bridge share it on Social Media over & over…As opposed to creating content daily and sharing it the once. 

It really is a HUGE WASTE promoting your content once…!

Oft times we have found that our biggest audience are offline when we first post. So its practical to re-post that content at later times lest our posts go unseen. We live in Europe/UK and most of our readers live in different time zones, Well you are no different really! 


So, our advice is you need to re-post & promote your content regularly. Carry on even a month after you publish your content! 

Here’s a rough formula on what Vince Reed taught us, do similar with your content. preferably a month after you publish it. Please use different titles, snippets of the information and switch your images out so it doesn’t look like you are spammy! 

  • G+: Re-post twice a month and submit to at least 6-8 niche groups tops! 
  • Twitter: Three times a week between other types and people’s posts & re-tweets! 
  • LinkedIn: Twice a month as a Status update and Of course to the related groups you are a member of! 
  • Facebook: Twice a month…use your Fan Page for this! 


You see the sense in re-posting your awesome content? Its so go promote it some more and hopefully grab some new readers…. keep traffic flowing to your content new and old and thus maintain a steady flow! Attract more subscribers to your offers and Ultimately Make more sales!



11. Pin Link Ups


Pin Link Ups a Great way to Promote Your Content! #pintetestforbusiness #pinteresthacks

Similar to a blog round up, only it’s a for Pinterest! We are part of one whose owner’s blog is aptly named “Life is Sweeter by Design”

WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SHARE and ARE YOU A PINNER? Whatever it is you can promote your content or whatever via Pinterest and get mob shares with Pin Link ups! If you are interested in co-hosting a Link party you can start your own Pin Link up Group. Feel free to contact our Link up host to be part of the current Link up…Give Jamie a shout at Jamie[at]lifeissweeterbydesign !

Bring your best PINS and come over and join us Here!! Plus it would be awesome if you shared the Link party with your blogging friends! The more pins and re-pins…the better! It’s all about promoting your content and of course others. Takes all of 5 minutes!

We Recommend yo do this: 

Below are our recommended Power bloggers and Content Marketers that any blogger & content marketer in any niche should follow:

Neil Patel- of The Crazy egg & QuickSprout fame

Robbie Richards – @robbierichards.com

Sujan Patel – Content Marketer

Mike Hobbs –mikehobbs.tv

There are many more in numerous niches esp. yours…find them. But we encourage you to Follow above content creators anyways!

We have given you way more than 15 places to promote your posts haven’t we…You didn’t forget the social media platforms we started with didja


I believe you have learnt some new ways and some tips in our post on “Ways to Promote your Content and Blog posts,” Our prayer for us all is that we all get more traffic, positively impact more people and make more sales!

Well you know whats coming…if you like all this awesome content, Please do share, Like and tell us your secret sauce, where you promote your content in the comments below! Share images and texts, they are all shareable remember! 🙂  




You absolutely Deserve more…


Live. Learn. Love


Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi







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