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We offer a unique and dedicated demographic of readers interested in Blogging, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Home Based Business and Multi Level Marketing. Our readership is interested in creating a Solid lasting Residual Income via integral Attraction Marketing and blogging to make their lives better.

Our articles, newsletters, and posts reach 64000+ global readers a month through our opt-in newsletters, online magazine, and social media followers. Our audience is constantly growing, and we welcome like-minded brands and companies to partner with us to reach our audience.

  • Impressions: 47k+/M
  • Facebook Fans : 2k+
  • Twitter Fans: 4k+
  • Newsletter subscribers: 4k+
  • Pinterest Fans 3k+
  • Instagram Fans 2k+
  • LinkedIn Fans 1k+ 
  • G+ & YouTube 1k+




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Sponsored Posts

  • Sponsored blog posts and articles are posted on the Juleskalpauli website and then shared with our social media followers.
  • All material must be related to Internet Marketing, Blogging, Law of Attraction, Branding. No more than three back links are allowed per sponsor. Anchor text is your choice.
  • All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as ‘sponsored’ according to FTC regulations.




 Types of Sponsored Posts:

  1. You write the content and submit it to us for editing and publication. We do not accept heavily advertorial or affiliate  products review posts and we reserve the right to edit and fact-check all content.
  2. You sponsor a related Juleskalpauli blog post or article. Your banner is shown at the bottom of the post.




Sponsored Post Cost: US $350 

(30% Discounts for multiple posts)

If you would like more information on advertising on our website or to discuss a potential campaign, please contact julie (at)



Newsletter Sponsorship

Our newsletter sponsorship is exclusive and an excellent way to reach our engaged, growing audience of 4,000 plus.
Your banner ad will be featured in our opt-in newsletter (bottom) and we will mention that the content was sponsored by your company/brand.

Single newsletter sponsorship cost: US $500 

$500 per newsletter with 3 month contract/ $350 per newsletter with 6 month contract





Submit a Pitch

Every so often we Accept a Guest article Juleskalpauli is thus looking for experienced Bloggers and Internet Marketers who have written about Blogging, Branding, Home based Business and Internet Marketing. Please make sure to check out our mission, Products, work with Us and buzzworthy blogs to understand who we are, how we work, and the high level of writing and Blogging integrity we expect from our guest bloggers and writers.

Created by Julie Syl and Pauli Kalungi an Award winning engineer. We’re an expanding brand and marketplace. 

If you are an established blogger, here are some ways to collaborate:
1) Submit a blog, we’ll blast it on our robust social media platforms and share to our newsletter that goes out to 4,000+.  Here are our guidelines Scroll down to Guest Posts.

2) Re-purpose one of our articles—we have lots of awesome solid content.

3) Join our affiliate program. Check us out and and sign up to work with us directly in an affiliate program, then reach our to Julie for next step as a Partner in Building your dream! 

Please email all pitches to julie (at), we look forward to hearing from you!



All sponsored posts, newsletters, and ads require a signed contract and 100 percent of the fees are due up-front, in full, before blog posts are written, published, or advertisements placed.

Contact us for our introductory offer and for discounts on 3-month, 6-month, or yearly contracts. We are looking forward to working together!










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