Ask For The sale every time. Its the only way to get more conversions :)

Ask for the Sale, If you aren’t, someone is & you will never create the income of your dreams. Period! We give you 5 Super Tips You may Not know on How to Ask For The Sale!


Well it happened again lol, Yes it does happen to us too! We didn’t ask for the sale, we learnt…

Our niece joined our primary business via a different team and literally came to us begging for help…apparently her new upline is stealing her prospects! Geez slime ball or what!  We asked her when she got started and how come she never asked us before. She said “Well I see your images and blogs but you guys never said anything to me about the business.” Boom light bulb moment… Yes, we do share our lifestyle, Strategies, experience, expertise, etc. but in her view there was not enough to get her juices flowing. She missed out CTAs we throw all over our posts and thus in her view we didn’t ask for the sale.

We absolutely wished her every success, we pointed her in the right direction, gave her some cool tips, urged her to attend the next event and every event thereafter and wish her the best… See we no-longer chase family and friends, BUT we sure do our best to give clear Calls to Action in our blog posts, and content! So did we fail the niece…! Who knows…Everyone has a choice in life. We decided she didn’t feel like working with aunt Syl & uncle PK for her own reasons.

So our question to you today is Are You asking for the sale? Or you hope your prospects or subscribers will somehow make the decision and come to you wallets hanging?

Well we are gonna share with you The exact Strategy to ASK FOR THE SALE and Close your prospects…But before we do if you wish to stop chasing family and friends and grow a super organisation check this out…and don’t say we didn’t share




Ask for the Sale #1: Project Positive thoughts Before The Sales Conversation, Presume the sale & Believe in Your Product:

If you assume the sale you will exude confidence and Thus Engender trust in your Prospect!

We agree that “Selling is moving people to action” this is in its simplest form, so when your lil one gets you to buy them that cake in the shop you just got sold lol…! Watch their faces as they talk about that cake, the sheer excitement and bold expectation that it’s a done deal. Asking for the sale or selling is a very important skill to learn. Every single day we are sold something. Whether we like it, believe it or not. We market our thoughts, opinions, ideas, time etc. it’s done all the time. Why not get to do it while having fun and get paid to boot. Start to get over your fear of asking people for their money…it’s okay.

Here is the deal, people spend money on the most ridiculously useless stuff because those people, organisations have learnt and practice how to ASK FOR THE MONEY. So why not share with these people something they can enjoy…something valuable?

As you’re asking for the sale, you must be aware of your body language. If you are fidgeting, looking down scratching your head or such body language. You are is saying you’re nervous, that’s lack of confidence to your customers, who will pick up on that vibe and may hesitate to finalize their purchase.

Now how to ask for the sale on the phone is similar, trust me your body language and fidgeting transmits, we are all energy and are connected!

If you yourself think and keep saying that the product, service, platform you promote is expensive, well guess what, you will find its true for you and attract like-minded prospects i.e. It will be expensive for most and you won’t make many sales. On the other hand if you Believe, have Blind faith in and think it’s value and great, that will be true for you. See the National association of Sales Professionals tells us that “The Answer Is Always “NO” Until You Ask For The Sale” in their article named the same Read it Here!

Whatever game you Gotta play in your head, get excited to ask for money and you will attract it Entrepreneur in this article gives you some ideas on how to ask for then sale & Here below is our is how….


Ask for the Sale #2: Get excited about the presentation and closing

And ask for the money…! It’s a good thing. It’s why you show them your presentation right? You are legally allowed to sell the product, service, platform…it’s above board right? Then it’s absolutely allowed to ask for the money for said product, service, and platform. You are in business to make money, so collect that decision. You aren’t there to show and wait for the prospect to decide.
So ask for the money enthusiastically!  Get the sale made, ask for the order, close the sale. Seriously if you ask and they say no…So what? Some will, some won’t, so what! (swswsw…) Get it in your mind that it’s okay to sort through your list, your optins, subscribers  and get to the aces. If you hold a one-on-one presentation or a product party; look for the chemistry, that spark, that light in the eyes of the prospect…if you are saying the right things and doing the right things. Are they asking the right questions? Not questions like “Is it a pyramid?” No, that’s simply disrespecting you as a professional and often times a sign of their ignorance, ans we have already shown you how to handle objections. Instead observe and you’ll see that spark…but sometimes you won’t see it coz it’s not there. So what…next! CLICK TO TWEET



Ask for the Sale #3: ASSUME THE SALE:

That’s how more sales are made. Here is the deal mate, if you go into the presentation with confidence that is a done deal, your confidence in you, your offer and the business will shine through. You will not openly show any care if they buy or not. Nobody likes a needy person, esp. a needy sales person. So the tip is if your product/program is a standalone product  and your prospect  doesn’t need the business BUT they love the product, then sell them the product. Ask for the sale people. Get them to become your customer as opposed to your Business partner or downline…The colour of the money is the same isn’t it! So Ask for the business or custom, coz they are gonna say yes anyway. Remember we assumed the sale.

If they say no…say GREAT…? then let’s get you started with the product or membership! They are going to buy, be absolutely sure they are buying. This will take away the fear of asking for the deal or order. It works Ask Any super salesman or woman!

Here is a how to ask for the sale example, a trick we use in one-on-one presentations. See our product requires a signature on an order form. Usually we fill it out carefully, check its accuracy. And here is where the art is: I simply turn it in the prospect’s direction, hold out my pen, huge smile on my face, look her straight in the eye and say;

“Mary, to get you started enjoying the benefits of our elite product, all I need is your approval right here.”

I point to the place where Mary should sign her name. Then I stop talking. I do not distract her from the task at hand. Please note: smile sincerely and wait expectantly. I expect Mary to hesitate, a teeny sec, yet I don’t jump in and try to continue selling. I’ve already said and done everything necessary for her to rationalize the decision & go ahead. It’s time for Mary to do her part by putting her name on the order form. I ask For The Sale. Once she is done signing, still looking at Mary, I raise my hand and high five her… welcome you to our team & family of VIP World Travellers & satisfied clients…! CLICK TO TWEET

Todd Cohen of Sales Culture advises you to Ask for the Order and Close the sale

This takes time to learn yes…But who said it was gonna be easy? Not me
Bob Phibbs, the retail doctor goes into the Psychology of a sales person & to an extent a prospect before you ask for the sale in retail…in his article on “how to train sales employees on how to ask for the sale.” A must read for team builders and retail managers!



Ask for the Sale #4 Use a 2 or 3 Option Close:

A two option close works great in closing. E.g. after you have made the presentation and answered a couple of questions real well ask:  “So Mr Prospect, do you want to get the membership or be a Rep or do you want both?”“ See how that works?

In retail settings, it is as simple as asking, “Will that be cash, check or charge?” You’ve given the person 3 choices, none of which are “No thanks.” In a way you have presumed the sale as well, but you can see the above is most definitely asking for the sale! There is a clever way of making the prospect think they are in charge while getting the job done. Don’t ask yes or no questions, do not give the customer the option to just say no, give your customer positive choices, let your prospect think they are in charge. We all like to feel like we chose, not got sold to…!



Ask for the Sale #5 MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT:

Maintain eye Contact as you ask for the sale! Try it!

this only works in one-on-one or personal presentations. I have tried it with Video presentations too though!  As hinted at above, When you ask the closing question, maintain eye contact with your prospect. Most people don’t look others in the eye when they chat with them. They think its rude…Perish the thought my dear. Get into the habit of looking someone in the eye. This engenders trust. See the eyes are the doorway to the soul. You can learn a lot by looking someone in the eye. People will trust you more. You need people to like and trust you fast. So make eye contact esp. when asking for the money look at them…After you do this shut up. Don’t say a word. The first person to look away and say something loses…. Psychology yup, you got it.

People are afraid of making the wrong decision. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and looked at the menu then turn to the other person and ask what are you having! Maybe I will have that too? The idea is they so want to not make their own decision. So help them chose. Ask them if they “want gold or platinum.” Will you take a box or ten, do you prefer the juice or vitamins….you know what you do, offer a choice and shut the heck up! Looking then straight in the eye and yes smile ?

This skill is life changing, master it…yes it will feel awkward for a while, but you need to learn this, and you will get more people buying, giving you their money. Get uncomfortable and you will earn. People quit because they realise and become consciously incompetent…CLICK TO TWEET



Recap – What to do after the presentation:

– assume the sale (not in a smarmy way, just have confidence in your ability to get the job done and your product)
– ask for the sale while maintaining eye contact.
– shut up
– smile

You can either make excuses or make money, you can’t have both. We are on a mission to help you in how to be a better salesperson, your sales approach matters. So ask every potential customer for the sale, every time! Thank us later ?


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