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Make $1k Per Month Online and More in 7 Simple Steps. Plus a whole lot more No messing, No Get rich Schemes!


Do you already make $1k per month online and a whole lot more? 

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How to Go From Zero to 1k Per Month in 7 Proven Steps!


Would you like to discover a bullet-proof (guaranteed) way of making your first, or next $1000 per month?

If the answer is yes, then I want you to pay close attention to this post that I wrote whilst sitting by a calm man-made lake, watching a fountain spray, ducks swim and took a selfie or 2 with a friend. I wrote this for you from Birchwood Park, after spending the evening Watching a movie with my main man Pauli and a Business Partner. 

Birchwood Park_Make 1k per month online

Trust this bold statement that, as you read this entire post by the end you’ll have the boldness and clear focus on the secrets of making your first $1000 per month minimum, guaranteed.

These are the same secrets we’ve been sworn to keep. Yet seriously, I believe there is so much abundance, there is enough for all generations! So…Heck why not!

In this powerful and uncut post; I want to give you the sheer simple step-by-step guide and action plan to making your first $1k per month and once the floodgates open, that amount will only grow month by month.

You cool with that? Then let’s get you paid…But first let me share with you a short story…

So the other day, I had one of my old friends contact me on WhatsApp! She is overwhelmed, jobless, tired, and thinks she is burnt out as a corporate woman of a certain age! She doesn’t know what to do or where to go once her savings run out if she hasn’t got a job by then. She has applied for so many jobs it’s sad to see and she wonders, “How is she going to start from scratch?”

And that’s the question she posed to me; Julie what should do if I am to do what you do, to make $1k month online? I know you started from scratch and I watch your posts on social media…

The thing is I also get quite a few emails asking me, what do I do to make money online?

This deep fact-sharing no BS and no fluff post is my answer.

This will open your mind and eyes, it may also annoy you, above all it may awake the beast within you to Get up and DO. What I am about to share with you could be a game changer for you!

Disclaimer, this is not for fear-mongers, doubters, negative people, people without a vision and those looking for a quick buck scheme…So I want you to be sure that…

You truly are hungry to change your life and make that $1000+ a month. And this should increase every month. See if you don’t know what you want, how the heck do you expect to get it? If your mind can’t even perceive it…You have a long way to go! You need a Deep, burning can’t-be-ignored desire. A sheer motivating force to make ANY kind of money online. We call it Your WHY!

What would $1k+ per month mean to you right this moment? Decide that and you are half way there!

I want you to ask yourself: Am I willing to learn and do whatever it takes? I get too many people via Facebook asking me to help them make money online. I ask them the above question. The answer is always a rushed Yes. Then I set them a simple task and more often than not, they don’t respond…Shiny object syndrome takes over and the next I see their update they are promoting some cheap make money now “Ground floor opportunity.”

The thing is you need to take the right action today. If you claim you are coachable, and are willing to do whatever it takes. Then you should be able to apply a proven system and pull in over $1k per month. Perseverance in bucket loads is necessary to make it work!

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Make 1K per month starting today in 7 Proven Steps!



So How do You Make $1K per month online? Our proven Steps…

#1: Do you have the Right Offer & Do the Numbers add up?

You’re looking to make money online whether as a content marketer, blogger, affiliate, network marketer or MLMer! It’s all about “MARKETING” and attracting the right audience to your offers. Someone has to DO THE WORK.

If you don’t have a product, service to offer, that’s the first step. Find the offer that resonates with your why or gets you closer to it. It doesn’t have to be your passion, but that helps. You need an offer; a product you can promote and share aka sell. That offer should solve a problem in the marketplace

An offer should solve a problem in the marketplace #makemoneyonline Click To Tweet

For instance, when you go to the gym, you have a health & fitness desire or problem.

I already shared how to find products to promote in your niche in our article on using affiliate links. If you are a blogger, you will also be offered products to giveaway or promote via your site. Indeed, there’s an abundance of products you can’t fail to find what to promote.  Warrior forum, Clickbank and JVZoo are packed full of digital products in a variety of niches.

I am going to focus on blogging and internet marketing today.

You can promote anything via your blog as long as it appeals to your target audience. You can offer a value packed $97 video course, You only need 11 sales to hit your goal to make $1k per month and I am sure you can make way more than that.

The trick is in taking the time to narrow down and zone in to who your target market is. What we call an avatar! You can easily hit 5 figures if you Joint Venture with others to promote same product as your affiliates. 

Now here is the secret that your MLM, Network or Affiliate marketing company may never teach you. You need a “low ticket or Complimentary” product as your lead magnet. That’s for the front end.

I see so many bloggers and marketers offering their product directly without a front end offer. This could be a webinar, a Zero cost PDF, Video tutorial, Audio, Free Sample. It’s used to attract the attention and interest of your audience enough to optin.

The sales are usually made in the back-end. And that’s where your Higher Ticket Offer is necessary.

You could create these products yourself. But why reinvent the wheel when you can use MLSP for both front end magnets and higher ticket offers to earn some commissions. While also growing as a bloggers and entrepreneur via the Complimentary training that’s offered in there!  

For most people, that first sale is the Work. Why? Because you go about it all wrong. You go about it with a NEED & Lack mentality. A Mind-set that tells you it’s hard, I can’t do this, who will listen to me…!

Yet all it takes is SHARING with a CARING heart. An attitude of actually helping others in solving that problem we spoke of at the start! Once that’s really your mission the first sale comes, 2nd, 3rd etc etc…You will only get moments of block whenever you allow fears and doubts; yours or anyone else’s to cloud your mission to positively impact others. So you offer a way to the solution to start with, as a front end.

I want you to remember, once a customer always a customer. So once your subscriber or customer buys into your lead magnet, it’s A LOT easier to sell them your higher ticket products. In one of the affiliate programs we promote, our average customer is easily worth over $500. Many of these customers don’t waltz in and buy immediately (although some do.)

Most grab the complimentary offer $10 trial. They may upgrade to the $49 or $149 Product! And the guess what some go ahead and buy our $500+ product!

That’s why I recommend you get started with something like MLSP, which gives you affiliate access to an entire suite of products that pay you hundreds of dollars per sale. It’s a shortcut to make $1000 per month all via your blog or/and social shares!

All the above put together = Your Offer. Plus the Numbers you need to make $1000 per month. All the training and specific actions you need to take to make that income is given to you as part of your MLSP Suite! But we want all this to be so much easier for you so. Here is what you need….



#2 Targeted Traffic baby, masses of it!

Did anyone ever tell you that traffic is not a problem. The problem is conversion? Well its true. 

Did anyone ever tell you that traffic is not a problem #networkmarketingtips Click To Tweet

Consistently getting 10-30 leads a day could make you some sales to hit $1k per month. There are numerous ways to get these leads and my specialty is Pinterest! And…

There are a lot of ways to attract or get this kind of traffic.

You could share value on social media consistently. Paid Advertising aka buying traffic or you may choose blogging in which case you need SEO.

In all this, you must keep in mind that at some point you will need to pay to play. And you might like to focus on spending $.50 pence – $1 per lead or click. Have you seen those Facebook Sponsored Posts? Yup they pay to show you their content!

So you too could target Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, YouTube ppv, Solo Ads are quite popular and My favourite right now and an easy option Pinterest Marketing.

If you are not willing to pay for promoting your content, then long term you won’t last, keep that day job!

But if you are ready to play here goes:

If you set to spend $20 a day on traffic and make $40 back in sales, then why not scale up so you can hit your target $1000 a month! And as you get to earn more you keep scaling up until you hit your target monthly income to retire that job and live your life by design!

If you can generate 10-20 leads/day, you can easily hit over 1000 subscribers and start to see some serious residual income. Then making $1000+ a month is doable and here is how!

Consider that each subscriber is = $1

Average value of your product is = $250

4 sales per month needed.

10 leads x 30 days = 300 leads a month.

You just need 4 leads to buy your offer to make that $1000 a month.

It can be done if you purpose to get it done. If your Pain is bigger than your doubts and fears and all the negative crap you allow to take hold in your mind! And to make sales you need to automate your system. And that’s where a Sales or Marketing Funnel that works comes into its own!



#3: Let’s look at that Sales Funnel:

Well for some this is Greek, for others it’s a pain. To either I say it’s as easy as you make it. A funnel is simply the system you put in place to attract eyeballs to your offer and turn Browsers into Buyers.

Most internet marketing platforms don’t bother to teach their affiliates About sales funnels yet expect them to deliver sales that make $1000 per month or even a lot more.  

Here is the deal, sending traffic directly to an affiliate or generic company link will never make you rich! Or help you build a long term residual income and Brand!

Of course, you might make you a few sales. Yet if you want to consistently make over 1k a month – you need to learn about and create your own custom sales funnel.

Of course you got to make do with what you got. So you can use company video sales pages to start with. And below is what your sales funnel could look like:

How to make 1K per month online - the sales funnel! #networkmarketingtips

In other words, you need:

  • A Simple but converting Squeeze or capture page.
  • Create your own pre-sell page that points to…
  • Your Sales page and Offers.
  • For those on the fence you should have an effective email follow-up campaign (at least 7 emails).
  • And a Script for Phone follow up!  
  • A re-targeting process

To many internet marketers and even bloggers, the above sounds like too much hard work. Most are ready to publish blog post after post rather than fix what’s ailing in their sales efforts! You want to make that first $1000k or next one don’t you? Well you need traffic, consistent targeted traffic.

Let’s talk about driving traffic. How is your Facebook reach doing lately? Seriously Facebook is no longer social, yet it’s a great place to socialize with your subscribers. So here is a plan:

Pinterest is a great alternative. A platform for driving targeted traffic to your blog and/or offers if you know what to do. And I am super excited to share with you a Proven System, to Pinterest Domination so you get that much desired traffic.

NOTE: This is for a very limited time, so I recommend that you grab this resource and hit your traffic problems on the head fast!


Well, back to setting up a sales funnel. It can take either a couple of hours by a pro. Or a week of focused action and learning by a newbie. Either way it’s doable. Once set up, you drive your traffic via that funnel like heck and the games begin.

You need a killer email marketing sequence to marinate your subscribers and show them how much you care for them.

Now this is where many fail and don’t even seek help, in the hope it will fix itself. Ostrich syndrome I call it!

The thing is if you are selling a product similar to many others, you need to stand out from the noise. Having your own branded sales funnel helps, but sending that traffic to an affiliate link straight after opt-in is where most fail. You need to Pre-frame your back end offers. You need to build on the initial rapport with your subscriber! So shooting a short thank you video introducing yourself and your “up-sell” is the way to do this.

In that pre-frame step, you will share an experience or teach them something, and then point to your back-end offer as the solution to help them to their desired result easier, faster and better.

In other words, a pre-frame is getting people to want something, before it’s actually presented to them. Tell our story, share your pains, struggles, put yourself in their shoes.

People like to know it’s doable. They like to connect with others who know their struggle and have walked their path. They love to listen to success stories and align with success. Here is a simple yet powerful example:

“My name is Julie Syl, I am a mom of 2, and a stay at home parent. I thought it was going to be easy to make $1k per month and beyond online. Yet I struggled for over 18 months paying for product after product, and almost gave up. Then I came across a system that’s working for people just like you and I all around the world. I am happy to share this system with you to help shorten your journey and avoid the pitfalls I faced! Go ahead and click the button below to learn more about the system.”

The above will resonate with some of your audience and they will connect even more with YOU! Your story, your sales! And I would like to help you polish sharing your story. You can do so here!

This Pre-frame is usually the page your subscribers land on immediately after Subscribing. It could be your Thank you page pointing them to their product, BUT Before they get it….

It works so much better and helps you make more sales. As you build instant rapport and trust! Beyond your awesome Posts people love to know what’s behind the scenes. Give it to them.

Then give them what they came for!



#4: Ensure you Make at least 7 Sales Per Week.

Well that’s a sale per day right. How do you think Shop owners survive? At the mercy of passing traffic! YOURS IS TARGETED, if you follow these steps!

Consistently share content that attracts 5-10 leads per day. Keep tracking and amending and making changes to your sales funnel until you see the results you are looking for. Its only a matter of time!

Spend some of that time of yours perfecting this process. Otherwise blogging for 12 hrs a day will take ages to produce results for you. A blog is your Shop Window. Make it work for you! So focus on ensuring the process or system that receives your leads is working overtime for you to make those sales….

A blog is your Shop Window. Make it work for you! #makemoneyonline Click To Tweet

Keep doing & tweaking, and you’re guaranteed to make $1000+ per month and beyond! If you Use MLSP (you can join us here), you’re virtually guaranteed to pass that $1000 per month target.

One of the fastest ways to hit 4-5 figures is to hold webinars and running Promos to your Subscribers and audience. Make sure you create “Scarcity” e.g. limited time offer etc. Share your Audios, Videos, Blog posts, PDFs any kind of training that is beneficial to your target audience.

And email your list at least 4 times a week, some say every day…find your right balance!

In every email make sure you are solving a problem a pain point or fulfilling a desire. 

Remember out of sight out of mind. So keep in your audience’s sight. And in every offer you send always Remember….



#5 The Upsell

This step is mandatory if you are to ever make a lasting residual income and do it like clockwork every month!

Upsell your subscribers. Get this my dear. MONEY COMES FROM PEOPLE and every day we are Up-sold something consciously or subconsciously. We even up-sell ourselves.

Ever gone to the shop to buy a litre of milk and ended up buying the 2 litre? Or you went to buy a Pair of shoes and came back with a whole wardrobe of outfits plus matching bags…You know you were very cleverly upsold…you just don’t know it lol!

So, when you start making 1-2 subscriptions and or front-end sales per day. It’s important that you manage their expectations in the Pre-frame and Upsell.  Let them know what to expect in your FIRST follow up email too. If you don’t increase your traffic, and thus the number of leads you get per day, you’ll maybe make a couple hundred bucks or less in sales per month!

To hit and consistently make $1K per month and MORE; you need to upsell.

Offer your subscribers and existing customers your high ticket products and services, do it right when the iron is hot. When they subscribe! That’s when people have made a buying decision and are OPEN to the idea of more!  They are in need of a solution GIVE IT TO THEM!

If you are coachable & willing to do whatever it takes, you will get it done and create the results you desire.

The Fastest way for you to get a ton of traffic to your offers and site is Via Pinterest. We offer You the perfect Road-map above!

If the notion of all-inclusive vacations, Cruising the Caribbean, and lazing by the beach is part of your dream…Get DOING and 10X your actions for MORE TRAFFIC!

If you are waiting for Facebook to declare that it’s more of a commercial platform…Its already been done. You just haven’t woken up to it!

If you want to not only make $1K per month but 10x that here’s what to do:

  1. Find your Target Audience in Bucket Loads = Both Paid & Organic Traffic
  2. Turn them into Subscribers = Offer them Lots of FREE Value!
  3. Engage with Your Subscribers = Communicate effectively
  4. If Using Paid Ads, Decrease your cost per lead!
  5. Follow up and nurture that relationship with your Subscribers, Here is how!
  6. Increase your conversion rate.
  7. Increase your customer value, RINSE & REPEAT!

Now in order to build those relationships you got 2 options, Calling Them or Automating it all via a CRM Like Aweber, I encourage you to use this resource! So…



#6 Your email Campaigns

Yes to make not just 1k per month for one month, you gotta duplicate the process and help others do the same. So your email sequence matters. Now we have a whole category on email marketing.

You want to keep it simple, friendly and value based. Pack them full of your personality too. Share your story! You are the brand, so SELL YOU.  7 DAILY email follow-ups to start with and then every two days for the next 2 weeks if need be. Whoa wait Julie, how do I craft 14 emails when I don’t even have 1!

Well simple, you can Swipe our Email Campaign Cheat-sheet

What Pain points do your audience have…Write down at least 4 and the solution you offer. Example below!  

How to Make $1K Per Month Online, Guaranteed! #emailsequencetip

Use that as your template every time you draft your emails. Make sure you are helping your subscribers overcome obstacles and pain points. Point them closer to their desired result with your complimentary, and free training and content. This will help position your brand and products as the best/fastest solution and medicine to those problems!

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Doing this is simply Sharing Value, positioning as the trusted adviser and teacher and recommending the solution! That’s it! 




#7. Get on the Phone…Super Effective but Not Mandatory

Contrary to what you may have been told, You Don’t Need the No’s to succeed. You don’t want to Collect No’s. That the most discouraging thing ever. Imagine going through life being told No by hundreds of people daily. Have you seen the Big Issue sellers? They look like life has beat them with a paddle.

In the same way. It’s not mandatory to get on the phone with your prospects…But It’s the fastest way to prove you are human and close a sale! The best people to get on the phone to are those who have already agreed to receive your offers. Your Subscribers.

So instead of cold calling, Why not offer them the chance to get on the phone with YOU!

Talking to people is meant to be natural. If you want to live the dream and make ‘laptop’ money all the while enjoying sunsets with your loved ones. You need to get good at creating funnels that convert!

You need to Look Real deep and find what it is you are lacking in skills and knowledge. Go fix that FAST! Overnight success takes a heck of SMART work.

@GRantCardone -Overnight Success took Hard work #make1konline

To get people Qualifying themselves and Asking to Talk to You simply keep sharing value and OFFER them that chance through a Simple Aweber Form. 

Call it a free coaching session or an application to Work with you, or join your inner mastermind. People love to join an “Inner Circle.” Be sure to OFFER TOP VALUE When that Call is scheduled.

Make it clear people will receive value when they fill out your simple form, it has worked for 5, 6, and 7 figure earners, it will work for you too.



Bonus- to Make 10k Per Month & a heck more – Always Be Learning

Well I’m sure you have heard the saying Lack of Knowledge my people perish.”

In order to not only make 1K per month online, but create a life changing income, Purpose to read a book per month. You can listen to them on audio, many free ones on YouTube. You could listen to Podcasts, a great and engaging way to top up your learning! Why not subscribe to our Podcast right now.


Resources I recommend:

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Outwitting the Devil  by Napoleon Hill

The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map – Learn More Here

Customer Relationship Management Resource – Try it Now

My Lead System Pro – Try it for 10 days

Share Your Story like a Pro  – Learn How

Well you got a detailed step-by-step plan to make $1k a month online and beyond!

Okay, it may sound like too much hard work….

OR you may have Got an Aha moment here and are super excited to dig in. But if you believe that you have a Traffic Problem…I am right here assuming that you are, let me reassure you.

I promised I’d show you how to make $1000 a month from scratch, and I have.

I’ve given you a template for a sales funnel, to help you build your email list! Still for many it’s a long slog and I get it. So If you need my help, to help you with traffic and lead generation…


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If you Would like Personal Coaching from Us.

Welcome to the team right here.

Okay, This is the end of this 7 course meal. If you got value, do Like, share with anyone you feel needs it too. PIN IT. Comment below and definitely share on Facebook…


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You do Deserve More

Live Learn Love

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