Your Vision Board as a Clarity Tool!

Your Vision Board as a Clarity Tool- For Business, Life etc & Can be Super Powerful! Life examples of Manifestations! 

Apply These Techniques To Activate your Vision Board As A Clarity Tool. #lawofattraction

Does a Vision Board as a Clarity Tool Ever Really Work?

Did you also know that Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes? Well today we are here to Empower, INspire maybe even get you motivated to grow. 

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What did you expect from your vision board last year, did you get it? Are you utilising your vision board as a clarity tool or as a piece of wall art?

I hear someone ask…

What is a vision board? It’s a visual exposition of your inner desires aka dreams. It’s what gives you the motivation to go out there and take action after what you desire. A vision board as a clarity tool is amazingly powerful.

So we ended the first fortnight of January with our Blogging tips series and now its time to see if you are still on track with your goals for 2015…Consider me your Auntie Jules and let’s talk about your Dreams! 

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So in order to create a vision board that will keep you Focused, you must ask yourself:

Whats My Major Goal In the next 12 months?

Jack Canfield puts forward an awesome case for Creating a vision board as a visualization catalyst for your dreams and goals. This man is an amazing manifestor, the Author of Chicken Soup for The Soul! If you haven’t read that book, use that link & Get it is now! You will love it! 

Talking of love, This is one of the most powerful emotions we can have and When You love someone/thing, and you FOCUS on showing it and allow those feelings of happiness and joy to flow naturally, you will create some magic. A wonderful Blogger by he names of Shannon Seek propounds this theory in her #4pillarsFocus she has such positive energy manifesting what she wants must be amazing. Connect with her on seeksolutions her blog

Okay Lets get back to then family utilizing a Vision Board as a clarity tool shall we…

I strongly recommend you actually sit down with your family esp. children and write down your family goals. Teach them how to create and use a vision board as a clarity tool too today! Years from now they will thank you for that exercise! Our children have been creating vision boards and Gratitude lists for 3 years now! And can I just say that everything they put on their lists and boards manifested for them last year…what! And boy am I grateful for the fact that they believe, their energy is uncluttered and thus they are attracting what they DESIRE! I won’t share their private lists but all I can say is using a vision board as a clarity roadmap works indeed!

Your vision board is where you put those huge seemingly unattainable goals…yes. DON’T BE REALISTIC AT ALL on that board mate…It’s better to set big goals and not reach them but do very well, than to set average goals and put in average work to produce; well average to wee results!

I hear from a lot of my target audience and prospects;

“Well Julie I just want to make an extra $500 -1K/month”

What…Why don’t you just get a 2nd/3rd job then?

See you will simply end up spending $50 -$500 “Investing in an online biz op” And wait for the online lotto to fall in your laps. All the while having shared with your mates Razza & Shaniqua who rejected you! Then you decided it’s best to head back to the pub and watch Arsenal beat Bayern Munich again or just watch soaps on telly…

Am I talking to You here???

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Well here is my dose of tough love: Create a vision board as a tool for clarity of what you want! Set huge goals, then go out there and connect with 100 people per week minimum via social media and Build fast rapport! Find out what they need and point them in the direction they need. Be their beacon of light. Prospecting 1-2 people per week huh! You call yourself an online entrepreneur? Put in a heck of a lot more hustle into achieving your momentum and you will find results.

Below are some of the things on my Vision Board!

Corporate Connections

Magazines I want to work with

Stages to speak on

Speaking gigs – when where Set a date/s Write it down don’t mind about the details!

Local Festivals – Africa Oyee, Liverpool Music festival, Small Business Expo etc.

Companies I want to work with – Housing Companies (it’s what and who I know).

So let me ask you again:

What is your goal – what Do you want to Focus on.

Areas to Focus Your Vision Board as a clarity tool could be:

  1. Faith –Mindset
  2. Fitness – Health & wellness
  3. Family – Relationships
  4. Friends – Social life
  5. Finances – Career/Business

To activate your vision board as a clarity tool in business and to start manifesting into your experience the career, job or income you desire, you must stop using words such as I want, I need and instead say “I DESIRE…(Fill in blank).” The reason why I suggest that you stop using I Want/Need words is because they are not so healthy. They imply “Lack” and also focus on your not having whatever it is you Want or Need thus perpetuating that state in your life. This is a lesson we have learnt from, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Tony Robins etc.

On the other hand, DESIRE comes from your soul/spirit it’s been put there by the Source of all good things. In my life that source is God! You know what you believe in. So absolutely Create vision boards based on Your Desires. Taste these things, Feel them, touch them, literally envision you having, feeling, touching, being that which you want.

Let’s do right this minute man……(I can wait).



To Maximize a Vision Board as a Clarity tool -Vision Exercise:

Activate your Vision Board as a Clarity Tool! #visionboard #LOA

Step 1: 

Take 10 mins. Sit comfortably in a quiet space. if you can set some ambient soft music of your choice. Close your eyes right now and lets envision your dreams…

Empty your mind, take a few deep unforced breaths and let them out naturally as a sigh. If you do meditate this should be a breeze.  As your breath gets deeper let whatever thoughts that drift into your mind be thoughts of Your Desires, let your imagination run riot! DREAM BIG….build it up.

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What are you doing?

Where are you, with whom,

What are you wearing,

Where are you going, are you driving? What car, colour, make, mod cons the “Angel is in the detail!” Are you in a building? Describe it in your mind…Go go go….Capture those images and save them in your hard drive aka brain! Carry on for 30 mins if time permits…OR stop if it’s not making sense to you…Don’t force it, try again tomorrow! Keep trying this until it becomes natural!

Okay are you getting the picture…? When I first did that exercise, it felt awkward and I felt fake, uncomfortable, a fraud…Now it flows naturally. It’s amazing! I can do Visualization sessions anywhere, I have 10 mins I go! 

Step 2:

Those images you see in your mind find them online or in magazines. Cut them out and paste them on your lil board with text of what you want to achieve and timeline! 

Write that vision you just had down as much as you remember it…Now you have got the skeleton for your vision board! By eliciting the emotions, you are attracting those things into your life like magnets…Your emotions are connecting you to your desires. You are SETTING THE INTENTION and you are gonna attract it, sooner or later. Better believe it!

That’s why you must focus only on the positive when you do such an exercise! Depending on your energy and vibrations…you could quite easily cause something to happen in your life superfast. So let’s make that a positive change shall we!

Let’s take this exercise further. Remember you are intention is to leverage a vision board as a clarity tool so it’s meant to bring into technicolour that which you desire…As soon as your thought align with your DESIRES…So

Step 3 is:

Ask yourself; Why do I desire these things? Your answer will SET YOUR ACTIONS!

Remember Faith without Actions is Useless

So Actions must follow your thoughts, desires, plans and imagination! As you start to take CONSISTENT ACTION you will start to manifest your Desires. Your Vision Board is you “Asking in a Major way” And you are therefore placing yourself in “RECEIVING MODE” So why not be Open to receive! Look at your vision board every blessed day with joy and gratitude. Thats feeding your spirit with what you want daily remember its a clarity tool 

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Back to your vision board as a clarity tool: it’s your “Dreams in Technicolour” Your WHY in living colour and your job is to work on it. Add more stuff to it, remove stuff, cross things off as they come to life. Know that Life is permanently rigged in your favour and you must believe this to create it!


OMG you truly thought the board was meant to bring your Lotto to you? Not quite. Its an inanimate object…to activate it and manifest those images into your experience you MUST TAKE ACTION!

Yes ACTION is the Switch that makes it all work. Your Vision board will only work if You work. Once you ask via your Vision Board, you gotta put the work in, do the time…Let’s look at a practical example:

Your Vision Board as a Clarity tool Example 1: You have a cut out of Beyoncé on your vision board with her face replaced by yours. You want to look as bootilicious…but there is the small matter of a few extra pounds in all the wrong places…So you decide getting fit is a must this year! You want to lose weight so bad. You even buy an exercise bike right…! And place it I your shed/garage and as it gathers spider webs…You are losing weight fast aren’t ya…Of course not!

You gotta get on that bike and sweat it, work till your muscles ache and you cry in pain when you move. In other words MASSIVE ACTION…If you are a size 14, 60 days later you could fit in those size 10 skinnies. Other benefits; your skin looks gorgeously firm and smooth…hmm you feel lighter and sleep better…Gosh you don’t wanna be Bey anymore, you got bootay sister, you wannabe you…You manifested your Fitness Dream!



Your Vision Board as a Clarity tool Example 2: Let’s look at another example. You want to speak at a national stage before an audience of 10K+ people and you literally have this feeling that’s where your breakthrough is! You put an image of the Liverpool Echo Arena packed to the rafters on your vision board with the dates to boot…Yo don’t have the bucks, or contacts but you have this dream.

Then you wait…and wait. And wait. You are freaken scared to even cut a Facebook or YouTube Video, A podcast is alien to you and Periscope…OMG isnt that what they use on ships? Well no, we can’t be doing that…!

Where on God’s earth are you planning to Practice your speaking skills apart for your chats with your lil pooch? You get the gist of my argument…? Get practicing, let someone see your potential…and the Universe will let that someone looking for your skillset see that video and reach out to you…Multiplied, patted down shaken over and overflowing!



A couple of My Vision Board Manifestations: I had speaking at a charity event on my vision board last year and I had absolutely no clue how it would happen. I had set a July 2015 date… and let it go. I create videos, I podcast, I blog you name it…and post our content on social media. And in June the CEO of the LMI Group in Liverpool left a comment on one of my posts. Asking me to teach her how to do what I did! We arranged a chat and she outright asked me to do a gig with them as well as coach the models and give them a confidence and motivational boost. The gig happened when?…You guessed it, in July 2015…I was like OMG this is crazy! See image of event below:

The Juleskalpauli Marketing - LMI Face of Liverpool Joint Venture was Awesome!

Dreams Do Come True – If You Take ACTION!

On the same board I had put meeting our Mentors in person Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Cesar Rodriguez, Brian Fanale, Vince Reed etc. I had no clue how I was gonna meet them let alone in the same year, I live in UK they live in different parts of USA. Well guess what happened in March 2015? I had invested in Coaching with Ray Higdon (TESS) in Jan and one of the bonuses he offered us was a FREE TICKET to his Major Annual Top Earner academy event, To be held in Tampa Florida!…Well I wasn’t sure whether I was gonna go as Paul was working away at the same time…so I held my excitement and prayed. And worked Smart and affirmed daily, gratitude is top of my agenda. Man Come August 2015 and I was in Tampa Florida and I met all the above mentioned people and Then some…I was absolutely blown away! See You gotta Test…and Testify and share the manifestations…!

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With Tanya Aliza, Vince Reed, Robert Frank etc.

Lots other examples…but let’s just say that your vision board works just fine…Your mind is whats all over the show and that’s whats stopping whatever you want from manifesting like magic! So your dream board will work if you go to work.

So let me ask you a question and please be truthful to you:

Do you believe or have Faith in whats on your Vision board?

Do you believe that your vision boards acts as a clarity tool almost like a portal?

Do you believe you deserve what you have put on that vision board?

If the answer is yes, Then Only YOU are the obstacle to your receiving,  So….

Then all I ask you is to Step up your game, Show up for duty and Manifest your Dreams.

They are well over due!

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And as always I encourage you to TWEET THIS now, We appreciate you! 


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So find your blog purpose this year and go crush it…

For you deserve more

Live. Learn. Love!

Julie Syl & Pauli Kalungi








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