Are You Open To Receive the Abundance You Desire?

Oh yeah You want to be Open To receive And in this article we delve In the Why and How – Infographic 

ARE YOU OPEN TO RECEIVE? This can be anything you wish to have in life; a new home, lover, friend, car, business, income, money…Whatever it is, you can’t receive it if you are not open. Closed to giving means closed to receive! And that’s why this message is so poignant…

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Just before I went to attend the monthly Fellsters Inspire Yourself Meetup,  I saw an image on Facebook and it got me thinking, it looked like a typical money flashing image, BUT IT WASN’T…! Its only after the meetup that  I got the light bulb moment what this image was saying to me!  (See the image below) And what I am sharing with you today! ARE YOU OPEN TO RECEIVE? This can be anything you wish to have in life; a new home, lover, friend, car, business, income, money…Whatever it is, you can’t receive it if you are not open.

Are You Open To Receive Financial Abundance?

Let’s imagine a closed fist…Can you receive anything with a closed fist?

Exactly I can see y’all closing your fist to see what I mean.  Closed to giving means closed to receive! And that’s why the message below is so poignant….If you don’t have what you desire…it’s quite simply because you are not Yet fully open to receive it. You have some blockade/s whether conscious or otherwise…Oh yes you do…don’t fight it…Allow your mind to release them, Let them go and you will have room for what you desire! 

Here is the deal, If you are perpetually worried about ABC, about your ill luck, about how much it costs, about not having….Do You believe you are Open to receiving those things that you want? In fact it’s the complete opposite. You are so closed there is no door! Because your energy is focused on all the things you don’t have, can’t afford, can’t have etc…Snap out of it! Only You can Activate Your Abundance

I went to have my hair done and the hair dresser was talking about how she’s ready to retire…She said, I am ready to try anything and  I am open to new ideas, God knows I have had enough of standing on my feet daily, my back is shot and my knees are killing me…!

Well not one to miss a cue…I asked her are you sure you are willing to try anything? Yup she goes…Are you willing to work from home on your laptop…Yup she says..“what is it, not one of those internet things where you join people?” Lolololol…I laughed so loud she was like eh Why are you laughing? I asked her has she ever done those internet things before, what are they? She goes NO, looking absolutely affronted! So I said well how do you know THEM THINGS if you never tried them? She now looked shame-faced. Long story short, she asked to take a look and is putting together the funds to invest in herself! Result!

Why did I share this story? Because I wanted to show you that we oft-times think we are Open to Receive, yet have all kinds of limiting beliefs. Before this lady, call her Mary knew what I was talking about, she was already putting up barriers against “those internet things” Not Open to Receive! 

Its not about wealth, its about being Open To ReceiveThere is a secret to Opening ourselves up to receive an overflow of abundance and I share it today.

Now there is a secret within “The Secret”…Yes what the mind Can Conceive It can achieve. Yet Did you Know that We give with our HEARTS? And its as powerful if not more so as the mind coz its what gives in to FEEL! And you have to Feel It to Achieve It. Today I briefly share with you what we call “Heart Energy” which is complimentary to the “Mind Energy” Now you may or may not know that through your thoughts you attract your reality consciously or unconsciously…that’s the Law of Attraction in simple terms! You have got to want and desire it, You have got to Believe it and Feel it. Joseph Murphy said:

Live in the embodiment of your desire, and your thought and feeling will soon be manifest.” 

In other words feel the feeling of your desire already achieved and where do these intense emotions come from? Definitely the Heart…When they are so intense as to be almost a physical force we call it heart energy and that’s where the magic happens! 


Are You Open To Receive? Here is The Key! 

Here is the secret to effortlessly leverage the law of attraction. Instead of using Mind energy i.e. think it, focus every fibre of your mind on it, remove limiting beliefs, reprogram your mind, etc. etc. Ohh yes this produces results…But let’s face it in many cases it doesn’t work because…You got it:…YOUR self limiting beliefs that you may not even be aware of! Lots of sceptics out there who have tried the mindset, affirmations, meditation etc. without really feeling it or staying the course & digging deep enough and that there is the point I am making…Mind energy is not effortless.

In order to effortlessly receive what you desire, you need to use your HEART #lawofsuccess Click To Tweet

In order to effortlessly receive what you desire, you need to use your HEART In Conjunction with your Mind i.e. INTENSE LOVE, DEEP EMOTION! Lets call is a DEEP PASSION. Now everybody who knows Pauli and I knows we have a Passion for Travel, and we share our story. And I have been focusing on having that passion shared by others. Well guess what a wonderful online entrepreneur Marko Krist literally reached out an shared our Passion For Travel Post. See I had already envisioned this and ASKED and let it go. And it happened, this is the third time someone loves how passionate we are, has the same passion and shares the value we give…its happening!

The heart is the link to the Energy of the Universe! Even Scripture says; Love your God with all your heart, soul and mind…and who is the Universe…Who is the beginning and the end,….The Alpha and Omega? So if you tap into The Energy that we all know is universal, non discriminating & for some Divine…what happens? Effortless results! Let me say it again; TAP INTO THE ENERGY OF THE UNIVERSE, Your HEART, LOVE. And All these things will come to you. This is the key to being open to receive whatever the heck you desire and want!

And to top it all of nicely, we are not discounting Taking Massive action…idle hands never sowed thus don’t harvest and wishing never got results. Make sure to set up effective pipelines for the abundance to reach you e.g. a business or job, healthy eating and exercise, etc. Keep those pathways healthy. If you are looking for an overflow of business abundance, you may need some skills to set up the effective pipelines & pathways. Look into self development, marketing, financing, communication etc. these ate extremely important aspects of any profitable business. In other words do whatever the heck you need to do, The Activity triggers the Receiving! And for those who believe…

“Seek Yee First the kingdom of God and …all these things will be added onto You”

And what’s the kingdom made of…Love and where does love come from? The HEART…! I think I have made the case…Time for that Glass of Joy… “Juice of course”

Love transforms life, work, business it is the key and you can start by:

  • Think lovingly of all that surrounds you
  • Allow yourself to Feel the Love surrounding you
  • Give back love to all i.e. feel love for others and everything

These three precepts will open you up to receive All the things You want, You will literally attract them: Love, great health, friends that care, money, that awesome job, customers, business partners, leads, that wonderful partner, long life etc. oh Try it my friends! You will be open to receive and you will!  

Ohh But we are not done yet huh…as in everything Perfect practice makes perfect. So you have  got

OPen Hands Give and are open to Receive too

We all know this, BUT are We MINDFUL of it?

to apply “Mind energy” to consciously be that person who is upbeat, loving, and joyous, even in the face of challenges. The one who sees good in everything. Well guess what, your heart energy will grow and flow, making you effortlessly attract abundantly all the good you desire. A magnet for good! Be Confident in what you have asked for, confidence in the universe to deliver. Its that confidence that makes people take certain actions in anticipation of receiving what they haven’t yet got. By Faith…is the word. Hope in what we haven’t yet seen, yet believe we will have. We all have this faith, after all who goes to bed hoping not to wake up…we all assume we will. So Why Not have the same attitude to Anything we desire. Put it out there aka ASK, and you shall receive! 

Don’t forget that as you take the time to tap into your heart and radiate love, it will become second nature. You will literally shine, people will be drawn to you and your spirit, energy, chi, karma, call it what you want! And of course as a business owner or affiliate…This will be exactly what you need! Follow what Abraham Hicks says,

become so selfish that you are not willing to think a thought that is unpleasant or uncomfortable

become so selfish that you are not willing to think a thought that is unpleasant or uncomfortable… Click To Tweet

When you are in this frame of mind, you are open to receive the abundance as your thoughts are predominantly positive. A physical wall of positivity so strong its a force-field of energy, only positive results can come!

As it happens, there are a few shops down the road from where we live and two of them card shops…! Now I know it happened years ago but when I visited the two card shops on separate occasions I found a lady in one who was so sunny, so welcoming, so helpful. She always had a smile for me. I learnt she was the owner and dropped in every so often to serve her customers personally…I tell you I have never been to the other card shop…thereafter! What do you reckon? May be she knows The Secret!

heart energy goes beyond feelings and emotions of joy, love etc. #mindfulness #loa Click To Tweet

Can I just clarify that heart energy goes beyond feelings and emotions of joy, love etc. It’s AN ENERGY, you can feel it and some people have it without even realising it! We get attracted to them like bees to pollen. They are almost like a life force! These people are who we call Gurus, Super successful, so magnetic they can sell ice to Eskimos 🙂 

I would like you to know that your success in receiving what you desire is being open to it and tapping into the energy behind your thought patterns, the emotions and finding that sweet mix!

LOVE is the Doorway to Open You to Receive Your Abundance!

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