Coaching With Julie Syl

Coaching with Julie Syl Kalungi

Chances are if you landed on this page, you’re looking for coaching! I’m always looking for Dream Clients to work with too! 

Hi I am Julie Syl Kalungi and for the past few years I have been working a home business online. Prior to that, I worked in Housing and Construction Management for 12 years. And Before that I managed a Successful Law Firm for 8 yrs! (see our about page  for more detail.)







Are you tired of being tired? Have you purchased so many courses,  training, products? You find so much noise online, you are totally confused at what works and what doesn’t!  If you are in need of someone to mentor and guide you. Someone to help you get through the fog and get results in your marketing, if you feel its the right thing for you right now, then you are in the right place.


I know that working at home, online or starting up your small business can be an uphill task and even discouraging.  You even set up your website offering quality products and/or service, still NO SALES or a pittance! Your faith could be wavering or fast fading, You cant imagine the excitement you started with! 

What makes you feel so much more frustrated is you hear all the success stories and you wonder,


What am I doing wrong, what am I missing? Why can’t I achieve the same success?




What did You Do?

You made numerous online searches, listened to a ton of Audios, watched mob videos and decided to try a few of the techniques recommended by the successful people out there…After all lots of Freemium online and if they can do it so can you….It takes you ages to put things together and…Yes the tips do make sense and lift you up. At least you are doing something…


But still, your bank balance isn’t jumping with joy. You are discouraged even more because you realize these free tips, well they’re not working either.

You realise that actually lots of people are sharing the same tips, so they have been oversubscribed and no longer hit the spot! Or worse still, the “Teacher” might have exaggerated some! 

Should you Quit on YOUR DREAM?   ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The thing is its not your fault, so Don’t be so hard on yourself. There is NO such thing as overnight success. And rags to riches takes a lot of hard work! 


Today I want to ask you to Give it one more try! Count it as DAY 1. Allow your mind to Dream Again and See yourself in the Success you Dreamed of since you first started. 

I want you to Press the Re-Start button right now while you are still here reading this! Let me Help you, Guide you to your success! 




I struggled for months with building our business online, esp. traffic, lead generation, sales conversions etc. I was posting on Facebook daily, wondering why people didn’t see the vision I saw! I was almost giving up then…

Paul and I were introduced to this system. It has totally transformed our business.

Without this platform, we and hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs wouldn’t be where we are today! This system was the missing piece of the puzzle!

By this point I knew, that in order to succeed online you need

  • Skills – education, personal development
  • Resources and tools
  • Support from like-minded people aka Community! These are the souls that will keep you going when you feel like giving up.

This is what I learnt and which you too could if you take this system on: Lead Generation, Social media leveraging, real online marketing strategies, and above all the basics to branding you. Here is the REALITY: very few Online or Network marketing companies teach you marketing. They simply want you to promote the product, make sales, get a commission. NO Marketing, yet without this, how can you make those sales?

That’s where this System or training platform along with my personal mentoring comes into play.

The platform you’re about to gain access to is called My Lead System Pro (MLSP). This access is on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at any time, so there is no contract or obligation on your part. Only to your personal success; and this system gives you the necessary tools/resources and confidence to run a profitable business. The clincher for us was the personal development and top leadership within this community!

I Recommend You Take a Test Drive of this System for 10 days at $9.99 to get started. You will be able to see the system from the inside. Decide of it is a good fit for your business. There after its only either $49.99/mo. or $149/mo. You decide what suits your pocket!



Here’s What You Get:

✔ Daily action steps or DMO you need to follow, for better clarity to create results.

✔ How to effectively brand and market yourself online so that people come to YOU interested in your offers and services.

✔ Access to Private Facebook Mastermind, where you can ask any questions regarding your business. You also gain access to top leaders, who happily share their knowledge. You will be in the RIGHT circles.

✔ Marketing strategies to help you generate targeted leads for your business.

✔ How to use Attraction Marketing to grow your home business. This will turn things around for you. You will become the hunted instead of the hunter.

✔ A premium optimized WordPress blogging platform. You can have your website or blog up and running within a few days.

✔ Access to a premium CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) so you can follow up with your leads like a the pro you are. Plus a capture page and funnel creation software

✔ Plus some personal bonuses that I give share on a one on one level!

If you were to pay for all of that separately, it would cost you thousands of dollars.

Icing on this cake: as you build your confidence and business, you get to make some extra income if you decide to become an affiliate ?

So, Let me ask you, are you dead serious about learning real marketing skills that will serve you for years to come? This could be your BEST option.

If you Are 100% sure you want success, then click on the button below, and shoot me a Personal Message on Facebook, so we can discuss your goals and get you started right!

Coaching with Julie Syl Kalungi




Private Coaching – Option #1

You might be at that place where you need someone to help you keep your head to the grind and maybe kick ya “A” every so often. This could mean getting someone you are on the same level with and Push hard to your goals. This should cost you ZERO…So find that person ASAP!

BUT, if you Wan’t to take it to the next level, You need a COACH!  That’s where I come in! For 4 Weeks, I will be “Your Best friend.”

Remember in School you had a teacher/s who pushed you to get those grades? At work you have that manager or You are that person…My Goal in this program is to Push You to do More, to help you position yourself as an authority. Below is what’s Included in this option:

✔ 4 Week Coaching & Accountability Program.

✔ One 35-minute coaching call once a week (in total 4 calls).

✔ A custom blueprint to hit your goal and a proper marketing plan to follow.

✔ Full access to me through Skype, Messenger and/or WhatsApp for inquiries, questions, feeling stuck etc.

✔ Creating Your Own Branded Online Presence Aka Website & Why you might want to do this! Plus, the Best Program to take that Brand to a whole new level!

✔ If you decide on the above; ideas for blog content & social media channels.

✔ A proven DMO to keep you focused, consistent and create massive results in your business.

Your Total Investment is Only $549 for the full 4-week coaching program. This is open to ONLY 7 people per month. WHY? So I can give you my best effort and attention! It’s on a strictly First Come, first serve basis. Use form below to apply & see if you qualify.




Hour Coaching Call – Option #2

Sometimes you are doing stuff but feel stuck at some level and need to get some clarity. So for that lil tweak, you need a 1-on-1 chat. This might be for you! I had a massive breakthrough when I had a chat with my Mentor and good friend! Often times your Coach will see what you are missing on a quick phone chat!

I’ve done lots of coaching calls, and it warms my heart to see the transformations that happen for the clients. If you are ready for that breakthrough, you are ready to play BIG? This could be for you!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to take on many due to time, family and business commitments. Plus time differences! So on this option I accept only 4 Spots per month! You can apply below to see if you qualify.

And your Investment for a 1 Hour Consultation will be only $109.99. 




Branding 101 and Blog set up – Option #3

This package includes Options #1 & #2 above

This is open to Only 5 People per month! If you wish to play Really Big. You are looking to brand you, and create a blog that suits your style. You want to Blog too and want to learn how that works! You want to generate leads and Create the right funnels!

As in anything worth building for long term success. In most cases, you just need to have somebody show you how it works, and keep you accountable over a specific period so you learn the ropes and graduate to building a real business online!

This blog is the one I setup myself, so I can help you set up your brand and blog!

Here’s what you’re getting:

✔ Complete Blog Setup including Branded to you Header – $1597 Value

✔ Custom Cheat Sheet For Every Blog Post (Copy/Paste) – $147 Value

✔ Option #1 above –  $550

✔ Option #2 above – $109.99


✔ 1-on-1 Coaching Call Walking You Through Your WP website – $297 Value

✔ 1-on-1 60-Minute Call Creating Your First Blog Post – $397 Value

✔ 1-on-1 30 Minute Walk through on Getting Traffic to Your Blog – $197 Value

Total Value: $3,334.99

Special Offer: Only $1,997

If you’re interested in having me coach and mentor you through these systems and processes here’s how I like to work with my clients:


Before working together on a private coaching plan or go deeper into High Level Coaching together, I like my coaching clients to have a basic understanding of Online Positioning and Branding!

That’s why I Highly Recommend a World Class Course called The Ultimate Branding Blueprint to help walk you through this understanding and basic set up. If you already have a website or Online Presence I would like to take a look and Give you a Professional review as part of this program! So before we get to Step 2. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Ultimate Branding Blueprint




If/Once you have a website or Blog set up, We can look at creating a system around your infrastructure and help you produce leads and sales for your business. I believe you have come here because this isn’t happening and you’d like to have a personal coaching plan with me, please fill out the form below and we’ll have a conversation about your specific business needs.


Fill in and Access my online application form by clicking below –


Coaching with Julie Syl Kalungi



I offer a FREE 25 Min chat if you have a different proposal OR wish to explore things further with me. It’s also important to determine your needs and whether we can work together. I may not be the right person for you, or vice versa, I definitely may be able to guide you to someone who could be a good fit for you.

If you have any questions or special requests, please email me at julie@juleskalpauli[dot]com

Looking forward to helping you make the impact and create the income you’re aiming for.



Julie Syl Kalungi

Julie Syl Kalungi









Love To Hear from You

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