We give you 4 Fun Things to do in Tampa FL if youb had a weekend or more time there!

4 Fun Things To Do In Tampa, Florida If you only had a few days or just a weekend. My absolute Favorites and Recommended Activities!


Some of the things to do in Tampa Florida for a weekend!!

Joshua asked me how do I do it, travel the world and still make a living? What are the things to do in Tampa anyway?

Well, the travelista in me couldn’t help it, so I wrote this post to respond with 4 things to do in Tampa FL if you only had a weekend! And truly I have shared how we travel the world and don’t mind sharing with those who truly wish to start living their life today. Not tomorrow, not when they create a super income or get rich, but today!


Oh yes I know that you know that we got the travel bug. We are wanderers and we love it and I just returned from USA…Tampa Florida. It was the destination of choice for TEAL3. You don’t know what Teal3 is…well I won’t bore you with the details…Other than if you are an entrepreneur on or offline it was the place to be a couple of weeks ago!

So do you wanna know what things to do in Tampa though?

Whether for business or pleasure, we love to travel. We also know lots of people who love to travel. As a reward for all the hard work, no need to wait for a once a year treat …There is so much more to do locally or internationally if you know where to look. Yet many wait, and keep existing. Looking a gift horse in the mouth, someday I will do this someday I will do that. By the way watch this video I shot on That word “Someday” Ditch it from your vocabulary, totally non serving and killing your self-worth!




So who is a fellow wanderer then?

I was lucky enough to spend a week in warm wonderful Tampa Florida and returned home via Atlanta. #Bucketlist items ticked yay! I am stay grounded for a few weeks to settle the children into School.

Meantime one half of this travelling family will be in Pune India for 4 weeks…! But with new classes, new teachers etc etc. one of us has to stay home and be present.  Earlier in the year, we visited Barcelona, & Budapest then we are off again to Florence Italy so this year is a busy one! But lets talk about things to do in Tampa.

Whether it’s a dreamtrip, action trip or business trip one should see the local area they visit. What if you never go back lol! The people that I encountered in Tampa were great, there is always something happening, its generally safe and I was proud to call it home whilst I was there. The Riverwalk area felt safe so much so that we took evening walks it was warm and lovely. We noticed several wonderful parks that were Kodak moments waiting to happen or is it GoPro moments these days


1 Views of Tampa Florida, A DreamTrip for me! What Things to do in Tampa?

There is honestly so much to do in Tampa if you have the time. But below are a 4 the things I think you’d love. Some of them things I didn’t get to do …what! 

Yup you heard I am planning an assault on Tampa to partake some more:

But first a brief review of the Hotel I stayed at. It was amazing and I cant tell you about Tampa without telling you about where I spent ¾ of my time as I attended a Business event there too!



1. The Amazing Hotel Marriott Waterside with its breath-taking waterfront views: First it was very convenient getting to this hotel using the Airport super shuttle service. It cost me only $20 round trip! Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina according to the Shuttle driver is only 8 -10 miles from the airport!

It has an unbeatable location by the waterfront and I believe its in the heart of Tampa. I noted a variety of upscale shops and restaurants within close reach of the hotel.

The hotel itself has a breath-taking concierge/reception area with tall live palm trees interspersed between seats. My room was on The 18th Floor, yet with 6 lifts there was no problem getting to and from the room. The views from my room were breathtakingly awesome.

The hotel Pool, Gym and Spa are located on the 3rd floor and I made good use of these facilities on the Sunday before I left Tampa! This hotel features generous, spacious rooms, I should say luxurious, those pillows that you sink in aaaahhh. There was a modern LCD TV and ergonomic chairs. A bathroom with marble fittings. Cleaned daily to perfection.

There is a Starbucks right in the hotel for that morning coffee hit. Yet I completely ignored it and partook of the abundant Buffet breakfast. Man those waffles the size of a frisbee what! Check out some of my images of the Hotel Marriott Waterside Tampa, Fl, don’t mind the quality!

The Marriott Waterside Rooms and poolside! You could spend the day chilling by the pool!

The Room at the Marriott Waterside Tampa, The Riverwalk Side Restaurant, and Pool View!

Some Things to do in Tampa, I spent mine at the Marriott Waterside!


2. Hillsborough Riverwalk

Because of its wonderful weather, flipflops and shorts seemed to be the order of the day.  A multitude of people walking, cycling down the Riverwalk, jet skiing etc. So it looks like no trip to Tampa would be complete without visiting this place!

No trip to Tampa would be complete without visiting this place #visittampa #dreamtrips Click To Tweet

When you view the Riverwalk from a tall building like the Hotel Marriott Waterside, its breath-taking and you will notice the Yachts moored along the marina with all kinds of amusing names.

I claimed mine…Oh yeah It was called PLAN B! By the way we did see dolphins swimming in the Marina of a morning. It was a sight to behold. And Guess who didn’t have their camera, by the time I dashed back with it they were gone. Bah homburg

The Riverwalk according to the concierge is believed to be just over 2.5 miles long and its one of the most scenic walks you will ever have in Tampa, in my opinion anyway. Its scenic, its beautiful, one side is the river with premium real estate or water estate lolol and you an jog for your daily dose of exercise which I tried once! Loved it!

The Riverwalk takes you past most of the popular downtown attractions including the Tampa Museum of Art, Curtis Hixon Park, the Convention Center, the Tampa Bay History Center, and the Channelside Bay Plaza, before ending at the Florida Aquarium. (Info from the website). There are plenty of spots to stop for a rest and grab a drink or a quick bite along the way. Benches to simply catch your breath and behold the views, while adding on to that tan. Be mindful of sun cream and sunstroke.

8 7



3. Cycling & Water Activities – my children are crazy about three things, Music, Cycling and Water activities, they love water parks.

So they would love what the Tampa Bay Water Bike Company offers!

Tampa Bay Water Bikes is located on the public docks adjacent to the Convention Center which is right across from the Hotel Marriott Waterside. I noticed so many people riding down the Riverwalk so I got curious. Popped over to find out what the deal was.

I think taking a bike ride would be the perfect sightseeing option to get a water view of the city’s iconic landmarks too. They told me about water biking. Now I’m a lil chicken, but this did sound great fun and they made it sound easy too, you just might love it.

I know my children would. Coz anyone over 8yrs old is allowed to operate a water bike, sounds like a great activity for the whole family too.

I also learned about Kayaks with pedals called Biyaks…! You could explore the Hillsborough River further out to places like the Harbour Islands. Safety gear and instructions are provided. Well guess what you can make Reservations online or in-person.

One of the Must Things To Do in Tampa...Water Biking!

Riding a Biyak is one of the things to do in Tampa, Looks like fun..right!



4. Visit The River State Park

A friend of Robert Frank, of www.robertfrankonline.com fame advised us of another thing to do in Tampa; visit The Hillsborough State Park!

In his opinion, it is Tampa at its natural best! This is not far out of town. It is located upriver from downtown Tampa in north eastern Hillsborough County. It is one of Florida’s oldest and most popular state parks.

We learnt that we could have gone primitive camping. Rented a canoe or biyak to go down the river…(Not for the feint hearted as the river is apparently quite fast flowing). There are lots of lil areas for picnics, there is a public pool, although I preferred our Hotel infinity pool. Gorgeous! 

Visiting the State Park is one of the things to to in Tampa

And as expected there are numerous hiking trails where, you could spot some wildlife native to Florida if you’re lucky. 

In my view if you visit Florida for anything other than Disney world, visit Tampa. This is a wonderful place to bike, walk around and enjoy water activities.

One of the tings to do in Tampa is eat Great food of course, Along the Riverside!

Where to eat in Tampa

Food glorious food….Well you can tell I love my food can’t you!

Hmm I can taste that shrimp…Well we didn’t venture far, I and the friends I hang out with (can you blame us? See image above). We weren’t lacking in the evenings either. Seriously with five on-site restaurants at our Hotel. Yet we still ventured out! Mexican, Colombian, Pub food, Seafood, Champions, shall I go on!

The Hotel Marriott waterside has lots of options including a great terrace where you can sit and enjoy your meal with beautiful views over the Marina and Riverwalk shown in images above…shall I go on! Thank you WorldVentures. 

For more things to do in Tampa and explore further I suggest you take a look at this guide by Skye Rodgers



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I sure hope I have given you a flavor of what things to do in Tampa if you had a Free weekend! 🙂 If you have been inspired, By all means do like share and tell me if you have been and what you did!



Definitely Live. Learn. Love more


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