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 To Activate Abundance in Your Business  Learn these 5 SECRETS –  The Law of Attraction  does it Work?


I had the most amazing evening with 3 awesome Ladies at the Fellsters Meetup this week. These ladies are from a diverse background yet we all agreed that we attract what we think and can ACTIVATE ABUNDANCE in our lives by focusing on Gratitude, Thankfulness, Being Mindful of our Lifestyle and Health and that LOVE really is The most Powerful of emotions and keys to opening ourselves up to and activating abundance in our lives. Go with the Flow! We also listened to some Ester Hicks ohh so divine, affirmations. I am so in the vortex right now! So this brought me back to the Law of Attraction and to share with you what I believe could change your life today…READ EVERY WORD to the end Starting NOW…


The Law of Attraction dictates that we must change our focus and begin to think about all the things that are wonderful about our lives to activate and attract more good abundantly so in our lives and those around us. Yes You Can Change You! As you focus on only the positive things, the law of attraction will bring to you more positive things about you. You attract what you think about. The Secret says: Start with one prolonged thought of something good about You, and the law of attraction will respond by giving You more like thoughts. Look for the good things about You. Seek and ye shall find!


Panache Desai spoke in terms of energy and I quote:

“When Your Energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment with what the universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen.”


Well activating our abundance and universally existing wealth is simple yet for many it’s something they cannot even envisage…! Yet if you truly consciously tap into the universal law of attraction to “manifest your own reality” you will be one of those that live in a magical world.” Manifesting is the ability to attract positive things towards us through the use of our intention and thoughts. The principles behind Manifesting go back thousands of years. Over time, different cultures and civilizations have uncovered these basic truths, and expressed them in their own way – from ancient Hindu scriptures, Biblical scriptures to modern day particle theory.

And what does the theory say? Everything in the world is made of particles of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When we send out positive thoughts of gratitude and abundance, we attract positive energy into our lives (and vice versa). Our thoughts and decisions or inaction certainly do control our destiny and thus if you aren’t experiencing progress, productivity or growth in your home based or bricks and mortar business or life for that matter…Look in the mirror Change you! We recommend a book “Activate Your Abundance” by Kim Caldwell grab a copy here.


AND Now Below are the 5 Steps to activate abundance in your business & life!


I asked a new team member what she wants from her life, her response was typical of what most people do, she said: “I just want a bit more money and to be happy”…Girlfriend we do have to DEFINE what you Desire From Your Life!

I immediately asked her to define and describe exactly what she would like in the different areas of her life. To fill her mind with those thoughts and images and paint pictures in her mind and focus on them daily. Because she is more likely to attract everything she needs to make those thoughts a reality. You see there is no point whatsoever saying:

I want freedom

I want to travel more

I want lots of Money

I want to be the top producer
If your mind is steeped in negativity, lack, all the things that are not happening for you. And worse still you’re not taking daily action needed to get those things! So going back to my team mate, I advised her that we need to activate abundance in her life not just “ A little money” So she has to do the following and make these her thoughts and take action DAILY:


I connect with and talk to 20 new people daily (Social Media Hello)

I Show my business to at least 2 new people daily

I follow up and collect a decision from at least 2 people daily!

Once she’d done doing the above daily tasks for her business growth she’s done! This is reasonable, measurable and can be done TODAY! Yet many find excuses why they can’t do it, they claim lack of training, no upline support, no resources, no money etc..! If you have a 9-5 JOB then scale down the number of new connections to 10 or 5 and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Be strict with you! Your job is to grow your network, develop the skills you need and above all tackle your mind-set and tune your thoughts into the positive wavelength!

Have a To-Do list and start DOING today & every day. Don’t think about it. In doing above activities you MUST also activate all your five senses to determine what you’ll see, feel, hear and experience when this goal is your reality. The emotional vibrational state generated from this experience will create a strong magnetizing affect for your goal.

Most home business owners are stuck because you’re too comfortable talking to the same 3 people who are totally disinterested. You hope these people will get a light bulb moment, join you & build a large organization with/for you! I say Let them go! I dig what Blaise Pascal said:

“Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.”



You have a To-Do list…Well WRITE IT DOWN. So you can Tick it off and celebrate the achievements at the end of the day/week! Dr. Gail Matthews’ research shows that people who write down their goals are on average 33% more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely thought them. Personally, I agree and have seen an exponential increase in productivity when I follow a written schedule! As John Assaraf says “the written word may be your own personal toll free order-line to the quantum field of possibilities”. This is a proven way to activate abundance as it drives you to focused action!

Well what are you waiting for try it, to boost your manifesting power by over 30%! Right now take pen & paper and write down your most inspiring goal in clear and detailed terms…DO IT! And as you do start to do this next thing to Activate Abundance, which is…



Have you ever seen a lazy Millionaire? Not that abundance is all about money, but by heck it sure is part of it! Did you notice that the last few letters of attraction are “action”. So to activate your abundance, you got to emotionalize the desire and goal. BURN IT into your subconscious mind. AND take massive inspired consistent action towards your desired goal. This way you have every part of your body, mind and soul working towards the fulfilment of your dreams. This is the one true way to BEND the law of attraction to work as well as it can for you!

Take time to strategise all the different ways to get you to your desired destination. This allows the universal law to do what it does best…respond to your commands! MAKE THEM COUNT POSITIVELY!

To activate abundance you must do the right actions in the right order, at the right time. For crying out loud, get the help you need to determine the precise actions you need to take. It’s all good thinking it…Now Do It! We literally looked for the mentors we needed, took out thousands of $ training, created our own website…(Hello it looks good doesn’t it ). It didn’t take 2 weeks or 2 months…Was New York Built in one day? IT’S YOUR TIME? We are on a journey to our desired goals and we are super grateful for all the connections, the training, the lessons, the people and support we have got thus far …bringing us to the next trigger to activate your abundance…HIT IT…!



This is the KEY to attain abundance. It’s the way to align your emotional vibration with the flow of

Gratitude is the Key to Activate Abundance in Your Business

Thankfulness & Gratitude Are Key

prosperity and joy. We wrote about gratitude read about it here. To adopt an attitude of gratitude, you can start by writing down ten people, things or situations that you are grateful for & mention these daily. You’ll see this habit help instil positivity & shift your energy. You will have less negativity as you will attract more things to be grateful for.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer


Many times I hear people say things like “Iam happy at least I’m not poor” aarrg you’re inviting poverty into your life. That’s not a positive affirmation! When you create affirmations, you need to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Many articulate their goals in negative terms. For example, “I want to own a business that’s profitable, fulfilling, and brings a lifelong 8figure income” and “I don’t want to end up poor and in need.” This might seem like you’re saying the same thing. NO SIR you’re not. You just told your subconscious brain the opposite. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between “I want” and “I don’t want.” It just hears “profitable, fulfilling business” or “poor and in need.”

Use the Words I CAN, I AM, I WILL and add “Easily” to your positive statement! For example: I am easily earning 500k a month! The word easily intensifies and adds strength to your statement! Make your affirmations bold, clear, and positive. Say them in you mind and loudly for at least 15-30 mins a day. Don’t mind if they sound unreal…that’s your conscious mind trying to impose what you have been conditioned to. Subdue it and keep affirming until your conscious mind aligns in tune with the subconscious. As this happens you will see such amazing things happen in your life! And remember affirmations Need ACTIONS to cause results to happen in your life. A plan and strategy to work on and action daily will bear amazing fruits!

Activate Your Abundance, Its a THOUGHT waiting to be happen

Thank God for Miracles

We live in a world where “miracles” happen for those who believe with total abundance that only good comes to them. A world where they have activated abundance, overflowing with all good things NOW. In this world prosperity and success are the norm. Well Guess what that world exists within you too. Here’s a practical example, I observed my children as babies, their total abundance and joy in discovery was awesome to watch. They believed that everyone and everything had their best interest at heart. They expect it…they showed their displeasure when things didn’t go their way…They expected abundance. Babies come into the world with their Abundance button activated. We parents start condition them according to ur own experiences, what we went through as children, our personal circumstances etc…We mould them into limited beings…What a sad thing! Yet once they have an opportunity and learn how to re-activate that abundance, well those are the success stories we hear about e.g. from rags to riches, came from nothing, sprung from nowhere etc. YOU TOO can be that success story. Start today with one little positive thought + another & another.. Don’t allow any negatives to take root at all! Read more on How the Law of Attraction works for you Here!


It’s true what the Bible says: As a man Thinketh so he is i.e. Man becomes what he thinks about.”

I shall close by sharing Dr Joe Vitale’s words – “The universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That’s your job. And that’s all you have to do.”

For An Audio Version of Activating Abundance in Your Business for your Listening at Leisure Download Below:

Until Next Time, Be abundant and prosperous From The Inside 

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