The Law Of Attraction Works

Do you believe in The Law of Attraction? You Can Increase Your Business Success Using The Law of Attraction!

As Henry Ford says The Law of Attratio works bothways

If you didn’t know this …”Thought Creates Reality” it’s the Law of Attraction. Then you are in for a shock 2,3,10yrs down the road. Esp. if you are still struggling, haven’t made a penny yet. You must Change Your Mindset and truly understand that the Law of Attraction is attracting to You what You Think! The Law of Attraction is an incredibly powerful system that can be harnessed to help you align with business success or in fact anything you want in life. You should leverage the Law of Attraction to help you attract new clients, reps, increase sales, attract investors or to assist you in picking a new opp or have new business ideas – while the Law of Attraction is automatic, it can be used in every thing in your life consciously or unconsciously!

This is the Law of Attraction in its simplest form; You Can Have, Be or DO Anything You want…If You think it persistently…! We have taken so long to talk about this so crucial factor in life, business, social success we have to remedy that Today…so networking communication will come next time!



I attended a Meetup lead by Nick Fon a Coach & proponent of the Law of Attraction last night in Liverpool. Here is his blog. I came back home like a kid rewound…! Full of the joys of living and reawakening our Vision and Dreams to manifest them faster! We’re even more focused than before and know without a shadow of a doubt that our Targets for our family, team, business and Life WILL come to manifest this year for sure!

We know this 100% as John Assaraf states“We can have whatever it is that we choose. I don’t care how big it is”.
These words are so true it’s totally exciting and awesome…and to those who believe I could simply stop here…


Law of attracttion, your thoughtsWhat do you really want? Whatever it is Articulate it…For if you don’t how can you know when you have achieved it? Remember the Law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe, its like the law of gravity…you cannot argue with it! This Law operates through our thoughts. You call the law of attraction into action through your thoughts… So “Be careful what you think & wish for…For it could more than likely Manifest!

If you predominant thoughts are of weight gain, and why you “Dont like it! …You will gain weight…On the other hand if you fill your mind with ways to live a healthy life at the perfect size you will see yourself get to that purpose…

In the same way as a home business owner, if you aren’t making a penny…it could be because you are not THINKING wealthy, prosperity, abundance; therefore believe it or not You are attracting lack and delay and very little or no income…Its time to realign your thoughts to Your Purpose. You will see a change in some cases so fast you will wonder why you never did it before! The Universe always delivers what we ask for via the law of attraction…our thoughts not our actions or deservability deliver our results…You Better Believe it!


Like Attracts like…don’t spend all day thinking how you aren’t getting anyone to take a look at your business presentation…or no one is buying your products and expect to actually attract the buyers or get someone to even take a look at your video…! Trust me even if they do take a look they won’t be interested…it’s the law.Tracy Friend says exactly the same in her article read it Here.

The Law of attractionn brins us what we ask it Always

This is The Law of Attraction – The Positive mind

The Law of attraction in Action:

Focus on YOUR Feelings. How do You feel when You achieve something you wanted. How about elevating that feeling 1000 times, How about keeping that feeling on top of your ind most days if you can. Tap into it. Now start to think about what Success FEELS like to You. How will you feel when You get A,B,C? Where will you be, Who will be with you. What will you say. Feel, Feeling, Felt… This is the key to Tapping into the Law of attraction, your feelings are the Radar that tells you your thoughts and how you can expand on those feelings or STOP and change direction Fast! .

The opposite is true as well. Let me tell you a story, some 8 yrs ago I was in such a dark place in my career & life. I literally woke up thinking negative things and went to bed in a state of anger or imagined hurt…Before I knew it I was always angry, and attracted all kinds of anger & criticism from those around me; customers, clients, tenants, which escalated! I started finding angry drivers on the road…it got scary. I seemed to attract all the weirdos…Somehow I started to think about flat tires and got 5 flat tires in 2mths! That spooked me out and somehow I started thinking accidents…well you know what happened…yup I was in a bad road accident…! I told my husband something bad was happening to me, maybe I was a witch  or something…The worst was just before a holiday, I thought about frozen/burst water pipes for a while and even said so to my husband and I literally said I was worried for our water tank in the loft…The Law of attraction delivered without fail…we had the worst family disaster in our lives…our house had a burst water pipe and was flooded…we lost everything, Below is a view of the devastation and rebuilding. BE GRATEFUL PEOPLE!


At this point I realised if I didn’t stop thinking negative thoughts My life was in a downward spiral. I am only sharing this because I want to save a life out there…Think positive thoughts. Thoughts that build you, thoughts of abundance, thoughts of beautiful great things happening to you, thoughts that will deliver great, big, results that build you up too! Are you ready to dream big? Then it’s time to Think and Grow Rich…in all aspects of your life…!


How To Channel The Law of Attraction in your life and business:

Your thoughts create the frequency, they attract like things on that frequency, and then they areDreams_to_reality broadcast back to you as your life pictures. If you want to change anything in your life, change the channel and change the frequency by changing your thoughts. Learn more here.

If you think negative, quickly pull back and flip that thought into a positive…Practice this often. Before you step out of your home, say I am loved by everyone and I am Happy…smile and step out. You will have such an amazing day, I promise! Consciously keep your mind positive. Say this several times a day: “I am the Master of My Thoughts and I am the only thinker In my mind” Channel positivity into your life!

“You can begin right now to feel healthy. You can begin to feel prosperous. You can begin to feel the love that’s surrounding you, even if it’s not there. And what will happen is the universe will correspond to the nature of your song. The universe will correspond to the nature of that inner feeling and manifest, because that’s the way you feel”.

The Law of attraction awaits your command…

You can Repeat after me…I am happy and grateful am attracting the right people to my team, for the tremendous growth of my business, For an amazing residual & consistent income, for my amazing supportive friends, for my awesome job, the perfect partner, the right home, car etc…

Whatever you want to manifest in your life it’s time to think and loudly affirm it daily…Morning and before you go to sleep. As you sleep the universe works on your last conscious thoughts Make them Good ones! And watch your life change in technicolour right before your very eyes…!

As Bob Proctor said,

“If you see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your hand”


A huge Thank You to Gill Fell & the Fellsters who re-awakened our Love for the Law of Attraction. And a huge shout out to Nick Fon for confirming my reawakening in “The Secret”…I have dusted my old copy and am re-reading it. Reminding myself of all the good thats come into my life because of the great big mind shift since those yrs ago when I was literally thinking myself into an early grave and all kinds of nasties into my family’s lives!

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To Your Abundance

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