Do You Use your Mind, Thoughts and Imagination to Visualize Your Success? You Are In for a Treat On How – “Your Wish Is Your Command”

Ever Visualized your Success? How did that Feel for you? 

Wow I am super excited to share with you what I learned from the monthly Law Of Attraction Meetup with Nick Fon. I usually go to Top up my energy at this meetup.

We were focused on allowing ourselves to be all the good things we wanna be and to Visualize your Success by focusing on YOU! Another super evening well spent I tell you, you want to attend the next Meetup if you are Merseyside, UK based Join in You’ll Love it Here! You can learn more about Nick from his blog & more on the meetup Here 

Its important to Think and Feel. Focus on these things. Focus on Your Relationship with YOU! Fix you and You will be able to not only visualize your success, you will manifest it! And above all you will be able to help others. Your stress, affliction, negative mindset is not good to anyone esp. you! PAY ATTENTION to Your emotions because they are the trigger, your indicators, the GPS to your manifestations! If you can See it in your mind, You can achieve it…well and the opposite is true then. So you can visualize your success, using your mind, thought patterns and words. “Your tongue has the power to create”

Visualize your Success, Speak to Your Spirit

We were a bumper group but allow me to share some of the ways the meetup attendees have used the LOA to Visualize their success and manifest it:

A relatively young lady (Under 25 or so) has always believed that she will birth a world wide brand, she has been practising what The Secret tells us to do and recently she signed a huge contract with an intentional model company! She’s certain she will have her own yacht soon….she is taking sailing lessons…! If Modelling is your thing get in touch with Liz Here! This is how you visualize your success: Think it, believe it, take action

– A lady from Italy moved to UK and within a Year she has her dream Job, is dating the man she says she “attracted” and has purchased her dream Apartment. All using the Law Of Attraction…Her statement was she first visualized these things and focused her thoughts on positive things while daily affirming them…

– Another lady literally used the power of visualizing her success to start her own Business as a Children’s Book Author. She illustrates her own books. Look out for Helen Poole’s awesome children’s illustrated books.


It really does work and what I Encourage you to start doing today is to VISUALIZE YOUR SUCCESS

  • What does success mean to you?
  • What are you willing to do to achieve it?
  • How will you feel like when you achieve it?
  • Who will you be with, where will you live, what house, car, etc.
  • How coachable are you? How high is your willingness to learn? Are you willing to invest in YOU?
  • Do you read? All Super successful people READ a heck of a lot!
  • Do You Listen to people who have what you want?
  • Are You an Action Taker? All the above is good, but action must be taken.

The above are the basic precepts that Kevin Trudeau shares in his highly controversial CDs.

You dont bave to watch simply let this play in the background as you Take in the lesson! You can download the MP3s  here. This Man Literally shares with you, How to put the Law of attraction to work for you! (be warned there are several CDs)

Visualize your Success – Your wish Is Your Command 

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To Visualize Your Success You Must Think Big & Act Bigger!

Nobody ever Achieved Greatness by thinking Small!

So now you are starting to understand that, if you see yourself easily earning 50K extra income in 12 months and set your mind to do just that, take actions towards that goal, be persistent and committed…YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT.

The first step though is that you have to visualize your success…Your mind is the conduit through which the universe delivers your dreams, thoughts, targets, hopes, expectations etc.

BUT you must be able to see IT use that powerful super computer, your mind, to accomplish anything you set out to do. And how do you do that? Well by of course having a Target Goal, clear defined, daily affirmed & actioned upon.

Goal setting is critical if you want to live YOUR way.  And by the way the saying that “I must work hard to succeed” is a misnomer. The super successful don’t conform to that instead they affirm: “I Must work Smarter not Harder and succeed.

Now successful entrepreneurs, Gold medal winning athletes, and all kinds of high achievers have three things in common. They visualize their success, SET Goals and DO whatever it takes to achieve! They Do work Long hours, yet they LOVE What they do so its not Really HARD work.

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Setting goals gives us long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses our actions and the training we need. Once you have goals, you set the time & resources you need to manifest that success!

Recently I started a habit, before I drive to any part of the city, I affirm that I will find a free parking space…And guess what I have been doing exactly that for over 6 months now! I realised that my thoughts, possess power.

Thus I pour my mental energy into the same thoughts or mental images of what I want to happen in my business and life daily. As I do this, my thoughts have become stronger, affecting my attitude, expectations, behaviour and actions…And ultimately my target results!

I now know that I attract and connect to the exact person who I need to achieve a certain task…TRY IT You will be pleasantly surprised. I can assure you that I visualize my success and practice it.

Every morning for 3 years straight, among others I have been affirming the following business affirmations:

Juleskalpauli Success Affirmation

  • I am so happy and grateful now that we easily attract 50+ targeted hungry leads to our funnels and website daily!
  • I am so happy and grateful now that we’re making 2-5 sales to business builders and customers in our home business per week. People who are driven, have huge networks, are coachable and productive!
  • I am so happy and grateful now that we’re rank advancing every month! etc. etc.

Create your own depending on your desires and mental image of success! 

You see I believe with every part of me that this works. That my thoughts attract into my life corresponding events, situations, people and opportunities. I am sharing these because I practice them and I am manifesting things in amazing ways! So below are some of the tips you too can use to Visualize Your Success:

First I would like you to Set Aside time Today And Watch the Video Below To Get rid of Those Blocks to your Success! 

Visualize Your Success – 3 Essential Tips

  1. Let’s assume you read our article on Activating your abundance, if you didn’t read it here. And by now you know all about affirmations and afformations! And let’s also assume you Set Your Goals and Have a Plan. You Now NEED to create the clearest, highest, grandest vision for your life, because you become what you believe. See it accomplished. Go ahead, go to town with your imagination. You can train your mind to imagine! This is essential in visualizing your success. Take some photos of what you desire and place them where you can see them daily regularly so these images are firmly planted in your mind. At least once a day Close your eyes and imagine that which you most desire…as that photo! This enhances your ability to visualize your success ability. And I can’t say this enough, delayed gratification is essential until we have the art of manifesting at will.  Be disciplined and persist…It works!


  1. You Must Learn the ability to transmit your thoughts to others who I call “Destiny helpers” i.e. people who are placed on your journey to aid you manifest your plans. As a business owner, it’s your role to persuade others to invest in your program, product, service or to help you in other ways. Start today to practice in the mirror the art of persuasion, affirm it, believe in YOU and Focus your thoughts on the Fact that you can! Believe and feel it and this will come across to others, literally pull them in, almost hypnotising them into listening to you and caring about what you say! This requires persistence and some degree of concentration, the ability to visualize, is a mental skill. And this brings me to…


  1. Motivate yourself and TAKE ACTION: DAILY without fail. You never heard of a successful
    Wishing is not enough, ACTION Is a must for Success To Happen

    Visualize it, Take Action and Leave the rest to the Universe!

    person who simply sat there visualized their goal, did some affirmations and it all just flowed to them…Are you kidding me!  

    You genuinely didn’t think I was telling you to just wish upon a star and it all materialises? It’s about Mind over Matter. Motivation is your emotional power to push yourself beyond the obstacles, the apparent “no results” while your little seed is under the ground! You will never achieve your goals unless you are highly motivated?

    As you visualize your success, visualize your obstacles and see you sail over them! Create solutions in your mind for them and you will sail over them in real life! A trick I use to keep my motivation super high is to regularly think of my goal, see myself already there, the people I have helped along the way, and how my life has changed. This mental image gets me going…wanna try it?


You Have one lifetime and we die ONCE. If you don’t visualize your success, start from Ground Zero NOW if you haven’t yet and create your dream life, well it will come to an end, and how do you want to be remembered? Start Dreaming TODAY and Visualize your success NOW.


I leave you with a profound audio rampage on attracting money and abundance in your life by Nick Fon listen to it below or download copy direct from his website HERE

I hope this information uplifts and takes you to the next level in your journey to achieve your dreams whatever they may be!  Check in with our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram pages daily!  You will find wonderful messages and free training to get you closer to achieving business success! 

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Until next time, as always share your views, Comment, like etc. for good things have been known to come to those that do join in the conversation!

To Your abundant Prosperity and Success


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