Do You Celebrate You, Who You Are, Moles & All?

Do You Celebrate You, Who You Are, Moles & All? Your Team Maybe! Or You are Stuck In Hustle Mode without a Swimsuit! 



If you are reading this post today, I want you to know that Its okay to celebrate you?


Its okay to take time out for you! Its okay to digress from your routine every so often…to breath. Coz something inside of you is saying Relax for a while…You aint quitting for Goodness sake! You are just taking much needed time out to reflect and Enjoy living in the gap! 

I went to bed late after visiting with a girl friend and then rushing to prepare for today…And I have not followed my routine at all. I literally woke up late, jumped into my skin and dashed my son to school. Do you know what he told me as I drove into his school gates? Mom I want to be like you when I grow up…thank you for bringing me to school even though you slept late, You are so determined…

I tell you I was bowling like a baby as I drove back home…WHY? Because I had been beating my self up as I drove. I had allowed a feeling that I wasn’t gonna achieve my day’s targets and that my productivity levels were gonna be low today…I was beating my self up mentally over and over for staying up late…Preserving my right to be right even if it keeps me from celebrating life! 

So let me ask you a Qn today, Do you beat yourself up for something you havent even started? Or do you celebrate you, who you are, what you have already achieved and count your blessings! Somehow what we focus on expands. I woke up not celebrating me or my routine. I then got a call from someone who asked how I am today…Guess what I answered?…”I am fantastic, all is well and things are great…” Do you do that often?


Even as I looked at my “To do list” that I haven’t even touched…So whatever I was going to share today went out the window. WHY….

Because I realised its okay to take my foot off the gas for a day. Its okay to Celebrate Me and My loved ones. Its OKAY… and I remembered one of the very first articles I wrote on my blogging journey and I share it below: 

See I usually tell  my little ones, and adults alike BE YOURSELF & Celebrate Who You Are, Moles & all.   Its okay to be you and to take time out for you…Well Its about time I really took my own medicine! 

 This article was re-purposed from This Original post!


Celebrate You and Take time out to reflect and relax. Living in the Gap is meant to be Fun!

Chill Out, The Sky wont Fall In Because you Did 🙂

Your Loved ones Celebrate You! 

Do your children always tell you who they want to be like when they grow up??? Mine keep changing the “WHO” a whole of a lot, sometimes Mum, or Dad, but mostly strangers, to me anyway like Miley Cyrus (God forbid), Beyonce, Michelle Obama…nice one; their teacher…iwoooo! My son wanted to be a builder, then Jay-Z, more recently Pavarotti, Maserati …oh this is supposed to be a Classical musician lolol and the list goes on…! Yet today lil Paul said he wants to be like Mum…You can imagine your heart swelling with love and pride when your child says that! 

One thing I always tell them is YOU ARE UNIQUE, BEAUTIFULLY CREATED FOR SOMETHING UNIQUELY YOURS. You have unique abilities and talents that will out shine any prior generation…! Celebrate You every blessed day! My son looks at me with old wise eyes beyond his years and says…Hmm mum you just like to make us feel good! But I truly believe what I tell them! We Gotta live in the gap…and we have to celebrate life on this endless road


On your journey to Your desired Destination You Lie in the Gap. Celebrate You daily!

Road to Your dreams…You Live In the Gap. Celebrate You Daily!


Now let’s look at adults, we on the other hand like to be right, or be lead. We believe that if we hang around some one successful we too shall be successful. Some in fact take it to the next level, take every opportunity to learn from them and duplicate.….I don’t know what it is, but LOTS OF US hide behind our computers trying to be something we are not to others, e.g. people online seriously claim earnings they can only dream about as real-time earnings….!
They think “”If they Fake It or act like they are perfect”” it could translate into sales and profits. Yet alas that is so misleading and it’s not what your audience want to see!!! People relate to people, people like to know what YOU are about not the persona you create behind your screen. I don’t like talking to bots or whatever persona a person has created. I want to know YOU!!!  In the same way I should have said I was feeling a lil slow this morning… That’s celebrating you, be yourself.

Show the person you are , imperfections, mistakes, failures and all…no farts thank You Lets learn from your past experiences, mistakes and successes. Perfectionism can be annoying. And who wants to receive information from a non-human, an entity, a bot. I hate it when I try out a chat and end up chatting to a bot…they are unnatural, cannot relate to a lot of life’s experiences and you can spot their emails and messages a mile away. They are non-human & can’t relate to human experiences!

So be YOU, this means being authentic, natural, share life experiences, share. Stop trying to be something you know you’re not. The more you put the real YOU out there, the more successful you will get. More so if you’re just starting out in the online marketing business! Don’t try to do it all, or pretend to be what you are not; because it shows sooner or later! Instead start to share the best of You. I love to share so let me share this wonderful  E-book FREE just take it NO OBLIGATION! It sure changed my life.

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I truly believe its going to explode your lead generation and I for one I am so excited about using Pinterest…Like Cheryl Cole when she first came on the X-Factor, the girl good huh…Oops we are talking about being you…


Celebrate You By Connecting with the Right People!

Celebrate You by Connecting with tjhe right People who Celebrate Your Life!

So to get back on tract, I like to think that you are ready to celebrate you. Connect with people who will also celebrate you, not tolerate you. Understand and acknowledge that other people want to know; you’ve been where they are at not so long ago. I am not saying wear your heart on your sleeve, am saying be REAL, be YOU. Share the mistakes, setbacks, pitfalls & successes you went thru at the start so others can learn from that and avoid them or duplicate the process as the case may be! Share this with your audience, list, twitterati, Pin it, coz that is what is going to ATTRACT people to YOU too, give-receive!  

That’s why I say start sharing from where you’re at -right now. Maybe you tested a program and it let you down or you bombed badly, You bought some Ads and got Zilch from them or just got 2 sales of course that sucks….Its Poop! BUT guess what, many haven’t even taken the first step, and others are RIGHT behind YOU. So when you share your experiences, they will look up to You as their Mentor and Leader! They learn to trust you and follow you, buy from you, invest in/with you. Coz they Relate to You and you are relevant to them. It’s all about THEM get this!

Even if you are a 6-figure earner and have all kinds of gizmos, they still relate to that person that you were and have HOPE for tomorrow! They could be like YOU. It makes all the difference in your life and Bank balance as well and it will be well with your soul. So celebrate you and share who you are. Be grateful for who you are, appreciation is amazing for growth. And the Law of Attraction is listening and delivering. Take the foot off the gas sometimes. That’s important to Me anyway. That I have a good conscience and its well with My soul.


So I’d like to share with you where I am at right now WHAT’S creating a residual income for my family Whats made my son proud to be like me when he grows up!

PLUS who doesn’t like to to be celebrated. So go celebrate you today. Its Friday right…I am very excited and proud to be who I am, and today I’m gonna be like a kid in a sweet shop about to get that candy they have been coveting for weeks 🙂 Go celebrate you, for what you celebrate you become

Let the right people come to you because You are putting your self Out there.

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See we all deserve more…

Live. Learn. Love. 

Julie Syl Kalungi

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