Facebook Videos Vs YouTube - The Marriage of The Giants its Possible! #facebookvideos #facebookmarketinghacks #visualmarketingtips

Facebook Videos Vs YouTube: How to Leverage the Viral Nature of Facebook Videos to Drive Traffic to your YouTube Channel, Videos and Offers! 



Okay have you noticed lately the inrush of videos on facebook? So what are your thoughts on this super amazing phenomenon of Facebook Videos Vs YouTube videos? 

We noticed a decided increase of videos on Facebook earlier this year and started following the trends & simmering battle of Facebook videos Vs YouTube videos. 

If you are an internet entrepreneur you will definitely have noticed this phenomenal…Immediately we noticed we thought how can we leverage facebook videos for our offers or use facebook videos to drive traffic to our YouTube Channel?

Mind you the million dollar question is Facebook Video Killing YouTube? Well Nick Cicero of Marketing land believes its the Battle of the two titans, who wins, users decide.

FACEBOOK VIDEOS VS YOUTUBE VIDEOS, WHO WINS, YOU DECIDE! #facebookmarketingstrategy #youtubemarketingtips #videomarketinghacks

While somehow we don’t think facebook is killing youtube yet…Check this out. This video on YouTube attracted 55 Million more views on Facebook than its YouTube equivalent!

Mark this our friend, Facebook videos are getting  a shed load of air time right now and any brand worth its salt is gravitating towards using posting Facebook videos vs YouTube links. The question is shouldn’t you be using both and marrying the two to make more sales? CLICK TO TWEET

Here is the deal, the reason they are so popular and gaining such engagement is because Facebook decided so…!


You see facebook decided to get in on the game & changed its algorithm. So videos uploaded organically direct to facebook gain traction fast by showing up higher in the news feed. And videos are clearly the number one type of content ranking on facebook right now and that’s the reason they are doing so well! Its time that the savvy internet entrepreneur and social media managers promote a way to leverage facebook videos to drive traffic to YouTube videos and your offer/website! as opposed to focusing on the supposed battle of Facebook videos Vs YouTube ones! 

And this is the very trick we are going to share with you; to help you leverage facebook videos to drive traffic to your YouTube videos and ultimately your website and/or offers. Keep in mind that while you are seeing a whole lot of engagement and super high views on facebook videos, they are quantified quite differently from YouTube videos. CLICK TO TWEET


Facebook Videos Vs YouTube the Basic Difference

And here is WHY:  Facebook has set its algorithm so that once you upload your video, anyone who is scrolling down the newsfeed and come across your video, it auto-plays. That counts as “A VIEW” more so if you stay with it for a min of 3 seconds. Which most people inadvertently do. At this point in our view this is more of an impression. It definitely may not be a CLICK. Because you don’t have to technically actually be watching the video or click on it at all. (Super Tip – Take advantage of this phenomenon while it still lasts). WHY? Because many videos are getting so many impressions on Facebook, some in millions…that we believe they definitely would and do produce mega sales when put in front of the right audience!

Trust when we say soon Facebook will change the above algorithm to require that one actually clicks on a video and watch it…WHICH IS HOW YOUTUBE quantifies its videos to count as a view! This is one up in the comparison of Facebook videos Vs YouTube video views

Always remember that for now, because of the algorithm & search criteria the YouTube audience is much more engaged overall by more than triple measured by the same view count on Facebook! 

In our opinion YouTube is still hands down ahead of facebook as a Video Search Tool. YouTube is still the got-to resource to find info and visuals on specific tutorials, topics or “How To demos.” We are yet to find a video from facebook ranking on a Google search. Unless its linked to an article! So YouTube is king on that front although Facebook has overtaken it as number 2 on Video Views…a completely different statistic! So your best bet for search is still YouTube, owned by Google. 


So don’t shut down your youtube channel yet or neglect it for that matter. Today we are sharing with you a super cool way to marry the two giants so they work for your business side by side. We are actually targeting the Viral Power of Facebook videos to drive traffic to our YouTube videos! So much less of Facebook videos vs YouTube Videos and more of; Yes Please lets have both! Like Ice cream and strawberry sauce  CLICK TO TWEET
 Facebook Videos Vs YouTube - The Marriage of The Giants for your Business! #trafficgetting #drivetraffic #youtubeviews
Isn’t that super awesome? So below are two resources that we have decided to share on this same post showing you the battle between the two giants. A battle that can become a beautiful friendship and marriage for YOUR BUSINESS. A major source of traffic for your website too. Not many people are leveraging Facebook Videos vs YouTube searches this way. So you will be miles ahead of the competition by the time they wake up. Or by the time Facebook changes its algorithm to require a bit more engagement on the video than a scroll down the newsfeed to count as a view!


Facebook Videos Vs YouTube Videos Does SEO matter? 

Did you know that statistically 60% of User Views on YouTube are actually search driven? Well that should tell you why we are so excited about using facebook to drive traffic to our youtube videos, which are SEARCHABLE? They can be Keyword optimised for SEO and ranking on Google and other search engines, as opposed to Facebook videos…For now anyway! You see people are purposefully searching for content on YouTube. 

So our strategy is based on Reverse engineering our Content on Facebook videos to drive traffic to our YouTube SEOd content and get ranking more. And our videos ranking higher added to our blog posts means our blogs also rank higher on Google…Super sweet! Facebook is basically getting in on the game and showcasing how well video works for advertisers. Which is to our advantage as entrepreneurs! Facebook wants us to spend more money making video ads so why not get in on the cake!  


Now be advised that for this Facebook and video marketing strategy to work you need a Facebook Fan Page. (By the way like our page thank you). If you don’t have one, and you are an entrepreneur using facebook to grow your business you are kinda leaving money on the table and could be in danger of having your Personal profile turned into a Fan page by Facebook! Lowering your post reach even further. Read more about that in this post we wrote earlier this year! 


Our strategy is rooted not so much in Facebook videos vs YouTube rather in Facebook Hand in hand with YouTube. Its in using short teaser videos on facebook to drive traffic to the deeper more content and nugget filled SEO video on YouTube. And below is how we are going to do it! We show you both the Facebook Video and YouTube Video Posted on the dame day with a 20 min time difference between the two. Notice the viral ability of Facebook videos vs YouTube views. CLICK TO TWEET

Also remember that your video on Facebook has no creator protection. There’s a lot of Freebooting going on and original creators not getting their dues. According to Wikipedia, freebooting is essentially a copyright infringement and a….

Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works.”



So below is how to leverage Facebook videos to drive traffic to our YouTube videos and other offers:


Facebook videos Vs YouTube- Facebook Version: 

IS FACEBOOK VIDEO KILLING YOUTUBE VIDEO?In this video you will learn a super new Hack, A Technique to Leverage Your Facebook Videos to DRIVE TRAFFIC to your Offers and YouTube Videos! This is really super exciting esp. for internet entrepreneurs who wish to leverage the two and continue to use the two resources to grow your brand and drive traffic to your offers. If you find value do like, comment and share this video with your team. And of course like our Fan age 🙂 and visit our blog @juleskalpauli.com

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Facebook videos Vs YouTube: YouTube Version

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