Create a Strategic Vision

Create a Vision, Articulate it for Home Business or MLM Success

Hey everyone, how are we doing! You can’t believe we’ve 1 ½ months of 2014 & even less to Crimbo! Now is the perfect time to put a killer strategy together for 2015. To Create a Vision statement you must  focus your Dream! One of the industry most respected bloggers Neil Patel shows he had a huge vision for his Life & family! He dreamt big and he got there by focusing on his vision & acting on it!  Have you created your Dream Board, do you know what it is…read on! Our hope is that you’re planning to create income automation & ultimately freedom in every arena of your life and we are here and are so rooting for you. We want to help! So for the rest of these weeks, we’ll be writing about some things to help you create just that, to Focus your vision so you can start to taste freedom. We urge you to create a strategic vision to get you to your version of success! Put together your dream board and start putting it to work for you to manifest your vision. We are going to give you everything that’s helped us earn $11,234 in 3 weeks in one program! Let’s start with how to Focus Your Vision & Define Success!

Create a Vision

The Vision you Create & Focus on, Can Remove Obstacles

A lot of people have heard speakers or motivational coaches talk about vision boards or dream boards where you cut out pictures of things you want or places you want to visit. Well not many people actually do this, yet in this techie world creating a strategic vision and a dream board is a click away! Also remember that you don’t have to be passionate about something to promote it, as long as its part of your vision to succeed, use it as a tool/resource, this is the same mindset advocated by Ryan Deiss in the DigitalMarketer blog. If you haven’t done it by now, you may want to consider creating a vision board or better still a vision book. Just Google vision board or dream board templates and you will get a few ideas! You could create digital dream board pictures, should be fun after you watch the Free Video Training below…!

Video on Creating & Focusing on Your Vision To Success!

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Without Creating a Clear Vision some or all the following could happen

– You will start to look for all kinds of things outside of you, shortcuts, magic wands, MLM Fairy, swipes, scripts etc. to create your Home business or MLM success for you! The missing ingredient is Your Vision & Focus!

– You will find reasons why it wont work, why that product, service, network, home business etc. is just not for you!

–  You will very quickly be discouraged either personally or allow others to discourage you!
– You’ll let people’s opinions affect your decisions and choices and ofttimes work habits!
– You’ll look to others to approve You thus accepting their version or vision of you to take precedence. Trust that  you’ll mainly receive negative feedback!

– All in all You will get discouraged easily!

We are  using the rest of this year to get you ready for 2015. We want everyone who reads this blog to create a vision board and experience true freedom by the end of 2015. We realize blogging may not be your thing, that’s cool. We have shown different ways from Forum Marketing, Video Marketing, Using Capture Pages and we have a whole lot more coming your way.


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