Goal Setting is essential to Your Future Success! Get It Right!

Goal Setting – I give you My No-nonsense Powerful Guide In 3 Easy Steps!


Is Goal Setting in our Industry a joke? Is Goal Setting important in life…Well it is to me…How about YOU?

Why am I talking about Goal setting? Because It’s bandied about a heck of a lot by people who don’t mean a word they say. Someone told me a couple of months ago: “It’s my Goal to start doing xyz by 1st March this year …let me get the funds together and also fix my kids in School first…!”

Have you been given this story or something similar before…I have. A heck of a lot! It doesn’t faze me whatsoever. I simply tick you off my list as a NO with a note to self…

Yet today I just want to speak from the heart. A lot of people on and offline are totally disrespecting by telling a whole lot of lies to their Family members, friends they have known for years, or even new friends they have met online. They act like they have a strategy for setting goals and have made a decision to BUY FROM or PARTNER UP WITH YOU…then they take you on a wild goose chase…! A whole lot of home business entrepreneurs and network marketers are in a state of stress and pain because of this malaise! This is cowardice of the highest order! A NO Is Very acceptable and Shows respect for your peer! A YES is amazing too 🙂 MEAN IT!

A brand new team member came to me in a right state…Apparently 6 people who had promised and given her dates to work with have gone AWOL…no response to FB messages, phone, Skype, Nada, zilch…The kind of behaviour that taints our industry and gets people to use that Dreadful “P” word! We call such behaviour objections…Learn More about how to deal with them here!

I want to challenge some of the things that I see happening a lot in our industry. They are based on fear.  There is absolutely no need for it. I believe we’re here to empower others to impact their lives, give them hope and help them achieve their dreams. Yet I don’t know about you, but often times I find myself in an awkward place, where I share or preach one thing, get told one thing & see something else altogether! The bottom line is Business is business, we make money from the numbers, mass sales, a point that’s brushed over in “comp-plans” that tell you, you need only 2 people to make your fortune, BS.  

FACT: Your goal is not to find one super hero; it’s to find a THOUSAND average people, ready to change their lives. Forget the looser/s…

Why am I raking up this garbage?

Simply because there is a better way.  Fortunately, not everyone is a lying piece of trash (excuse my French…I did warn you).  Some of us are integral human beings who will help you. I am a woman who believes in “Do unto others what you want done to you!” so be upfront and dont raise people’s hopes…MAke a decision, set some goals and stick out the course!

I am saying this to you Because you want to make a lot of money. OR you want the Lifestyle, the Dream! And Because I want you to do goal setting the integral way and avoid the pain and I want you to succeed, to achieve your wildest dreams.

Don’t fall for the bull shit. If someone says they will get back to you, and won’t be specific as to when or why they aren’t taking action or a decision today…they are probably lying to you!

I want you to stop being a damned wussy. Stand firm and Ask Questions to get answers. This friend, family, so-n-so if they are to work with you, will be in business for themselves or buy from you for their own good! So never in any way kiss someone’s ass. 

I don’t want to criticize anyone or tell any tales for we have a lot of genuine people with real problems, financial or otherwise. Yet they are the very people who need to take a deeper look at what’s on offer, to change their circumstances.

If you want to make a lot of money…make a decision. Goal Setting will definitely be part of the first things you have to do! Important thing is You Have to GET STARTED!

Let’s look at Goal Setting to inspire you and get you progressing:

First I am sure you have heard of setting S.M.A.R.T Goals.

S- Specific
M- M
A- A
R- R
T- T
ime Bound.

In fact Paul wrote an article about that a while back read it here! I won’t go into all that malarkey! Rather I am focusing on goal setting from a different angle, maybe call it the emotional angle…I am hoping to Inspire you today & I am full of the joys of No-Nonsense

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My 3 Sure fire Goal Setting Tips below!


  1. Goal setting The Positive Way:

I believe that when I write a goal down its something Positive, GOOD that I want to achieve

Be Brave, Take a Leap of Faith & Master The Basics

Be Brave, Take a Leap of Faith & Master The Basics

tomorrow…You are no different right? See we’re creating a set of instructions for our subconscious mind to carry out. A thought we want to manifest into reality ASAP.

Are you the same? Then I suggest that when you write your goals make them as HUGE & POSITIVE as you can. Way beyond what is rational for you to achieve in your current circumstances! Shoot for the moon, if you miss at least you’ll still hit the stars. For instance if you want a car…don’t write!

I want a car this year, any car will do even if it’s an old banger” Your subconscious mind cannot determine right from wrong and it does not judge, all it heard here is “A Car an old banger”. And like a genie it will deliver. So why not go for broke…if you want a Lambo by heck why not. Write it down…PLUS THE PLAN heheheee…! Think big, act bigger, think positive and Dream Huge esp. in your goal setting!

Bottom line: Make your goals important, relevant to you, so that the achieving will be something to celebrate and praise about! If your aims aren’t important, how the heck are you gonna be motivated to make them happen? See Motivation is Key to achieving goals! That’s why you see lots of people who can’t commit to friends or family…they aren’t motivated enough and they have set the bar so low…they achieve it i.e. nothing! Goal setting and achievement require commitment, so to maximize the likelihood of success, you need to feel a sense of urgency and have an “I must do this TODAY” attitude.


  1. Goal Setting – Get Them Written!

Okay you got them Goals in Your mind, did I say Write Them Down? Well get them on paper already will you? Like them goals we set every Start of the year…By the way read that blog here might remind you to set some…tis never too late! Goal setting is about committing to Mind and Action! Don’t go telling someone that you are gonna do something and fail to commit it to paper, and for accountability purposes it is only polite to share a REALISTIC time frame with them (And mean it)  so that you can both work towards it!

Always apply the rule of thumb that you might forget what you originally set out to achieve…! For your goal setting to be meaningful and them goals to be really powerful, they should be committed to the good ole scroll aka paper. This makes them REAL, TANGIBLE & MEASURABLE. And as you write ensure you are writing them in the “Present Tense.” If you aren’t shy like me…Place said goals in various Places of Pride where You will see them daily, often and recommit to TAKING ACTION to achieve them! I have mine on the bathroom and wardrobe mirrors, on our fridge. Under our glass topped table, by my workstation. Heck everywhere I could…I am a woman on a mission. No-nonsense…even guests know what I intend to achieve. I don’t care whether they are behind me or not…! It’s my house innit

And now that you have told your friends and family about it….you are putting together an action plan to get it done right! Write that down too – Step By Step in technicolour details. Let me share one of my goals here:

We are moving into a new home, “A 4,000 square foot contemporary with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths in a gated estate, with a double garage…and a view of the golf course!”

I close my eyes and visualize the house described above? I walk around it. Stand on the balcony off the master bedroom and see the fog lifting off the brook at the back. Look down at the garden in the corner with vine tomatoes, my pygmy apple tree in bloom. And off to the right is the gazebo with a swing seat. I see the roses, rosemary, mint, and the lilies. I know if I can see it, so can my subconscious mind!!!

This helps me with the Measurable bit! I love ticking off my achievements, it gives me a real buzz. How about you? And if that goal is huge, well this helps you on refocusing and keeping you on the ball!  I should also point out that I am giving my subconscious mind a detailed set of instructions to work on. The more clear the information, the more precise the outcome. And this helps the efficiency of my subconscious mind to emit the right vibes and tune into what my universe has in store for me.

By the way, if you see a good investment or product or program; don’t be like the “landlord” who advertised for tenants…without a piece of real estate..! When asked where was the property for rent and size? He said…well I am looking for the tenants so that I can buy the right piece of land and build the type of house they like…WHAT!  

A lot of newbie or wannabe entrepreneurs Do this a lot…they think they are being clever by saying: let me go talk to a few people or look for the customers or down-lines first…before I invest! This is so ludicrous it ain’t even funny….Of course they meet the naysayer and haters very fast and get discouraged. They then pat themselves on the back like the losers they are for having saved themselves from the huge loss…of huh $200-500USD…a fortune for sure…not!!! JUST SAY NO OR YES!

For crying out loud If you liked It First Time, your spirit is telling you something! Don’t be a damned wussy…make a decision, set a goal and communicate to your mate, and…Just get in. Make a plan and Work Your Plan! Learn on the job!



  1. Goal setting – Review Regularly & Stay The Course!

Set Your Goals Until You Reach Them, Stay The Course!Okay now we know you are a doer…you finally pulled out your wallet and did the deed! But are you a long ranger? In my book goal setting is a journey not a destination! So I build in reminders to keep me on track. I take the time to review my goals and celebrate achievements. I let my troops aka family know we are at stage “N” of our goals! Because my joy is their joy. I know for sure that while my target may stay the same long term (Hello Mansion) my action plan may change significantly along the way.

What am I saying here? Make sure the relevance, value, and necessity of your goals remain high.

Bottom line: Review your goals; this is crucial to your success. I check my goals daily…part of my Affirmations routine. I literally visualize my success: the new car I smell that leather hmm, I feel that steering in my hands as I cruise down the motorway! The new home, I see myself in the kitchen or sat on the patio as my children entertain. I see the checks I write to my chosen charities… I must say I am a bit lax at the night bit…But each night, right before you go to bed, you are supposed to repeat the process. (Note to self, manage my time better to do this bit). Why this process?  To keep your mind on the ball. To jumpstart both your subconscious and conscious mind on working your plan. To negate negative incidents and replace with feel good vibes…And above all to keep the universe aware that you are focused on that which you desire!

So if you are reading this blog post I am sure you are one of the good people, the decision takers. I encourage you to take a step back every day as you make a decision, or listen to someone give you some BS. Ask yourself this question, “Does this bring me closer to, or further from my goal.” If the answer is “closer to,” then you’re on the right track. If the answer is “nay,” well, you know what to do! Follow this process every day. You see goal setting is easy peasy and you will be on your way to achieving unlimited success in every aspect of your life.

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