Apply These 6 Proven Techniques To Build Your Vision Fast! #successtips

Build Your Vision and See it Manifest Soonest in these 6 Proven Power Techniques! 

Today I want to speak from the heart and soul, to yours to help you build your vision!

See I know you have or can envision, create and build your vision, and yes you definitely want to attract and Manifest that Vision into this life, here and now

It’s your journey, your life and yet I want for you to know that every second of the day, you have a choice to do whatever the heck you need to do to change your life. So whatever hasn’t panned out this year  thus far, put it aside and let it go.

Let me let you in on a secret. Every Year for the past 3 years we together as a family write down our Dreams and hopes for the year. I have a “Dream Board” and if you don’t know what I am talking about or don’t have one, you might like to check out our article on your Vision and Dream Boards right here.

Sometimes I get so excited inside of me and even though I can’t see you, I know you are reading this and have that fire beginning to burn for the new year. What you want to do with your talents, life etc. yet we all have 24 hrs, and I know that every blessed day you are doing your very best, working as hard as you can, I know it. I see your posts on Facebook I read your blog posts and I know you are motivated to not just dream and drive but build your vision for success. Question is are you open to receive the abundance you want?  I know you will succeed if you allow your PAIN TO PUSH YOU until Your VISION PULLS YOU. This is a lesson I learnt in Tampa at TEAL3 and I have since dug deeper into its meaning and what it means.

If you spend an hour daily to mind YOUR BUSINESS, dig deep, real deep into your spirit, and lift yourself up to Source into who you are. You will get what you want every time, seriously. You’re gonna have to dig real deep. Because if you are reading this, then it could be one of 3 things:

  1. You love our blog posts, and WE LOVE YOU MORE
  2. This year hasn’t been as productive as you could have liked
  3. You are not yet where you need and desire to be and…

In the video today you will learn the techniques to build your vision, that we’ve learnt. These have created Multiple 7 figures for our Mentors. Since we’ve been consistently applying we are seeing better faster results.

How To Create and Build Your Vision to Manifestation: 


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All I can say is I feel you. Don’t you dare Beat yourself up…remember your self-talk is meant to Uplift you. No one is going to do it for you…UNTIL you get to that place where they need you and positively seek you out. Then you are the object of praise, edification and magnetic attraction. You will be like them that dreamt.

I have been there and I myself am looking at a Vision board that still has half the stuff we started the year with…So I am coming from a place of not just empathy but understanding that something needs to change. See I am not going to paint this picture of all sugar and spice of my life; although am focused on getting to that stage . I am coming from a place of love knowing that we are in this together. We both have a vision; mine, your vision, they are huge…right! So we gotta step up and build your vision too! Because the soul of WHO YOU ARE is gonna get you to those results…

What we do daily, the social media shares and updates, blog posts, the Solo ads, Google ads, marketing, prospecting, none of that matters…YES YOU HEARD RIGHT…Unless you align with your desires totally, allow your inner soul to align with what Source has prepared for you in your spiritual escrow. All these actions are just that, actions! Esther Hicks keeps saying this as I listen to her every blessed day. You can listen in to the Insight Clarity Understanding I listen to daily. It finally sank into me earlier this year…


Apply These 6 Proven Tips To Build Your Vision Fast! #createvision

You are The Author of Your Own Story. Daily you can Start a New Chapter!


That The Source within us loves us, its loves our body, its rooting for us to succeed beyond our fondest dreams. You are perfect and must see that magnificent physical apparatus, your brain process. To see so much more whats in the mirror and adore, that’s what will attract others to see the same in you and adore. See it’s Your Vision of You that attracts what you see in your life today! You therefore must train yourself to like what you see before you can turn down stream to what you want including: the relationships, the body, the dynamic dollars you work so damn hard for…and which doesn’t have to be HARD! One of the keys is in showing gratitude.


To build your vision to manifestation, you must realise that Only you have control over your results. Your thoughts control your tomorrow, so I am fully aware that where I am today is 100% a result of my thoughts yesterday, last week, month, year…! I am source energy, and so are you. You have the power to co-create and bring to life your vision today.

Are you alive to your needs, are you focusing your every POSITIVE THOUGHTS, FEELINGS and ACTIONS to that purpose? Your Vision is literally waiting a millisecond away from you. Yet that second may seem like eons away in your conscious mind. Have you forgotten to dream? Have you allowed the daily grind and hustle to take over so much so that your vision is shielded behind all the noise around you…I know the feeling! And here are my thoughts….


Fortunately it’s a great time of year, my son says the best time of year ever. A season of love, giving, receiving, sharing, fellowship, praise and worship. A time to attract what we desire because we are tapped in, tuned into that inner source…It’s also the best time to revisit your vision, your dreams and expectations and find the joy of living again. The joy and excitement you had when you first invested in YOU.

See its possible to build your vision to success by starting today to feel as good, joyous and alive as you possibly can in this moment right now! That’s what it’s all about, what your journey is about…You need to know that every second of the day you have a choice, to succeed in every way possible…spiritually if we all get this, then you and I my friend are successful. We have a short time on this planet and we want to be positive, to laugh, learn, do our best, love and be loved and I know that you my friend are out there working on this.

Don’t forget to plan a fun activity to do each and every day with your little ones. I know if you don’t have any kids am sure you have nieces, nephews or children in your local hospice. You could make a gingerbread house, bake cookies and donate canned goods to that hospice or food bank! Make the 25 days of Christmas magical. Celebrate this season and let’s make 2016 the best year yet. And here is how below…



What to do to Build Your Vision Up:

Apply These 6 Proven Tips To Build Your Vision Fast!

See yourself in that Place of Honour, On Billboards, On Stage. Envision your life Now!

(I’ll do mine, you do yours too okay)

  • Think & Meditate on your Vision – Meditating for at least 10-30mins/day will help crystalize it for you. Envision and visualize what you would like your life to look like now with your loved ones in your dream location, doing what you love (you know the drill), enjoy that feeling and hold on to that feeling of enjoyment here and now!
  • Express your vision – By daily affirmations
  • Voice your vision – again speak it into your soul and spirit say it in the mirror, record your voice and listen to your dreams daily morning and evening
  • Write down your vision – Before you record it, it’s a given you will have it written down, heck create that Vision Board already will you! This is definitely asking Source…He/She is listening and waiting!
  • Enact Your Vision – by taking daily focused targeted and productive action towards your goals.
  • Give more to bring your vision to life – The more people we actually help to achieve their vision, the more our vision will come to life too.


This is how to Build your Vision to manifestation into this space…you’re here and now – Live in the gap, enjoy the now. Your Isness is your business! And 2016 will be a year of victory testimony singing and dancing for us all! Let Your Vision shine through.

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