How To Get more Customers with these 7 Proven Steps! #getmorecustomers

You Can’t Fail to Get More Customers, Buyers, Sign ups with these 7 Proven Steps, #7 is our best! Increase your Affiliate Income!

How to Get more Customers & increase your affiliate sales in 7 super Effective Steps

Did you know there are over 9 billion humans on planet earth, and yet many internet marketers and bloggers can’t seem to get more customers or someone to buy your product or work with you?

Well my dear Ludiva, this is for you!

You asked Julie, how do you get people to buy your products? We believe this post will answer your question to a great extent. The results you get will depend purely on whether you apply consistently and definitively with a clear target!


Am I right in assuming that you agree that in order to be a successful 10k athlete, you have to first understand how to play the game?  You have to practice for years, accept injury as part of the game, sacrifice a heck of a lot, eat right, Get Beat aka lose lots of competition etc. etc.

I know, you’re probably thinking, well Jules honey that is obvious…Well duh! Not to the majority of Internet Marketers and bloggers! You will be surprised how many people jump into a new online venture or business without bothering to educate themselves on sales, prospecting, branding, closing etc.

But all this could be moot…

If you want to get more customers or even get your first customer and more, you gotta learn to be an extraordinary communicator. Thing is you don’t need a degree to do this! 

You simply need to study, learn from and apply what other successful people do. In other words, for every new project you embark on, give yourself half a chance, do your homework and study those before you, learn apply yourself!


Always think like a Farmer…Have the patience of a farmer. He/she knows there’s a seasons for everything, clearing, preparing sowing, nurturing, and harvest! Each in its time…


So with this brief look at the important matter of the mind-set…

My mission today is to share with you some of the top steps we have learnt and used to get more customers. Yours is to apply these steps to ATTRACT whatever number of people you wish to buy from you or become your students, clients, customers, downlines etc.

You cool with this? Great, grab a cuppa, sit down, cut out all distractions, get a pen and paper or tablet and let’s get to work shall we!




Better believe it that if you don’t get this right, you won’t get any or more customers for that matter! We wrote a full post on this topic so we won’t reinvent the wheel, learn how to find your ideal client here, it’s packed full of nuggets!

The whole idea of getting more clients who buy often is every entrepreneur and business owners daily question! The only way to find them and keep em is…

Identifying WHO that person is…and guess what. This should be fun…or awkward!

Have you ever heard of the law of the mirrors? #getmorecustomers #lawofattraction Click To Tweet

LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Have you ever heard of the law of the mirrors? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I a Great Customer?
  • Am I  open to buying other people’s products or do I turn my nose up or get off a webinar as soon as the trainer starts sharing what has worked for them?
  • Do I believe everything is too expensive?
  • Do I have the mentality that “I can’t afford this n that?

Well then those thoughts right there are blocking your chances of getting customers to buy from you or join your tribe!

You should work on clearing these mental blocks first and Antony Robbins gives a moving training on how to do this Watch the video Right Here, Highly recommended you do



Now to the practicalities! Finding your clients:

You have to ask these questions: 

  • What burning problem do they have?
  • What is your niche?
  • Is it a highly competitive niche, i.e. sells great?
  • Is it more online or offline? If off line how far do they have to travel to get yor services/product?
  • What unique Solution do you have that makes you stand out from other providers?

Once you zone in on the above customer profile, you will be able to place your offers and information where these people hang out and attract subscribers and buyers that fit the description.



Step #2 To Get More Customers – CREATE THE TIME!

Time management is one of the characteristics of highly successful people. So yo want some customers? Manage your time!

Okay this may sound clichéd but if you don’t set aside a window/time frame specifically to connect with, network and communicate with potential clients or customers how on earth do you expect to attract them to your offers? The cost of business success is TIME! 

We highly recommend setting a power hour and get shit done! I.e. Connecting with new people online, follow up and Ask for the Sale, craft some content, call your leads if you got some, content marketing!  Get it done, and you will get more customers, thank us later.



Step #3 Be authentically You while using A Mentor’s Blueprint!

Yes, there is no One Size Fits all in business, but you can do the action steps, follow a System, apply techniques. You have to be willing to build on the success of mentors, leaders, other successful leaders by adding your own flavour. THIS IS WHAT WILL ATTRACT and Get you more Customers. They will be attracted to that Authentic flavour.


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So How do you add that game changing flavour?

  • By realizing that you have some pretty in-demand skills, that you can build on and share…Whatever you did before you became an internet marketer…it hasn’t gone away! It can be re-purposed and used to build a legacy.
  • By leveraging the basic foundations set by your mentors and then Add your personal experience, lessons, expertise, character, your own voice; your authentic self. When people buy your products or services, they are essentially buying into you.

If you are a content marketer or blogger let’s be realistic, there is very little that’s new out there, yet to be more authentic esp. for SEO purposes and to get more customers to your content. You can put some more meat on, beef up, give more info, updates, background etc. to existing content! ADD VALUE. 

For Instance: There may be some articles on how to create cushions, lots of Pins, Amazon images etc. Yet your audience could do with some info on how to create Tie and Die cushions. They may like to know what stitches you use and what equipment you use. You might share a tutorial on how you do it all in a video and put it out there on your social platforms! People will also be interested in the cleaning and maintenance of the tie & die cushions or material! Ask yourself if there are different sets of concerns you may need to address?



Some Homework for you: Find out what additional or background points you can address, that will help your audience! Trust me there are some things you’re assuming your audience know that they may not know. So don’t judge, simply deliver! How about you test it out with a friend or one of your audience members and figure out what information they might appreciate. Write down those suggestions and go create some content. The more people you help solve a problem the more customers and referrals you will get!

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So to get more customers, you gotta CHANGE THE GAME. Use your natural talent, expertise, knowledge and uniqueness. We all have that special something! Dig deep and find it! You will see a change in your business, it will be like someone flicked a switch and turned the cash tap on! 



Step #4 to get more Customers Fast- Hold a Webinar or Tele-Seminar

Yes, I hear you, “I am afraid of video, I have never done it bladibla…” Well Get out of your own way my dear. Everyone even the most successful people started somewhere.

Even if only one person shows up, well guess what, they may be your first customer. So present like you have a full house, bring that energy bro, give them so much value, they will bring a friend or 10 to your next webinar! 


This happened to us, in the beginning we had no clue, what to do but we hosted the webinars anyway and we built up a 5-figure income in less than 3 months!

Webinars are a super powerful way to get more customers and build your brand fast! 

Webinars are a super powerful way to get more customers and build your brand fast! #salestips Click To Tweet


Better believe it, webinars have been proven to have relatively high conversion rates! This is because you have an opportunity to address and connect with a large number of targeted people in one go. You can share your extensive life experiences, expertise, what has worked for you, tips, tricks, hacks. You can answer any questions bets at the end!

It is possible for one to make multiple sales — 4-6 figures from one Webinar!

Business is a numbers game and nothing racks up that bank balance for an internet Marketer or Home business entrepreneur faster than a webinar! So…

If you have a website and would like to try a great Webinar hosting platform without the monthly price tag then you definitely should try out WebinarAlly, use this link!



Very Important: You MUST Follow up. This in itself should be a Step to getting more customers. In all the steps shared here, you gotta follow up. Not just with those that do become customers, oh yes you gotta serve them even more.

But you want to follow up with those that subscribed but didn’t buy! Ask them why, find out how you can serve them. Ask them what it is they were looking for in your training/service/product and what needs to be in place for them to make the buying decision…It doesn’t have to be long or smarty-pants here is a quick one we usually send! 

Hey {firstname},

Thank you for attending our Training Webinar/Subscribing to ……..(training offer name)

Hope you got some value and that, it will enhance your business/career.

We noticed you didn’t buy the product on offer, Can we ask a massive favour?

Would you mind letting us know very briefly what was missing in the training for you that you felt was lacking?

We know this may be a little awkward for you, but it will go a long way in helping us improve our services and products to serve you better. Simply reply to this message or use our Contact Page!

Kindest Regards

{Your Name}


Now Go make some amendments, additions or Create what they want or get it to them…You will have a customer for life!



Step #5 to Get more Customers- Leverage 1-2 Social Media Platforms Until Successful.

Now for this purpose we will look at Pinterest & Facebook.

Facebook is a life saver for many. Why? Because we can call, chat, PM, simply comment, like or share other people’s content or even be part of private groups where our ideal clients also hang out.

To maximize your Facebook Marketing yo have to stand out from the crowd and I highly recommend that you Grab this Free Downloadable PDF to get you separated from amateurs

Make sure you do have an online presence aka website/blog and/or Facebook Page people can check out that has some more information related to your niche! This works 100%

Pinterest is a Visual Search engine that needs no technical SEO knowledge. It has made 6-figures for those that are leveraging it right. Small Group boards and Tribes via Tailwind are the way to go! Tailwind also helps you automate your pinning and gives you detailed analytics. What yo track you can scale up and Grow! 

There is no excuse if one is focused on giving value and helping others, why you can’t get more customers!


So here is an example: For instance if you’re gym instructor, search for and join niche groups with members looking to get fitter, loose body mass, eat healthier, get ripped etc.! These are people who might need your services and you too will learn a thing or 2!

Please DO NOT Spam the group or become that smarmy, salesy, self-promoter! Instead, engage, offer tips, help those that seem to be struggling, answer questions. You can do this via a blog, video, podcast or mini blog! You will be noticed and your efforts will bear fruit by ATTRACTING customers and/or Referrals!

Ahhh we love referrals!

With Pinterest, Pin your content regularly, connect with niche pinners, share their content and join relevant small groups and keep sharing…its that simple…or is it?

There is an art to it and we share with you detailed techniques via The Ultimate Pinterest Road-map!


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Step #6 to Get more Customers – Build Your Social Media Influence

A lil different from the above. Yes, this will help in your customer acquisition, more clients and signups if you are attracting the right people to you. By sharing value, your lifestyle, inspiring and keeping it real all the way!

I can tell you that Today if you are not using either Video or Audio to spread your value you are leaving money on the table! That’s pants! 

You don’t even need expensive equipment Most platforms have solved that for you. Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope, YouTube Live,, you name it.

If you use Social media the right way, you will increase your social influence and build that trust fast enough to increase your customer base.

We have experienced this first hand as we have built our brand online and get most of our customers via social media! We’ve got clients by sharing our blog posts, videos, podcasts and training products on Social media.

By the way we don’t encourage you to post salesy stuff on social media. Simply share value, share what has worked for you or people you know and point to a solution!

We like to be authentic, and share fun and vulnerabilities too! The key to getting more customers, clients, business partners is to be you. Your potential customers what to work with a real human, with a life they wish to live!

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If you have a product that has worked for you, show your results in picture form and show your gratitude for said results. Tag a few team members and talk about the experience. Trust me your audience & fans will be curious; they will want the same results as you! It works. Doesn’t matter what social platform it is.

On Pinterest that image could go viral, bringing you a ton of traffic new followers, subscribers and more customers, trust us! Kerching!



Step #7 To Get More Customers and Business- Go for Yes

We will let you watch this in Video below!


Brand NEW PDF Download
Facebook Paid Marketing Secrets to Get Leads NOW 




How to Get more Customers & Increase your Affiliate Sales – Final words!

Let people know how they can do business with you, buy stating Who you speak for. Put that in Your Social Media Descriptions, Cover photos. Post your information that you are available, otherwise how will people know you are? Share this info on your Facebook Page. Put it out there. You see “Out of sight out of mind…out of Cash!” If you aren’t seen, your voice is not heard, you will be broke. 

You want to get out of the 97% and get more customers and join the 3% who are making money online!

So get to those who Don’t know you yet…Social media baby!

If those that know you aren’t moved by your message, others out there will be moved. You just gotta keep doing, keep going and keep sharing the value way!

Switch it up, grind, hustle, call our leads, call your warm market and get hot and those that know you will be falling over themselves to say they do know you from way back and buy from you!



I hope we’ve helped you see how to attract and get more clients and brad ambassadors to be honest. 

If you got value from our training on “How to Get more Customers for or business,” then by all means do like, Pin This Post, share your insights below and do Share on Facebook…

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You Deserve More!

Live. Learn. Love!

 Pauli Kalungi








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