Network Marketing Economics, The Facts and Fiction!

The Truth about Network Marketing Economics & We Dispel Much Bandied about Lies – Info-graphic!

Are you an entrepreneur or looking for multi level marketing jobs…well you could have fooled me! Lots of “online entrepreneurs” seem to be stuck in “employee mentality.” They expect someone possibly their upline or the company to grow their investment and hand them a healthy cheque…! If that don’t happen…its a pity party, scam alert rumour mongering all over the show! Would you like to know how we learnt about network marketing economics? You may be surprised how many people don’t even bother to learn the facts and fiction, and still invest!

This whole MLM/Network marketing economics gig started because we want the same things you probably want…


You want to be your own boss, answer to no one, avoid the 9-5 rush, create an nest egg and earn a good living! Am I right thus far?

You want to go where you want, when you want. Spend $500 on tea or a child’s shoe without batting an eye. Precious time NOW with those you love. You want the money & freedom to take a day or 2 weeks off – fly off to Punta Cana on a whim.

Whichever company you are with…you may feel like you are going nowhere when everyone else seems to be banking huge! Well you are not alone. There are thousands of people in the same boat apparently over 97%. Difference is you decided to do something about it…right! You decided to look at network marketing economics strategies that can work for you! So enter MLM.


By definition, Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing is a business model used by some direct sales companies to encourage new & existing distributors. They are paid a percentage of their sales if they promote their products or services by recruiting new distributors also known as distributor’s “downlines.” Distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers. This is as simple as network marketing economics gets…Yet we are sure you want more!  Avon, FLP, Melaluaca, WorldVenturesAmway etc. are examples of well-known direct-sales companies that use the multi-level marketing model. Today we are sharing with you some network marketing facts and fiction you may have been told…or you may be inadvertently promoting!

Network marketing economics Fact #1Network Marketing is about Sales, This Is a Lie:

Network Marketing Economics and the Lies You believe!

Its about Understanding & Serving your Target Audience

I’ll tell you what doesn’t make business economics to me: many companies talk a great product talk, but their profit centres are NOT their products…! These companies make sales off the backs of their reps by pushing them to sell a load of training products and charge them for the privilege! This is where network marketing economics doesn’t make sense to me…! 

Have you been told Network Marketing is about Sales? That’s a Lie.


It’s about Entertainment, Teaching, Mentoring and above all Listening…Ha you probably think I have gone doolaly…cuckoo! Nope hear me out!

Your product is people…(but isn’t that a pyramid?) GROW UP! Who buys stuff from markets, shops, online…You didn’t think it was dolphins’ didja? So study people. Find out how you can help them reach their goals/dreams.

Network Marketing Economics aren't above the Law Of Supply & Demand!

Network Marketing Economics Follows This Law!


THEIR dreams. Not yours. People join people, not companies. So Build people & they will build the business…This is the law of multi level marketing economics!


Part of a growth business strategy that makes economic sense includes building up your people to a good retention rate. And don’t let nobody tell you they have over 70% retention rate in our wonderful industry…It simply isn’t the case. Why? Because many just don’t have the gumption to stay the course! And in some cases what you offer may not be what’s needed at the time!


Network marketing economics Fact #2 – EVERYBODY Is a Potential business partner:

Network MArketing economics is about Finding Those That Wish to Work with, Buy what You offer!

WHAT? Come on if everybody was meant to be an entrepreneur, we would have no doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, admins…you get the picture. Everyone has a role to play and we just have to fish in the right ponds. So while a NO is not a great response, it’s inevitable in lots of cases. Not everyone wants your business opportunity. Not everyone is cut out to be a business owner or distributor. Be happy to have customers…or for a referral or 3 If you owned a furniture store, with all kinds of styles, you would still not be selling to everybody…deal with it!


The key is research & target marketing. Find & talk to people who want your products and services…Now you know that not everybody is your target. Lead with value & benefits so that your audience sees the value and seek to buy from or work with you.



Network marketing economics Fact #3 – Your Business Life Expectancy Is

The time you are willing to give it…that’s my answer. Look at the statistics of most network marketing companies, and you will start to see why many need to look in the mirror! 90% of new businesses fail the 1st year and 90% of the rest fail in the next 4 years.


You see most people DON’T INVEST IN THEMSELVES. Instead they invest in network marketing companies without a vision, mediocre products and even mediocre leaders or “up-lines! So they’re excited, get started & boom A million things go wrong. They feel like quitting a dime a day…guess what most of them just quit. They claim that it was that multi level marketing pyramid scheme, it was a scam And so they quit!

Liars…They had no balls to stick it out…truth hurts sometimes, ! Taking on board programs that still stand profitably today! Not discounting the scams out there, there are a penny a dime!

So for network marketing success, You need a strong enough reason to stick it out. You figure out a way, you adjust, skill up, and focus on your target! If you are half-in-half-out, you’re a goner.

The first thing Paul and I do in coaching is help you figure out and hold you accountable to your “WHY”.


Can I just say that your “WHY” is that HUGE, Mahoosive reason that will keep you going. Why did you get into multi-level marketing? REALLY? That’s what’ll keep you going through the low moments. So what do you really LOVE or even HATE? What’s REALLY important to you? What situation in life do you want to get rid of permanently?


See your Why Is not a goal and my dear it’s not money, either! Dig deep, Coz Money is just the vehicle that will get you to that WHY!


And if your “WHY” is huge, a 99.9% burning scary desire, then you will stick it out and find success! Your Business Life expectancy will thus be UNTIL…

And this brings us to examine the next network marketing economics lesson.  


Network marketing economics Fact #4 – Find Your REAL WHY:

We are here to help as many people as possible find that why so you can stick it out. If others are doing it so can you. Below are some things you should consider:


  • What REALLY excites you?
  • How many hours a week do you work?
  • Do you LOVE about your job? WHY
  • Do you HATE your job? WHY
  • Do you LIKE the people you work with?
  • What do your loved ones mean to you?
  • What do you want for your own personal growth?
  • What do you want to accomplish as an earthling?
  • If you had all the money you wanted, what HUGE problem would you get rid of for good?
  • What’s that one thing in your life that you absolutely HATE Or Scares you that more money could solve?
  • What really, really gets you emotional?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • If you had 8 weeks off and money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?
  • If you had all the TIME in the world to do anything you wanted, what would that be and with who?
  • Other than money, what are you looking for?


Now if these questions don’t expose your real WHY. You need to dig even deeper into the dark recess of your mind. Find those, lustful desires, unfulfilled dreams, unachieved goals, old frustrations and negative emotions and all that other stuff you’ve buried that makes YOU who you’re…! You will find your tear-jerking WHY! Its waiting to Serve you… HARNESS it all to help you achieve what you most want in life!


I wanted to be there for my children, do something that would keep me busy and add hugely to our family coffers. I get to see my children’s games, recitals, take them places, go through their homework without stressing. We do fun stuff, and every so often we let them do what they like! I wanted to give them a comfortable life! Paul and I enjoy time away just the two of us. This to me is what network marketing economics boils down to!


Pauli & I talk a LOT. It may be serious family convo at a meal, or some crazy pillow talk that makes us laugh till the wee hours of the night. We love to travel and we do. We also love staycations. We exercise together, we jog via the park or simply take our children to Otterspool Promenade!


Paul-Sol Junior & I love to simply walk together and he sometimes plays for me his compositions! We talk about what he’d like to do in future. He really is interested in what I do, business & computers etc. He also loves paints, cooking, guitar.


Paula loves sport, football, bike rides, and all things athletic. She’s a teenager who loves to chat with her mates, listen to music on her iPod, and is looking forward to learning to drive so she and her mates can go away on biking jaunts! I love to hug her at the end of the day. Life is good when you get to do the things that make life really worthwhile!


See it’s never about money! Money is the beautiful ribbon & bow on the gift of life!



Network marketing economics Fact #5 – Be The Leader others What to Follow:

I believe in being that person people feel proud to come to, work with or buy from. I love to help people, really help them succeed! My credentials? Over 20 years of life lessons in Law, Housing and Construction, Tutor and now a Blogger. Full-time in network marketing since end 2012. I have the mental scars, both from life experiences & network marketing. I haven’t seen it all, yet by gosh I have seen plenty. Every time a company or distributorship explodes and goes pear shaped; I know without a shadow of a doubt it’s down to greed and ego. My friends do your due diligence and Stay Away from shiny objects!


I truly know that the people we attract are humble people looking to solve their problems, they want success…Are they HUNGRY for it though? And that’s what SOME greedy MLM owners prey on.


Paul & I exist to mentor & support you to succeed. Not OUR success. YOURS! It’s an amazing thing your success and if we can help you create success, then our tomorrow is glorious!


So using the above exercise, when you’re happy with your “WHY”, email it to me, lets talk about it and how I can Be Of Help @


In order to crack network marketing economics, have network marketing success and create your dream income, you need to be hugely motivated. Have a business strategy. You are an investor, so start investing in your education, Skill up and above all know that business economics is all about Supply & Demand!

Below we share an Info-graphic with some Facts and Fiction about Network Marketing Economics! (click to enlarge or Download- Please link back to sauce)

Network Marketing Economics 

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