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Did you know that using social media to optimize your sales isn’t ground breaking anymore? Everyone is “allegedly using Social Media Optimization” It’s now such a well-used phrase, if it was a huggy bear it would be tattered from overuse!

BUT leveraging social media the right way to generate leads and grow your business…now that I want to hear more of…how about you?

So let’s dig in shall we…

You see there are certain things you can do to grow your audience, get more optins and make more of those sought after things called Benjie’s…and go retire to your mountain log cabin.   You don’t have to be a Guru or PhD holder to leverage social media to generate more leads, but by gosh you Gotta Be Coachable. You have to be open to Learning and Sharing your lessons very consistently and patiently with the right audience…Who by the way will not trust you at first until they see more and more of your consistent, awesome, bombastic content leaping up in their news-feeds. Then the penny will drop…

“Hazel/James seems to know what she/he is about, I think she is my gal or man to connect with, learn from and lock arms with…”

See how that works?

Matthew Everitt shared some awesome content via Slideshare on Social Media Optimization for lead generation and I think he has something going there! He not only shares the slides, he also gives the full script so head over there, link above and take a look-see

Since we don’t enjoy  re-inventing the wheel we aren’t focusing on the points he already shared but on 4 points you may need to revisit for your social media optimization to kick off. By the way we have a Super Video on Social Media Optimization you might like to take a look at and learn some tips that will help your journey as well below!


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1. Social Media Optimization – Is Your Content Hitting Your Audience’s Sweet Spot:

DO THIS FIRST ALWAYS– Research, then listen/observe on social channels. I shall shout this: Attend Events, Be a Member of Your Niche Online communities. Once there engage and develop relationships. Your content will start to reflect your community’s needs. Better believe it, for in my view “no marketing is better than bad marketing” period!

Once you create great content for your audience via your own blog or website, it is evergreen on the internet. Your own Prime real Estate that you have done SEO right…! You see there are new content marketers joining the band wagon daily. Then there are seasoned network marketers who need to be educated…hundreds of thousands to be honest.  We have to educate our audience by sharing the Lessons we have learnt and following our research. Your content needs to be relevant, engaging and even entertaining, thoughtful and thought-provoking. It should elicit your audience’s emotions so much so they take action to your CTAs.

Use Imagery to Hit your Audience Sweet spot

This is true for your Social Media Posts. Use Images to capture the attention of Your audience. Ask Questions that not only get people to stop and answer, But questions that appeal to their ego…! For instance ask for your audience’s insight on something…in your niche or life in general. One of the blogs I like to visit by Danny Yoon actually suggests that to optimize your Facebook fan page for maximum engagement you gotta get round the algorithm, he calls it a hack , Gamify your page and I quote below: 

“Gamify Your Facebook Experience: Remember that affinity factor in the newsfeed algorithm–the one that helps determine how your content ranks in fan newsfeeds? Increase engagement and therefore affinity by gamifying your Facebook page experience for fans. Games can be single player, like Buffalo Wild Wings’ ‘Protect the Football’ game, with incentives for daily play and weekly prizes. Or they can be multi-player or more social in nature, such as Red Bull’s popular Arcade games. Use apps to power gaming experiences that incentivize regular visits to your page and help build affinity with fans.”

This is something Pauli and I are taking on board and implementing. So thank you Danny & watch this space! 




2. Connecting with Social Influencers yet?

Connect with Social Influencers in Your Niche, a Social Media Optimization Strategy that works!

Influence marketing is a super way to generate leads without doing the hard work. Connect with and build a relationship with the industry and thought leaders in your niche. This will definitely open doors you cannot even begin to imagine, in addition to growing and promoting your brand.

Imagine a social influencer tweets your link to their 500k followers? Well you can’t really understand until Jeff Bullas tweets a link to one of your articles to his 328k followers and your readership goes up 500% in 24hrs! You see these people are human, they also started where we started too…with ZERO followers, yet they have networked their way to the top, by sharing what their audiences finds interesting, educative, entertaining, intelligent etc. And guess what many of them are quite approachable. Heck they don’t bite lol!

In order to grab their attention you gotta find them first and ensure they are open to connecting, they are active and most important, they share other people’s content. Is your competition following them and if you have mutual followers…you found your Social Influencer. And here is what you are going do to get them in your corner, influencer marketing gold right here J:

  • You could create a “best-of” post with one of their articles as a resource!
  • Follow their blog posts and leave a good Comment, many have an RSS feeds. Connect with them via their social links…Most have them on their articles.
  • Do engage with their posts by commenting liking and sharing. Once you’ve had a few exchanges, Ask them for an interview or Q&A… Create an article with this info and Of course share it with them so they can DO the needful too…Social Share!
  • You could Compile a list of best resources for your sector with them included and give them a shout out.
  • If they are open to it, offer to contribute a guest blog post…Make sure you can deliver quality goods. Include a couple of your own links in the article.

If the above overtures don’t work for the person you chose, move on cest la vie… SWSWSW…Next

Now a blogging colleague, a super woman and all round hot babe just put together 100 Most Influential women on Twitter, so if you are looking to connect with and follow some of these social influencers, head over To Sheena Yap Chan’s blog on 100 most influential women on Twitter! And use the strategy above and Let us know your results Will you 🙂 Happy Following!  


3. Posting on Social Media the Value Way:

Post The Value way for your social Media Optimization to work effectively!

This is directly from James Sherer’s Article on how to Optimise social media content!

“Tip: I recommend you come up with two blog titles — one optimized for search and one for social media:

  • Use the first title for your article and the second for posting the article’s link on social platforms.
  • Test social media titles on Twitter (posting one phrasing around 9 a.m. and another around 11 a.m.) and use the one that received the most engagement on Facebook, Google+ etc.
  • Remember that shorter posts, with verbs, adverbs and the words “you” and “please” have better engagement.

Obviously we all post on social media, question is are we doing it right? Because there is a value way and a on value way. Posting images of naked people before and after may not be so informative…yet it works for some people! After a while though it gets boring for your audience. Mashable make it clear how social media optimization is an art that must be done right if one is to leverage social media for business. 


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As always You deserve more


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