The Cost of Business Success Explained as never before!

What’s the real cost of business? We give you 4 Super Tips on the Cost of a Business and Success (Event Notes)




Yes Today we’re asking you The Hard Question: what’s the Real Cost of Business, of starting a business, sticking it out and making profit from it? It’s not something people talk about much…The real cost of starting and staying in business…did your upline talk to you about this?

Maybe the cost of business, getting started and staying the course is not as much as you think. Or possibly less than you are investing right now because you are making all sorts of mistakes that just come from not knowing what you don’t know.

Maybe, just maybe if you knew how much or little it could really take, you would finally do it. Or maybe you’ve already made the leap and you can’t believe how much you are investing just to get started & progressing.

Or maybe, you’ve been doing business for years now and you’re shocked at how much it takes to maintain a business and how many surprise expenses come up along the way…before you see any fruits…!

In this world of rah-rah motivation, everyone is now an expert on the law of attraction and manifesting your dreams. All you hear is that you can do it, whatever it is just think it and declare it…BUT is this all?

YES YOU CAN get into business for yourself, with a low start up. Yet lots of people hawk the model of little to no cost or resources…they then assure you that you can learn as you go. Build the plane as you fly it…Is this possible?


Today we tackle this beast head on: the Real cost of business…NOT WHAT YOU THINK…

So you know that there’s more to the cost of a home business right? You just don’t know what it is. You want to know the real cost of starting and staying in business because if you know, you can make the right choices for yourself and loved ones and future customers and partners! We did share that business success is a numbers game…haven’t read it yet?


So, here is the unexpected cost of business success, we’re breaking it down.


Cost of Business the resources Necessary to get into business & Last. 


Remember we shared with you the 7 things an entrepreneur must do to succeed in this industry?  Well you need resources like:

  • Cost of Business #1 – CASH. Cash for capital investment, cash for maintenance as you grow your business before you earn from in. Cash to advertise your business. Cash to invest in self development and training, Cash to travel and pay for those events, training, resources & unforeseen necessities. Cash is a Real cost of business, many don’t even sit down and calculate and thus they don’t know whether they are making profit or losing cash hand over fist! You get the picture! So don’t let nobody tell you, you only need $18 to get started & you will make a fortune from that and nothing else…Boohoo sorry to burst you lil bubble!



  • Cost of Business #2 – PEOPLE – lots of them, also your most precious resource. Paul just shared the numbers in a creative way with an analogy to building structure read his marketing insanity post here to understand what we mean. The cost of business is the time, resources, tools it takes for you to find your aces. Those people who have the same vision as you do, and have as huge a WHY. You need to find your aces people, and this means flipping lots of cards daily, consistently don’t get tired, don’t lose focus, don’t stop showing more people, don’t stop looking for them. For when you are ready, the universe, GOD will connect you to those ACES; your hungry, dynamic, connected and coachable people to lock arms & build your empires together!!!



  • Cost of Business #3 – TIME

Time is one of the biggest cost of Business! Guard it Jealously!

Oh yes time is quantifiable. In the number of hours, days, weeks, months, even years you are willing to spend MINDING YOUR BUSINESS and building it up to the Wonderful Success Elevator, where competition is minimal, so it can pay you a super living wage plus luxuries! Create your Power Hour, don’t know how? Learn here! Success loves speed, yet it’s also a marathon. How is that…? Well here is the deal, in the beginning you need to focus and determination to SPRINT HARD up a down escalator…!



Looks like Paul n Julie have gone crazy…! How can one run up a down escalator? Well by sprinting hard. No stopping or pausing, either one of those takes you right back down. This means working hard, showing more people, sieving and sorting thru the Nos. Learning marketing strategies and tips to generate leads, and convert them into sales & IMPLEMENTING consistently, these are real cash costs of business too. They take TIME and TIME = MONEY! You see we learnt that all the Trainers took 3-5 years minimum to get to their current level of earnings & dream lifestyle. This is part of the cost of a home business success. That’s a short time to us; real workable. It gave us a time frame to work towards as well. See once you have run the good SPRINT and got to the top of the down escalator…you don’t rest lol… You then see the seemingly endless stairway…OMG not another journey…But see this is where the marathon starts…you got to take these stairways one day at a time…just like you eat an elephant! One bite at a time. Every day you will get closer to the top. IF YOU AVOID negative people, events, incidents, thoughts, Haters, etc. Again you see that this Takes TIME and of course it’s a cost of business success!



The Cost of Business & the Formula for Success:

Learn this today you become the average of the five closest people you hang around with….so if you hang out with five broke people…you are umber six…Yeah yeah I know you have heard this. So PAY ATTENTION WILL YA! Either change your friends or…anyway change your direction. sounds hard? well nothing worth having is easy! Hang around people that are in alignment with you and have what you want. Simple.



Here is The Formula to success:

The Cost of Business Is also The Success Formula is

Consistency is key in all this: keep your foot on the gas and you will soon get the momentum that you need.

D+O +GT= S

D = Dream – dream large make is so big it looks silly to others

O = your obedience to that dream and the will of God plus …

GT = God’s Timing = Success (You might call it the Universe)



So if any of the above is missing you struggle. Don’t cut corners coz you will not like the results. If you’re not obedient with what God or a higher power has in Line for you, you will have things go out of whack.

You will ONLY get success when you are ready for it…!

The Cost of Business Success is Resilience, Strength, Fortitude, Endurance...!

God Never asked You to “Move the Rock”, He Instructed You to PUSH the Rock…are You Obedient to The Instructions?

When you get frustrated coz you don’t see results, that’s the enemy planting seeds of doubt. He wants you to quit….he never wants to you to succeed. God daily tells you to push the rock, He doesn’t tell you to Move the rock. As you push the rock you grow stronger, get bigger and more resilient….and God will move the rock for you. He just wants you to be obedient to his direction…guys, push that rock, your job is not to move it, rather to be obedient and God will create for you the connections and results you desire. Keep the faith and stay committed and faithful to your new partner…your business.


Stop your pity parties, pray for more resistance to the challenges so you can grow into what God wants you to be.



#4 Cost of Business #4 and Success Formula!
#FLIP: Things are gonna flip for those that are obedient to the call and stick it out. Stay the course, push against the rock long enough to see the results. God is watching, are you obedient? Coz life will look so much more different when He does move that rock for you…boy the sweetest revenge is MASSIVE SUCCESS. Prove them wrong. Yes everybody has got a breaking point and the Universe, God is waiting for that for you to say “Lord take over. Move the rock dad.” HAVE UNWAVERING FAITH IN YOUR GOD or UNIVERSE AND WHAT HE BROUGHT YOU TO. It’s all in God’s timing, for He never lets us down.
You let God guide you and you will get bad to the bone at doing things you will be recognised.



Our Bonus Tip on The cost of Business is: MARRY YOUR BUSINESS, COMMIT
You need to marry your business right now. Plant your feet and grow. You can’t win in a relationship if you are playing around, so why do you think you can do that in Network marketing or your home business & succeed? Playing around chasing shiny objects is a serious cost to your business success. Focus, commit and that’s it. You are going to the top or die trying. “Success is something you attract by the person that you become” ~ Jim Rohn. So to get more, become more.



Cost of Business success – Its a Wrap! See the cost of business can only be understood by this statement by one of our trainers Lorenzo Roybal  “THERE IS A PRICE TO PAY FOR EVERY PRIZE YOU WANT, COULD BE TIME, MONEY, and SACRIFICE ETC YOU GOTTA COMMIT. YOUR ACTIONS HAVE TO BE IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR GOALS AND GOD’S TIMING.”

Now we can’t put it any better than that, can you?


Rest assured this is just a sneak peek of the notes we took at the event. A whole Lot more coming to our team.  WE OFFER OUR TEAM MEMBERS Exclusive Training to help cut the journey shorter And bring down the cost of business, all the while travelling like a VIP. So Are You Genuinely looking for a new Home, Mentor-ship, Training, Tips, Strategies? Its Time to HIT That Banner Below! Are you ready To Get started? 




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