Time Management in a Home Based Business Can be A Juggling Act. Master it!

Time Management in Network Marketing or a Home Based Business in 7 Easy Tips –The Power Hour!

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Man, I hear it every day, I have no time for that, time is against me, I am always late, I have more jobs than time etc. When I hear such statements I know this person has a time management or prioritizing problem!  LISTEN UP TIME IS YOUR SERVANT! Yes it is.

FACT; we all make time for the things that are important to us. In my experience, when I attend to stuff, make a priority in the areas of life that are important to me, that’s when I achieve the results I desire in those areas.

What I am hearing thus is, “That isn’t a priority for me.”

As a WAHM/D you know what I am saying, everything else seems to have more priority. Yet you have got to earn a living from home in the midst of diaper changes, hoovering, tidying up, cooking up a storm, entertaining, child drop/pick-up, laundry, heck even breathing…

So it’s time to manage your time and day in order to take your time back.  Today I talk more about The Power Hour! I don’t know about you but everyone we know seems to have more things/work to do than time…! Why is that? Because people have allowed time to become their master! Esp. in network marketing and home business owners, time management has been placed on the back burner.

There is a blur between family and work time! We seem to be in a perpetual spiral of winging it or wishing our lives away rushing from one activity to another and never satisfied! It takes some practice to master the art of time management by spending your time productively on the right things, in a satisfying way.

As a tutor and home business entrepreneur, I learned early on how important it is to purposefully choose how I spend my hours and days.  Below I share with you why time management is essential and some of our time management tips:


Time Management tip #1: Time management technique – “The power hour” I have several of these a day! You too should, coz we all have an hour/day…yes we do! An hour to Zone in, shut out all distractions, phone on silent, FB notifications off, and focus on The One activity you Must Do or a to-do list of manageable items. If you are an affiliate/network/direct sales marketer or home business owner you could do the following in that power hour:

  • Prospect, connect with new people and get started on sieving and relationship building
  • Follow up on interested parties or on your potential orders
  • Invite people to your meeting, presentation, product party, webinar etc.
  • Hold a training session or webinar
  • Have an Hour of Reading or Self Development, extremely essential for growth & development!



Time Management Tip #2: Break it down in a To-do List: I can’t tell you how many times and how long it took me to zone down on the number of activities I could do in a workday to achieve the maximum best results and how often I fell back into a state of overwhelm. Believe it or not, overwhelm is a form of procrastination.

You need to deal with one item at a time, break it down into bite-size bits with target time-scales and see your results grow. See time management skills are an essential part of business/career growth, yet we neglect to learn them! Set your training materials and resources in bite-sized sessions. You could have 30-90 min sessions.

The mind can only take in so much before it wanders off to more fun stuff! Here is a little known time management strategy I use below…Click to tweet

Time Management tip #3: Have an achievements or Finished Tasks list next to your to-do list: See this is a time management mind hack. When your mind sees the successes you have, it conspires to get to the next success. Of course don’t forget to celebrate every success however small!

Life does happen so you can’t plan everything. Yet an unfinished to-do list can make you feel like you are falling behind & you came up short. In turn as a home based business entrepreneur you think that you have to then work longer. Having an “Achieved Tasks List” in eye distance is a great way to recognize that you have accomplished a lot and to give yourself permission to end your day. STICK TO A TIME Frame.

Focusing on task at hand is a time management hack!

Time Management tip #4: The 4 D’s: Delete, Delegate, Defer, or Diminish: You can’t go wrong with these. This is my version of Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Week recommendation to outsource

If it ain’t useful today Delete it. Someone else can do it better? Delegate it, or hand some responsibilities over to other family members, you ain’t superman.

Defer it to a less busy time/season, if you need to do it but it’s not a priority right now!   

And if it’s been done to an extent and time is in your favour Diminish its importance on your priority list! By doing the above you will get closer to your ideal allocation by taking less valuable work off your plate. It’s easy to get caught up in reactive non-productive work and forget to put aside time for more productive work and strategic planning.

Time Management tip #5: Walk Away Often -Take Breaks: We all know this, but do we practice it? I am guilty as charged with the “I got to finish this syndrome” I have also seen the impact it has on deliverables, stress relief and emotional outlook.

All research confirms that you got to take a breather, walk away from your workstation for 5-10 mins every 60-90 mins of work!  This shouldn’t be negotiable. It’s essential for making you feel better and be better.

Try star jumps, a short walk, a power jog, yoga or mediation, run up and down the stairs, do some gardening, walk the dog… Taking a break is a super time management tool & has been proven to create more success and breakthroughs.

Time Management tip #6: Fix Working Hours: As a home based business entrepreneur, there is always more work, that’s just the way it is. Decide when you’ll start and end your workday—and RESPECT IT. The Guardian made a strong case for finding that sweet work-life balance for home based business entrepreneurs. The results aren’t necessarily better by working longer, In fact the opposite has been found to be the case. 

Live your Life! Creating and maintaining a good work life balance is essential and Ankur Agarwal puts a good case for this too. Set your alarm, use technology to shut down if your mind won’t let you!

Personally, soon as I woke up I used to grab my phone check messages & notifications, get into work out gear, grab my Sony player, affirmations on and fitness time.

Get back straight to shower, grab some coffee and head for the computer and work until I finished…Other jobs popping in and out lol. If you work from home, this could be you today! Brian Tracy simply states: Just be real with your life in his book about time management for home based business So, STOP and manage your time better; to over schedule is another state of overwhelm!…Brings us to the next time management strategy! Click to Tweet

Time Management tip #7: Use Available Technology:

Use Apps to Hone in yout Time Management Techniques!

If you need a lil help from your Apps use them. Try Google calendar, Asana, rescue time, Pomodoro, whatever floats your boat and gets you results. Schedule, maximize and utilize every Hour as a Power Hour and take your day back.

Rescue time helps you understand how you best utilize your time and what steals it, so you can fix it. We also use e.ggtimer for online time maximization or the trusty ole stop clock on the phone!

For more time tracking apps and time management tools, Aweber gives us what works now. You see my dear fellow entrepreneur, working endless hours doesn’t make you a hero!

In the Video Below I share with you why Focus is important in your network marketing Time management:  



Time Management, It’s a Wrap:

Time is our greatest currency and how we spend it matters to our peace of mind, sense of achievement purpose in life and how we live it!  Working longer hours doesn’t equate to success. Treat the hours in your day with the utmost respect, and remember that sometimes less is more.

Stick to the principle of big rocks first or eat that frog by dealing with the important stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Pro-actively block off time on your calendar, and set target dates for important tasks that aren’t urgent.

Start Small Win Big…that’s what the Power Hour and time management best practice is about! We do offer some time management training if you need it so please reach out, pride is so not cool! 

I want to end this post with a word from proverbs 27 because it is so apt: “The one who tends the fig tree will eat its fruit” What are you tending to or making time for in your life?


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