Business is a Game Of "The Right Numbers" Get Them Right!

Business is a Numbers Game…Or is it? Are you getting the Right Numbers? Some are More Important than others – Infographic!


We wanted to give you a good follow up to the prospecting and selling training by talking about the mathematics…Why? Because business is a Numbers Game online and offline…Or Is It? You see getting the best out of your business be it bricks and mortars, a home based business or online business is like winning the jackpot and in this case Recruiting is a numbers game. Sales is a numbers game…the more the merrier. He he now there‘s something new, eh!


Can we just say that some numbers are more significant than others e.g. the number of total calls or appointments you make for your business are crucially important. The number of sales you make per day…! Rest assured there are some other key numbers that require special attention if you want to create profits out of your business.

The Critical Mass Concept is something you may or maynot know, put simply: it’s a number’s game. If you can get enough leads, customers and products, you can generate a full-time income with your Online or Offline business. See Sales too is a numbers game!


The Question then is, why aren’t you making more money? Simple, because you are missing some important pieces in the numbers game jigsaw. Your Numbers don’t add up…We are done here

The Numbers Game Startes the moment you decide to Invest!

Some Numbers are Crucial to your Business Growth

See the Numbers game in Action & Solutions to Your Pain:


#1. The Total Calls/Shares or Optins – Be Proactive:

If we tell you that if you build a list of eager, plugged in 10,000 Subscribers you can have an amazing online business…! The Greens will say whoa how do you get to that specific number & where do I find all these people? The Reds will ask…When Do I Start? (do you know about the MLM Colours by Big Al Shreiter? We suggest you read it you will have some aha moments!


Success in business will come when you master the skills to be proficient, and perform the right activities at the right time. A Heck OF A LOT…This “lot” is a number that you have. For instance your comp plan, what you must do to Rank Advance! And here is the deal, in affiliate marketing and direct sales, the ACTIVITY is more important than the Skills! How about you try to improve one skill per week. Really work on it. It could be anything e.g. phone skills, communication, blogging, time management, computer skills Every week, choose something to get better at and make a real effort to improve or even MASTER it. Spend up to 90minutes a day focusing specifically on developing and improving this one skill. This is all you need to do on the “Skills” bit we call it Self Development…The Rest of the time.




Again the numbers pop up…90 days are an average to start getting results from focused activity. That’s why we recommend a 90days blitz! Now in the next 90 days you could change your fortunes, esp. f you listen to onw who’s been there and done that. A Man on a mission to get more people becoming an Authority in their Niche. You Need to Get Ray Higdon’s 3-Minute Expert. The Value and Bonuses he is giving in this course is Absolute Gold Dust. Go for it! Working with ray Directly and receiving his coaching on Blogging and Branding, we can assure you $10,000-days are round the corner for the lucky few who get his course & Implement!



Take a look at your current sales forecast.

a) If 50% or more of your ―real-close-to-closing prospects are people who aren‘t decisive, thinking about it, not close to the buying totem pole, you have a problem. A MAYBE won’t cut it. For you to get a good-size income, You Got to get the commitments, in large numbers! So this business of “you dont have to recruit”, “you only need 2 to succeed” in network/affiliate/direct sales marketing is BS.

Numbers game Solution: There are 24hours in a day. Find one of those hours and devote it to Prospecting more People…Social Media Hello…Connect, Talk, Communicate, Share…Collect A Decision! That’s it! Instead of chatting about memes, playing angry birds, or God knows what; chat about what matters, create a movement, Listen…


b) If your problem is TOO MANY Prospects not enough time. This is a sweet problem, yet just as paralysing as too few!

Numbers game Solution: Pick no more than 3 of your prospects per day, dedicate 60 to 80% of your prospecting time to building up the 3, to a Decision. The rest will move along, and your till will be ringing sweet benjies music! Try and keep it to a max of 5 people this is the sweet balance or you go right back to too many-no time!


c) If you are a shy person or dont have awide network!

Numbers game Solution: how about you try to ―Make a Friend a Week via Social Media? See even if they are your friends, they aren’t your business associates or customers yet. Talk to one of your existing friends once a week, DON’T JUDGE dig deep for possible contacts within your Personal & business network. This will enable you to have several on the boil and follow ups galore You will soon be closing several a week and not even realise how easy it gets with practice.

Now the next Point we’re dealing with in a bit of detail. Its such a prevalent endemic, and Its dow to FEAR!

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Business a Numbers game – Too Many Maybes!


This is a killer. When we were noobies, a NO killed…We thought a maybe was great! We had hope! NO NO NO. Maybe is a killer. A Yes is awesome, a No disappoints, BUT at least it’s a Decision and many a No turned into a Yes later…! Maybes sit in your “List” or sales forecast, and sit there until…an earthquake happens maybe! All you can do is ―wait for something to happen. You have lost all power to these people, they hold you at ransom.

TAKE THAT POWER BACK Ask the prospect for their implementation date! This date is THEIR Date it’s About them remember? If they cannot commit, get rid of those and focus on real prospects that need your attention. We urge you to do it TODAY. Be proactive, hone your skills, build a 90day activity list, and clean up the maybe’s. You will increase your sales & success more than you ever thought possible. And guess what you could get some sales…Isn’t that worth the time?


Below is a business Numbers ProAction Activity Advice we learnt from a training Last Year, its based on the letters A,B,C. Its how you rate your prospects or Leads and the prospecting time you should assign to them:


A = Current Hot Prospects. These are people or accounts you’re banking on 90%. They have bought from you before and are happy campers. You have dates and orders in place… So assign a 90% factor to their probability of buying i.e. we are 90% sure the deal will be done. Don’t ignore them, but don’t hold their hands they know what they want, they are go getters and networked! Work with them, pick their brains even, get them to promote your services if existing customers!


B = Medium Prospects. works in progress, they have seen your presentation or are somewhere in the sales funnel. They may have given a tentative date but you don’t have enough info on them to be 90% sure. We present a 60-70% factor to these. These are the ones you give more of your time to build up to “A”.


C = Lukewarm Prospects. More than likely they have just opted into your funnel, you just made an appointment with them and they’re just starting the sales cycle. Sadly in many cases these are the “Maybes”. All the same Give these 10-40% Factor…They are the unknown and you can keep them in your periphery but don’t Spend a huge amount of time with them!


Focus Your Time on the TOP 2 the As & Bs, these are your power hitters, your higher possibilities, the ones that deliver. The problem with many marketers is we focus on the weaker people; we spend hours trying to get “C” to become an A or B! That’s time wasted. Even as a Leader you must give more of your time to those that show promise & commitment to produce results! If you want to hunt lions you go where lions keep. And as we always say, If you want to soar you find the eagles and grow your wings You don’t hang out with ducks and expect to soar! The”Cs” are sometimes called “The Dead Zone” in sales lingo…!

The 80/20 rule applies in business as a numbers game scale. Approximately 20% of your customers generate 80% of your revenue—and 80 percent of your problems!



Business a Numbers game – Time Management:

Manage Your Time, Utilize The Power Hour To Grow Your Business!

Manage Your Time, Utilize The Power Hour To Grow Your Business!

Do you have this problem: Every morning you check your e-mail, your voice-mail, get ready to do some Real Work… Check that webinar replay out, get derailed on that link…(By the way this is a form of procrastination) by the time you look at the clock, it’s 12:00 noon, and you’ve no clue where the time flew!

It’s Time to Introduce The Power Hour in your Business day…


Set aside 1 hour a day, 5hrs/wk, for a specific activity—We recommend PROSPECTING or Advertising/Marketing. This activity will become a normal part of your day rather than something you’ll get around to when you Find the time…Reward yourself every week for genuinely completing the 5hrs of POWER ACTION! Your Mind will love the Power hour, it brings Benefits of rewards and thus becomes an activity we look forward to…Cool! One of our time saving tools is the Massplanner below!

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3 of the Questions you should ask your prospects to move them from B to A during your power hour activity are:

  1. What do you see as the biggest struggle you’re facing in the next few months?
  2. Is time a major problem for you? How can we help get you more time to do the things you like to do? What are your current time problems in getting your product to market? Do you see a value in getting to market sooner today? What about six months from now
  3. If you could save 20%+ on abc, would that be of value to you?

And the Best way in this numbers game to get to the above is to use phrases like:

  • You said . . . .
  • What you . . . .
  • Have you considered. . . .
  • Yes, you can, and have you . . . .
  • What would it be worth to you . . . .
  • Have you considered . . . .
  • Have you ever thought about. . . .
  • How would you . . . .
  • Where would you put . . . .
  • When would you like to implement . . . .
  • Why would you want to . . . .


During your probing, the more questions you ask, the more you focus on the prospect. And the more you concentrate on an overall solution for them, that will create value in the prospect’s mind. And do you think this would get you more results…It sure does for us!


So let’s say it and we are sure you have heard it numerous times. “Don’t sell stuff, Sell Solutions, Sell Change” As Thomas Edison said: If there is a better way to do it, find it.


Here are the Numbers that are more important than others:

  • Numbers like how many outrageously satisfied subscribers/customers you have on your list or books!
  • Numbers like how many unsolicited “Thank You’s” you receive for offering super value to your customers!



Such Numbers don’t magically appear, they are a result of Focused Activity, Skills and VALUE ADDED! You will have developed a culture of high performance. Check your sales, track these things, and you will start to see some amazing business numbers, stellar results.

And we are aware that Time is a Numbers game so We shall wrap this up this by saying that Business isn’t a number’s game after all. It’s the right numbers game!

If your numebrs arent adding up, dont let pride stand in your way. Pride wont pay the Bills nor will it Give you the Dream Lifestyle You crave. We believe in you. BUT You Have to take the Step and Reach Out For The Help you need.

Below Is An Infographic to Get Your Numbers Game On: (click to enlarge)

Get Your Numbers Game On in Your Business with This Infograph


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