Periscope VS BLAB - Battle of the Broadcasters!

Periscope VS Blab – Battle of the Live-stream Broadcasting Giants, Who’s Winning: Twitter or Bebo +Info-graph!


Periscope VS BLAB - Battle of the Broadcasters - Checking...!

Sad to report that has been shut down, you can learn more about why and what their new Project is here.  Sept 2016

Clearly Twiiter won the battle of the giants above. This post was originally Pericsope Vs…RIP Blab! 

We have Repurposed it to: Periscope Vs Faceook Video. 

Tell you what mate…I did it! I Went all in and started scoping AKA using Periscope to grow my audience & business on a more consistent & serious basis. I promise to give you a full review in 3 months’ time. How it has performed for us including Stats…Deal?

Today I am simply comparing it with Blab, another live-streaming app…

Boy I had allowed my fear of the unknown to hinder me! I did a Scope 3 months ago and got so many unsavoury commenters and downright crude beings, I was put off. That was my mistake numero uno. I was lacking on the periscope promotional techniques. I hadn’t let my friends, family & social media followers know I was scoping…So I only got strangers looking for wierd fun…and 3 months down the road I am back…


By the way my Periscope Handle is same as Twitter & Instagram  @syl_julekalungi do follow me. I always follow back…did I just say that lol Like #follow-back on Twitter, Periscope, Blab & Instagram

Cool…So why am I talking about Periscope as a new user? Because I started using another Live-streaming resource at exactly the same time it’s called Blab and I think these two are in a battle of who will dominate the Live-streaming field and grab the most influence in the Broadcasting and Online Marketing world! This is the battle of the broadcasters…And boy do I love a bloody one. Front row seats…Or am I too late?

As a member of an online community, I noticed just how fast Periscope a new app by twitter launched in March, so quite young has become an amazing platform for growing one’s business. I wish I had started using it sooner! Coz I am now staying up late learning how it all works and get more confident with it!

I also needed some tips on how to keep out the trolls… but for now let’s focus on the task…

Periscope, blab and Meerkat (another one) are more of New Social Media going viral and Live streaming Tools…Internet Meets Live TV Big brother kind of thing! Now is a Bebo baby and is trailing in Periscope’s dust…For Now!

Ultimate Branding Blueprint


Let’s find out why and what Periscope and Blab do and the decision as to which one you should chose for your live streaming…Well that will be up to you mate! 

Understand that video live streaming apps have fast become the new social media trend esp. for the young. One of the reasons I was reluctant to jump on the Periscope download bandwagon was because it seems a new streaming app pops up every blessed day, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them. Nor does my android smart phone have endless storage. I use my phone for business so I can’t afford for it to get clogged with apps that I may or may not use…!

But in my opinion the two clear leaders in this new social media trend are Periscope and Blab. Meerkat is simply trailing behind those two.

So let me ask you:

  • Which video streaming app is best for your business?
  • More importantly, how can you use it to generate FREE Organic leads and grow your business?
  • Is it worth it to start exploring these apps?

I answer these important questions. WHY?

Because I did thorough research and got some training under my belt from this amazing platform and more. I share Kristi Hines totally awesome, comprehensive Ultimate Guide to article that she wrote for The Social Media Examiner. If you are new to Blab, you need to read this article and go implement. Also below is Signature Social’s basic info-graphic that compares the statistics, uses of Periscope and Blab to help you decide which live video streaming platform is best for you. Find the full blog post here!

Periscope VS BLAB The Visual Comparison aka Infograph!

So If you didn’t know …..



Periscope & – What are they?

Periscope and Blab as already established are live video streaming platforms that allow you the user to host and attend video broadcasts on anything from parties, training, fashion, political debates, food, industry conversations to weather forecasts and games, events, etc. I always login to both platforms through my Twitter account. Both platforms are very interactive and include comment features during these live streams so you can talk to the hosts and other users. Both platforms provide valuable opportunities to build relationships with a niche audience, influencers and niche industry leaders.



What differentiates Blab from Periscope then?

Glad you asked

Periscope is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. is currently only available for iOS download and can be used live on a PC something that’s not available for Periscope. Is this a downside?  Not sure yet…!

Lets get this strait, The two are different and should be looked at that way. They are complimentary as well and my Super Tip for you is to use Periscope to grow Your Blab Audience. Its also true that you will get 80% curiosity seekers and only 20% or less will be interested in what you say on either platforms. My View is Use Blab like yo would use Google Hangouts on Air, with a lot less hustle! But remember The Pareto rule works always!

So although both Periscope and Blab share lots of similarities, there are some key differences that can help you decide which platform is best for your business.


Periscope First:

Periscope VS BLAB - Battle of the Broadcasters- Periscope, what is it?

It’s a twitter app, for androids and tablets and according to techcrunch has a growing audience of over 10 million active users only 1% of whom actually live stream on a regular basis…So a real action takers’ opportunity to get serious and grow an avid audience!

Periscope only permits 1 host for each video broadcast also known as a “scope” and one can interact with the audience, you could use your notes and if your audience appreciates your content they show it by tapping their screen and give you some Hearts, heck ask them to give you some.  


Scopes were only available for replay 24 hours after the original live stream, but twitter soon realized this Achilles heel and provided an app called which they have since May 2016 pulled the plug on and introduced eggdrp as an alternative to backing up your scopes and save your scopes for further shares and use!

As an entrepreneur you should leverage Periscope and Blab to host live streams tips, reviews, product launches, TV shows, VIP events, Food channels, fashion shows, educational chats, heck your birthday or pet’s christening…etc. If you are in the digital marketing industry, check out April Marie Tucker, Kim Garst, Ray Higdon, The Perigirls, and Sue B. Zimmerman’s scopes on how they leverage Periscope for business.

With Periscope you have to really get creative with your visuals at the start. I have learnt that a recent update allows for one to scope landscape style. You don’t have to show your face all the time either. Why not show a landscape. I like to check out a particular Meditation scope that shares some awesome landscapes of beaches and nature views!

We have a FREE super training on Periscope Please do grab it here!

And my Periscope handle is BUT to Find more of My Scope replays use image below to get to my eggdrp site. 


Periscope Cloud Video Storage App.




Blab On the Other hand:

Periscope VS BLAB - Battle of the Broadcasters- I Prefer Blab!

Is still in Beta. A desktop app, more open house, almost like a google hangout on speed. Blab allows 2-4 hosts for each broadcast. I learnt very fast that with Blab any user can request to join your broadcast as a host. You the original creator of the Blab can then choose to accept or deny their request.

Another thing that attracted me to blab more than Periscope for future training is that for now, it does not appear to have a time limit on the replay feature and you can actually have a proper hang out without having to focus on “Pandering to the whims” of the attendees , responding to “Trolls” who are frankly quite rude! Also distract one from focusing on the task at hand! Now this is a personal preference but hey…to each their own.

Super plus for business efficacy, you can create and schedule your Blabs for up to a month in advance…Automation baby. This is a huge advantage on Blab’s side & a plus for me! 

You can also upload your Blabs directly to YouTube, download them as Podcasts or MP3 audios thus hitting several birds with one stone. Honestly I love it already. THANK YOU Alicia Bozza of the SWC for reminding me to its goodness!

See you get new followers for Twitter and YouTube as you use both Periscope and Blab. Here is your ultimate guide to using blab again if you didn’t see it above! 

Personally I found Blab’s setting more casual and social than periscope. Because it allows multiple users to engage in the live video chat. Businesses are also leveraging Blab to host live streams of product launches, VIP events, and training.

If you are a Noobie to Blab, I highly recommend you watch the video tutorial on how to Live-stream on Blab by Sunny Lenarduzzi below! I found her YouTube channel while doing some periscope research and boy was I blown away by the professionalism and value she puts out. Go check her out and subscribe. Seriously! 

You might also like and I highly recommend Lleane Smith’s Tutorial on How To Do Real Time Chat on


Do Connect/Follow me on Blab Here

You And I may be wondering whether Blab & Periscope will Last the Test of Time?

We all know what happened to Tsu, Hi5, Bebo, etc etc …Oops…! Frankly the digital world trends are moving so fast. For now, I believe we can safely say that live video streaming is here to stay. Video streaming allow us to feel like we are part of an exclusive experience without leaving our homes. Both Periscope and Blab are still relatively new. It’s as good a time as any for you and I and any businesses to jump aboard & explore these platforms now and build a loyal following with little to no competition. And whats the best way to learn something new? By teaching it…voila

What Can I share on Periscope and Blab?

Anything goes truly honestly and You are meant to be as natural as possible. Be you. No need to be perfectly turned out although  you can be if you like. Its live and not meant to be perfect, just like Big Brother..! People are meant to connect with you as a person and appreciate that they too can do it! So chill out and focus on sharing your awesomeness.

Below are some Ideas or Dos:

  • Always introduce yourself and say your name and where you are from.
  • Ask for follows, hearts and twitter shares! You don’t ask you don’t get! It’s like a vote of the value you share! This will help your twitter reach too!
  • Always Lead with Value
  • Produce great content
  • Welcome and Be sociable with your audience
  • Interact and try to lead the convo back to the topic at hand
  • Keep some notes and tick off what you share…it can be hard to keep track with the audience demanding your personal attention and response to the chat!
  • Be creative…and if all fails do wing it professionally lolol!
  • Be niche specific and become the go to or one of the authorities in that niche…! Remember what you said in your Bio so you want to be congruent!
  • Every so often share something about Your Life…not too much!
  • Share what you do…Blog and website if you do have one. Ask the audience to check out your blogs etc. You are Postured a professional they will check you out and Guess what…leads baby!
  • Do a Scope Party, the Perigirls Held a PERI-OKE on Monday night…It was fun check out the replay on their site!
  • Promote your scopes Prior To and After Scoping and ask your existing audience on Social Media to attend and share too!
  • Be selective in whom you follow, lots of trolls and non-active users. Quality over Quantity!
  • Jump on other scopes and get interactive, engage and you will stand out, others will follow you too, inc. replay viewers!

Some Topic Ideas below:

  • Art
  • Recipes and meal plans,
  • Fitness tips
  • Marketing tips
  • Motivational tips
  • Meditations
  • Touristic views
  • Travel tips
  • Travels
  • Leadership tips
  • Training tips in your niche

Below are some Don’ts:

  • Don’t pitch your audience with your Products or MLM unless you do it with such finesse. Almost like a Demo
  • Never be rude and nasty to people even trolls. Simply block them and delete their chats
  • Don’t be a troll yourself
  • Don’t be drawn into a negative chat-back with an audience member…it could be a set up to discredit you!

Be consistent, use whichever platform you are comfortable with and build up a following, scope by scope, broadcast by broadcast! Overnight success does take time you know! 


Which one do I prefer?

At the moment I’m scoping daily and I believe I am going to leverage them for different purposes. BUT hands on my heart I prefer the Blab desktop option coz I have a huge storage space on my PC and can save on another gadget. I don’t have to delete or move my stuff around to record a video or scope. Which I have done on a Periscope…as it saves the videos on my phone! I am also committed to building our YouTube tribe so I am not sure how Periscope supports this …See at the beginning I thought there was too much dicking around excuse my french. But now like a trooper I am mastering this thing! 

Okay I think I have given you some idea of the two live-stream broadcasting giants and how you can leverage them for your business. I highly recommend that you pick up April Marie Tucker’s FREE periscope training while it’s still free. GRAB YOUR’S HERE

So do you know some more hot stuff about these two live-streaming platforms? Do you prefer Periscope or Blab? Go ahead and let us know below, like and share alike…and FOLLOW ME on Twitter, Periscope, Instagram and Blab @syl_julekalungi!


As always you deserve more…


Live. Learn. Love


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