How To define Your Target Audience for Business Success!

How to Identify and Define your Target audience or Market in 4 simple steps [Video]

Have you ever been asked “what do you do” and you drew a blank or stammered through some vague statement? Welcome to network Marketing 101 🙂 Thing is you haven’t yet learnt to identify or define your target audience or market. So to help you get there let me ask you, if you were in an elevator with an interesting person what would you say you do? What’s your strap line or “elevator pitch” – as a network marketer, to the Qn: what do you do? 

One of the most common concerns and challenges that come up with my clients or students is that “how do I create a strap line or elevator pitch that will grab hold of my potential customer’s attention?” This to me sounds like a dilemma to some kind of response to the question “what do you do?”

Fortunately I have the answer to that urgent question on how to define your target audience in this Video right below:

#1. Define your Target Audience – What’s Your Expertise?

Everyone has something special to offer. And no I am not talking about your product or MLM! Applying those skills, talents and lessons will determine how much of your target audience you attract. and the moolah you make! My advice is even if you are promoting an MLM or run a home based business. Go on and find out who you are. What you are good at, what excites you, are you artistic?  What’s your skill-set, hone those skills and use them as the honey for your bees!  For instance Cesar L Rodriguez one of the coolest mentors we’ve got, a leader in his own right and 2014 Top Recruiter worldwide in his primary business, is a Super closer and a Salesman Per excellence! He has carved himself a niche market in Training on Closing and making that sale happen! He has coined the Phrase B10XB = Be 10 Times Bolder…and he lives this Mantra! 

What are you expert at, this helps to define your target audience too as yu are looking for people who need your services!

Okay so you have identified what it is you want to offer others in value that will attract your target audience. Become an expert at it and Be consistent. Offer your services free to start with to build that trust. And later people will willingly buy from you or partner you with you. Its called positioning yourself as a leader!  


#2. Define your Target Audience – Get Clear On Who Your Customer is!

First lets assume you have a niche product or service! If not know that there is an art to choosing a profitable niche market without selling out, one that pays & holds your passion. 

‘You want to solve a specific problem for a specific group of people….’ It’s as simple as that my friends. And if you don’t know who those people are aka your target market, the I suggest you get back to the drawing board and think of who is your customer, who are you targeting, define your target audience or customer…By the way, you are your ideal customer…but you can’t buy from you…so you create an AVATAR of who your ideal customer is…

Think of who or what is this specific group of people that you want to serve? Or what group do you belong to? For instance I am a woman, a mother, I am over 35 and I am a Home business entrepreneur…! So I could say that the people I am looking for are  women, mothers, home business owners, over 35… But this precludes several people and is too general …so we gotta nip and tuck 

So you have to ask yourself, what is the specific problem that you are solving! Are you helping people loose weight, are you dog trainer, are you a foodie, a realtor, do you help people travel more, do you help people make more money…what is that problem to which you are the go to person for the solution? Once you know what the specific group is and what their specific problem is…then you can with great confidence say that: I do…XYZ, I work with is….specific group…who are having the challenge of…specific problem…!

For instance I julie work with home based business owners, affiliate and network marketers learn how to brand themselves, generate more leads and build a super organisation from the ground up!

No, we aren’t done yet my dear, we want to narrow your niche down by segmenting your target audience into: who do you want to work with:men or women, types of people-interests, what they earn, where they live (you want to prospect locally and build globally), geo locations, professional or vocational….the more specific you get, the higher chances of finding who you want fast and in large numbers! See it pays to profile your customers then ask your self what your area of expertise is, marry this with your offer and target people in that niche first…and grow your net wider as you grow your target customer list.

See how that works? So next time anyone asks you what you do, you have the perfect answer, go try it and see how that works for you!


#3. Define your Target Audience: Reach out to your niche based on interests:

Define and target your audience based on Interests!


You also can still attract more clients even when the people you are looking for don’t fit info a specific category. For instance my friend is an ‘Kitenge Designer & Trainer’…yup. So how do you know when or if someone wants to be a kitenge designer? This is a specific target audience example. Well it’s not rocket science; simply use the hand that you have and in this case it’s “the trusty Google Keyword Tool”…. I can see you thinking is that it…well if you aren’t making any money then you aren’t utilizing this tool effectively. Google gives the best target audience analysis tools as well, via Google analytics. Because it gets preeeety specific and returns thousands of results for you to work with, content, forums to find your potential kitenge designers…or whatever the heck you do.

See the Google keyword tool allows you to find out what people are searching for. Their interests. That’s how you too find them e.g. Type in the word “events planner” and find out how many results show up. If they are low try something else. If they are too high you have a low chance of getting in on that sauce…find a middle ground. Google returns similar searches too…see you have no excuse not finding your market or downlines…heck the earth is full of billions of people…there are more than enough to go round…Find your clients today. Once you have your key word. Place yourself where they hang out. How? By doing your research on niche marketing and then place an advert. For instance offer to pay Google $50/month for every optin. When they click and optin, you will get your potential customers.

#4. Define your Target Audience – What’s your competition up to?

To Define your target audience faster, "SPY" on your competition!

A Lil 007 Action never Hurt Your Business 🙂

Well you didn’t think you were the only one with that idea, product or service? If you are chances are nobody is looking for it as yet… So be the go to person for it. But if you are like a normal network marketer, then you should research your competition. Your audience is likely your competitor’s audience too. What are they doing for their content marketing, how are they attracting people, check out their social media profiles and pages…Learn Do Teach. Find common values and interests this will help you target your niche audience better and create content and a strap line that fits.

When we first started out in network marketing, I did what my upline told me to do. It was painstakingly slow getting anyone to listen to me coz I assumed everyone was my prospect and I spammed everyone. I got a great deal of leads coz I spammed every Facebook group I could daily every hour. Facebook jail didn’t exist then ?! Well we didn’t even have an auto-responder so the company we promoted got all them leads arrgggg!

Quality Targeted Leads

Right now we’re getting 10+ leads daily in our auto-responder without making a phone call, or chasing after friends and family. This was after we learned how to target the right market, and the new age prospecting techniques. 

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Today we attract our clients. The leads we get are high quality and potential customers, clients, partners or even down lines. They are looking for us instead of us looking for them. It’s a totally different ball game when someone or lots of people look for you first. HOW DO YOU get to this sweet spot? By knowing who your target market is and what exactly you are offering them. By having total confidence in your offer and not having an emotional attachment to the result. You are thus positioning yourself as the expert you are in your niche or market. You will attract people automatically…it takes time, it’s takes grit, focus, you’ve got to learn how to define your target market and above all patience…See irrespective of what investment vehicle you have, if you identify your customers, and have a healthy list growing daily you will make sales.

In the video below PJ Van Hulle of List-A-Palooza (You better get onto this 100% FREE 90 Days List Building Machine FAST), gets you closer to attracting the right client – get personal: 


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