Network Marketing Success Now - Have you ever considered that Business is very much like relationships?

Network marketing Success Now- How to Create Long Term Success in Your Home Business! Are you Dating or Married to Your Business?

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Have you ever considered that Business is very much like relationships?

Are you dating or married to your network marketing business? Of you are looking for network marketing success now, today we got news for you!

A lot of us have been in relationships we knew weren’t working out, but were afraid of being alone! In the same way, many people invest or join a network marketing opportunity with no real commitment. You are hoping to make a ton of money, Yes? Who doesn’t lol!  BUT, you haven’t mentally or spiritually committed to the process or even have a specific amount in mind that you wish to earn!

Are you this person?

Have you ever considered that Business is very much like relationships? #networkmarketingsuccess Click To Tweet



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Network Marketing Success Now - Are you Dating your business or are You Married to it? Have you ever considered that Business is very much like relationships? #Networkmarketingsuccess



Well today is our 18th Wedding anniversary and we cannot emphasize how grateful we are!

For the JOY, Laughter, Fun, Inspiration, Upliftment, even the lows, highs, valleys, speed bumps. The doubts and fears, the tears of Joy and frustration! The almost giving up, the consulting wrong “marriage counselors” …We have gone through it all and will probably go thru more challenges!

Yet in all this we agree on this: We are in it for the long haul. No Quitting!

So today as a show of gratitude for YOU! For being part of our journey we wanna inspire you, to Greater success!

Let’s start by asking you a Question: Are you Dating your business or are You Married to it?

Are you Dating your business or are You Married to it? #businesssuccess #lifehacks Click To Tweet


Your response will determine how successful you are or will be…! Whether you believe it or not…Its true!

But how?

You see many of us don’t look at our business opportunity or network marketing platform as a relationship, an energy we have been drawn to…


It is a portal for your financial upliftment…Something way bigger than you. As you are also vessels to impact others when you share! ~ Julie Syl Kalungi

Here is the thing, you have probably walked into affairs with people we know weren’t right for you! For whatever reason, so you are always on the lookout for that special someone!  When you go out on the town, you surreptitiously check out he dude at the bar…That hot Office mate…Heck you are maybe even checking out dating sites online, while your partner is watching footie…

Did you know you could be treating your business the same way? If you are…then STOP Right Now!!!  



Network Marketing Success Now – Dating or Married?

Are you Dating your business or are You Married to it? #goalsuccess

1. Window Shopping/Casual Dating:

You have no real commitment and are actually still looking for that special something/platform/product/service.

There are lots of juicy offers available and You are Open to them! In fact, if your business/career calls for a date (meeting, webinar) It’s not a priority! Could decide to be already busy (Walking ya dog, chatting on WhatsApp, watching a YouTube video on how to polish ya nails, watching footie…Whatever!)

Your business growth isn’t a priority and you ain’t bothered about it!!! For more on what this could mean for your personal and business growth, Watch the video below or Listen to Podcast above

In order to have network marketing success now, you cannot be doing this!




Network Marketing Success Now – Details on Whether YOU ARE DATING OR MARRIED TO YOUR BUSINESS!



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You Get The Picture? Until You get Married to your business, It wont get you to the heights you want from it!



5. When it’s Okay to Throw in the Towel? 

Finally, if the relationship or business partnership just isn’t working, you have given it your all.

  • Tried everything…
  • Have actioned every piece of advice your mentor told you to do!
  • Bought tons of courses and applied yourself. Man, you have spent a fortune on your love. Yet clearly nothing seems to make her/him fall in love with you! I.e. no income, no growth, no good things coming from your business to you 5 yrs down the road…Maybe it’s not meant to be? Maybe it’s time to consider other investment opportunities!  

It’s important to recognize when to raise your hand and say…enough! Time to find a new avenue to build my dreams. You are NOT QUITTING  you are taking a detour!

“In business, your best loss is your first loss. it’s important to recognize when to quit, when you’ve run out of options and when your sense of self and emotional well-being is in jeopardy”



6. Are you seeking business counsel form the wrong people?

In order to find Network marketing success now, you must seek counsel from the right people! 

Yet many of us start by seeking advice in all the wrong places! People who have never run a successful business in their lives, who dont even have corporate success for comparison purposes. Your friend whose only advice is to visit their own fears and doubts on you because they dont have a vision for their lives. That neighbour who say things like:

  • Those things never work,
  • You are going to lose your money,
  • What do you know about business, etc etc.

Then you are flirting with or casually dating your business. When you commit, you find those creating real success in their business and Seek their counsel! You learn, skill up and follow your inner man’s guidance to success! Quit looking for business advice from your uncle Ted who is sat at home on the dole, drinking his way to an early grave. (Read whoever yo chose to seek advice from for uncle Ted.)

Stop discussing your business plans with your friend who quit and keeps telling you how it never worked for her! definitely dont tell you mom if she is not supportive of your dreams! Often times well meaning friends and family steal our dreams! 

Be obsessed with your success and building that dream! If you haven’t read that book yet, we highly recommend it. Get your copy of Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone here!



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In Conclusion…

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Think about your business as a relationship with yourself and decide what level you want to be at. What income you wish to create, the lifestyle you wanna live and then Go Make a Plan, Work your plan, Take Massive action. To Your Success buddy! We are rooting for you! 

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As always You deserve more

Learn. Love. Live


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