How to Get More Yes's to your Business! #lawofattraction

To Get more Yes’s to your Business & life, you Gotta Do These things, And learn to deal with NO and Say more of that too…!

How To Get more Yes's to your Business! #Mindfulness #Winningmindset


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What the heck is getting to yes? All we wanted was to learn How to get more Yes’s to our business & offers. And we noticed this question was prevalent with most of us attending that webinar, out loud or silently! Its April and the 1st quarter of the year is gone. We already did our quarterly personal audit (you too should learn how here) and had to ask some hard questions and make some tweaks…

Well it didn’t take long for us to surmise that… 

In order to get more yes’s in business and life, You gotta Say Yes to You and to Money as a Home Based Entrepreneur, Internet marketer or human period. Yet to get to this place, you gotta have some Non Negotiables in your life or your new “JOB” takes over. Below are our


1. World Citizens – we had to Say Yes to having to live anywhere!

2. Purposeful Intentional Living -Forget Drifting or Indecision, these are Joy & Success Killers. Our life & venture must have purpose – Including making money Yet Family, health and Wellness always comes 1st!

3. It also must require very few employees, although we do support numerous other entrepreneurs.
4. Freedom – Our venture must offer freedom time and financial sooner or later! 
5. Residual Income– Our Enterprise must have strong Residual revenue potential.

These are the cornerstones of our family Vision & Dreams! You too need to know your non-negotiables in order to get more Yes’s in both business and life! 


Bottom Line: Perception is Everything! Every day should have a purpose FOR YOU & Those AROUND YOU. People are overwhelmed with the internet. They desire a voice to follow. Someone who knows  who & what they are about and have a cup full to share. So to get more yes’s to your offers, you must say Yes to sharing your journey and produce content that doesn’t add noise, but actually enriches others people’s lives who have the pleasure of finding it and makes you feel accomplished too! It’s a bare faced lie by those who say they are here ONLY to “support and help others grow or it’s just a hobby.”

In this post I am going deep into why you must say Yes to You and to life!


#1 How to Get more Yes’s in Business, do the following – Respond Rather than React to Circumstances.



To Get more Yes's to your Business! #SayYes

Several things you need to do mentally to hear that Yes more from others. Lots of us have said a huge No to Us. Your mind is your play field or your enemy and yet we don’t know this. Many times instead of RESPONDING to situations, We REACT. Also its important to know when to say NO and to be ready to receive the same from others without being attached to the outcome. Remember you too say No to others very often. You just never think about it much. This is all part of Self Love!

If you never say yes to anything or always look for an excuse to get out of things, your life will be dull, lacking in colour and juje….you will drift from one day to another. Attracting other nay sayers and excuse givers.


On the other hand if you always say Yes….To anything and everything! You will be running around trying to please everybody and not really pleasing any esp. you. You will have no time to enjoy your life, to stop and smell the roses, to enjoy the aromas, to simply know that you took the time to FOCUS on Specific tasks and got results. Yes saying No to others’ non-essential, time stealing demands most of the time is saying YES to you more. Sounds contra-intuitive does it? Well remember that life is a contrast…You have to find that center to balance your life and live on your terms. We all have the dark and light side in us, which one will you give more attention to…That’s what you will end up being.  And if you say yes to success, truly embrace the journey to success, thats how to get more yes’s to your business or life journey! 

William Ury, sought after international speaker & author calls it “Getting to Yes with Yourself” watch him delve deeper in Negotiations below.

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#2 How to Get more Yes’s in Life – Make a Decision!

Engage with your Differences in a constructive way. It’s so easy to get a No or Yes these days with the www, phones, texts, WhatsApp etc. etc. Communication has got so much easier and yet for many it seems so much harder. How about you have a quick think first, akin to saving a draft document as you revisit it and tweak till it feels right. Don’t wait for perfection, you can always re-tweak and refresh your decision. The important thing is to MAKE A DECISION NOW!  

If you like the sound of this subject you will love our post on Using a Vision Board as a clarity tool!

Here is why making a decision will help you live a more fulfilled life:

If you want to eat that cake…Go ahead and do so, and don’t beat yourself up for doing it. Before you do; ask yourself if eating the whole cake will serve your purpose & journey. Then make a decision. Once you have done that. Don’t judge you. You had the choice to say no, and guess what allowing your mind and body to enjoy the experience means you will have had a moment of pure enjoyment and joy. Its what life is about! 


On another note…

Let me share a story…over the weekend I received a text message from someone I know, who wanted a signed support document from me, Immediately. She lives 40 miles away and doesn’t drive…So I was expected to draft a document, email it to her, she approves or amends. Sends it back to me, I print and sign it for her…and here is the thing…I drive the 40 miles and deliver it to her. For the love of God…! She has been in and out of Liverpool for the past month and never thought to do this thing till she is time tight…It really reminded me of a Broadcast I did on how to deal with “Other people’s Faux emergenciesYou can listen to it here. And you should subscribe to my podcasts below for more Winning Mindset, Inspirational and Business Hacks! 



#3 How to Get more Yes’s in Life – Beware of Your Time Stealers!

New Movie - the Time Stealers! Say no to these! #Businesssuccess

Beware of those things that simply waste your precious time…When you listen to the above broadcast and story before, was that an opportunity for me to say YES or NO? What are your thoughts?

Here is how to deal with a similar situation…unless it’s a life or death matter, ask yourself the questions:

  • Is it gonna serve the needs of this situation, how far will it go?
  • Do I need to answer this, this very minute?
  • If you are the one in need, Before you even pick the phone up and make that call or send that message save it as a draft, think about it and then either delete or send…LISTEN to other-self inside, your spirit is always awake to your real needs!

In order to say Yes to you  and get more yes’s too, you must Observe all people esp. your self

Say YES to yourself more by being mindful of how you can enrich others lives better. You cannot pour from an empty cup so don’t stay up all hours supposedly helping a friend out when you could do it better, fresher in the morning, or point them to a better resource. Make this a month/year of actually getting to your Yes this way! If its not an emergency, its detracting from your Personal vision. be a lil selfish sometimes. Coz the otehr person is for sure being self serving. BY creating a faux emergency to get you to do it. A time stealer so to speak. See how that works? Then try NO next month and see how that works out…Then make a decision to DO which most feels natural and fun!

Here is the wisdom of old:


“If you say Yes, do so without taking on their burdens on you…! Does this make sense to you? Think about it!” ~ George Clason

If you say Yes, do so without taking on their burdens on you…! ~ George Clason #lifehacks Click To Tweet

#4 Here are the Things You Should Say More Yes to and you will get more Yes’s in Life too:




To enjoy a richer life, say yes to Travel! #lifehacks

  • Your Little one asking to Play…After all thats why you do what you do…to play more! With your loved ones. Wanna play? Yes…something I learnt from a book called: “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes You can grab it here…an awesome read its quirky, fun and will re-focus your life on what really matters in life and your business. You will definitely learn how to get more yes’s from it! 
  • Your mom calling for a chat…doesn’t matter how late or often. She sacrificed lots for you and now may be lonely and in need of a voice to talk to, esp, if she lives on her own!
  • Yes to Love, this is the best Yes!
  • Yes to More Travel and Experiencing new things.
  • Yes to exercise, healthy eating and living, even the ouch or aching muscle.
  • Yes to a girly or boy chat with a glass of wine or Cuppa with a friend!
  • Yes to reading more – Interesting and developmental books
  • Yes to Calculated Risks -Nothing risked, nothing gained
  • Yes to Meditating
  • Yes to dancing more – like no one is watching

Say yes to dance



Say More NO to these and you will flourish:

  • Other people’s judgement of you, thats their business.
  • Shiny objects…focus on and appreciate what you got, be it a partner, opportunity, body, etc.
  • Fear and fearfulness, a total waste of time, serves no one but the unseen enemy! 
  • Doubt esp. self-doubt Ditto above!
  • Gossip and backbiting others, Karma…need I say more! 
  • Gambling, not the same as taking a Calculated risk!
  • Indecision, perfectionism, procrastination, did I say fear of failure?



Final Thoughts on How to get more Yes’s to your Business & Life: 

You agree that the most important thing is Your Mindset right? – And for that the only words of wisdom that come to mind are these:

“Be yee transformed by the renewing of your mind…” ~ Bible Verse

Very Profound Words and as Oprah says ; “you’ll need to Awake to a Greater Light and your world will open up!”

You know what that means? reading more, Learning more things that positively enrich your life and business! 

GETTING more Yes’s starts with You. We’ve learned that dealing with your inner voice, both negative and positive,  and feeding the later more is key. Negotiating with yourself and doing your best to believe in your power to engage and communicate with others effectively including your “competition.” We can turn any day into a more enriching experience for ourselves and others by being real with us. Say no if you know its a stretch to help out the other, that wont necessarily enrich them either. Saying Yes to You first is a proven path to dramatically improving your ability to get to yes with others. Also begin to LISTEN MORE & Understand others real aims and needs, you will also begin to influence them more. This my friends is how you get more yes’s to your business presentations, proposals and offers too

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