Why Network Marketing Rocks, BUT it May NOT Be for you! #homebusinesssucess

Why Network Marketing Rocks, BUT it May NOT Be for you! ***GIVEAWAY to 5 LUCKY PEOPLE***



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network-marketing-rocks WHY we love Network Marketing and You Could Too! #homebusinesssuccess

Do we Love It? YES, Why Network Marketing rocks. It is a great business model for our brand!

I know so many people that have the wrong end of the stick when it comes Network Marketing! And lots of Network Marketing Reps that need to zone in as to why it is a great business model! I created this article and vlog to share why network marketing rocks as an investment vehicle and Alternative to the 9-5! 

I know you know some people that say, “You haven’t joined those things!” 

These are like the plague and you want to educate them a little before you cross them off your list! Right. 

Eerrm, hello, just because you don’t understand it or QUIT dont mean nothin…excuse my french! 

I don’t know about you, but I know for us and our teammates, Network Marketing rocks and has opened a whole new door to create the Dream lifestyle! It has helped me to refocused my life on what matters, i.e. FAMILY, Self-development, becoming a better version of me! 

It has helped me to refocus my life on what matters, i.e. FAMILY #whynetworkmarketing Click To Tweet

Before I wax all lyrical about why network marketing could be great for you too…




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Okay this is Why Network marketing is so much loved in our household!

  • I’ve acquired over 800 eBooks and Audios since 2012 and I’ve learned a lot when it comes to Network Marketing Lead generation and Team Building!
  • I have made amazing friends, Mentors and Master-minders in Network Marketing.
  • I have learnt to Accept Who and What I am because I joined a Network Marketing platform! 
  • Our Children have a Mother who is there when they need them, Because of Network Marketing! 
  • We get to travel the world Like a VIPs, Create peak life experiences and Get to stay in amazing destinations due to the network marketing platform we are part of! 
  • This wasn’t always the case and you can definitely learn more about how it was for us before! 




Of course network marketing IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!  Mic drop…

Now that we have got that out of the way, here is the big deal!

Why am I Julie Syl a huge advocate for and absolutely love entrepreneurship and the Network Marketing industry?

Well how long have you got? ?   You might like to tune into an interview Marquel Russel did with me! You might also love the Interview Your Power Echoes did with Steve C Krivda. OR…

Watch the short video below to learn how you too could fall in love with and answer the question: Why Network marketing could be your way forward too!

If you are a network marketer and any of the reasons I give resonate with you, you will find it easier to settle into your NM business. It will be easier for you to work your business until you arrive at your Freedom Number with Smart Habits !

You will also find it easier not to respond to each negative feedback about your new venture. Or simply put some one strait who is interested but has some worries! 

Why Network Marketing is the 21st Century Business Model for ordinary folks to create extraordinary income. And 33 Reasons why I love it and you too could!



Of course network marketing IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! #whynetworkmarketingrocks #mlmsuccess Click To Tweet

I am a simple Work at home mom so if I can do it, so can you. Lots of people like you and have risen to Celebrity Status due to Network marketing and/or recommend it. People like:  Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Tanya Aliza, Ray Higdon, Neil PatelDarren Hardy, Grant Cardone etc. 

These are the ones that made the most sense when we first started! Also they are the common ones:

I can work from anywhere globally all I need is a phone, my online resources  and WiFi. So, I have a remote business

I don’t commute or get stuck in terrible peak hour traffic.

I am my own boss so…

For more, dive in below OR Listen to Podcast above! 


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Did that help you out? Further still did it help you make that stand for your network marketing business/platform and thus face the doubters, haters and naysayers out there! 

I sure hope you are among the FIRST 5 PEOPLE as Described in the Video For The GIVEAWAY! I am Very Excited to Give an Early Christmas Present to 5 People! You Cold Be one of them! 


If you know people that are grappling with investing in your product, service or platform because of the business model, feel free to share this with them.

Comment below if you got benefit from my story and training.

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