WorldVentures a Great Investment

Here’s The #1 Way To make a Great Investment. Create an enviable lifestyle, vacation like Royalty & get Paid to do so – And I’ll Prove It To You!

Can I ask you a few questions? Do you love to travel? Would you consider a great investment? If money was not in issue, where in the world would you go and why? And why haven’t you done it yet….? Now is the Time to plan your next vacation, and No it won’t cost you an arm and a leg nor do you need to save up for years…How did I hear you ask…? If I could show you a way you could not only plan your your next vacation Today, possibly THAT dream holiday and afford it, would you be interested…? If you don’t like to travel, read no further…But if you do, there are some real gems, exclusive vacation clubs that give members huge benefits and we are part of one!

Over the holiday seasons a huge number of people travel to all kinds of destinations. Including yours truly. So let’s ask you, if you fly at least once a year, don’t you think you NEED to invest in a platform that Saves & Makes you money? An Exclusive Club, that gives you a whole lot way more after you have come back from that vacation or trip!!! Best. In fact Great Investment. Ever. I bet you are curious…we were and I bet you have seen the little blue sign Every where! Well Learn what that Little Blue Sign Could mean For our life and why it could be a great investment 🙂

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Most of the first few people we told laughed when we Said we were gonna vacation like the wealthy do. Most looked at our limitations, visas, students, baby. We swore that one day we’d Create an enviable lifestyle, vacationing like Royalty to boot– When we started sharing on Facebook our lifestyle photos vacations 3-4 times a year and earning a residual income doing it! Some did beg for our Secret! We decided to make sure its iron clad and Recession proof before we went wide with it!

Once you have gone through being pre-approved (Not everyone qualifies for this Exclusive Team). See you have to be focused, love to travel, willing to Invest in You, Willing to Learn and be coachable, ready to run Your Business For Yourself but NOT by yourself! And below are the exciting bits, why it could be one of your New Year great investments…we have the best team and community spirit we have ever been part of ever…you will never run out of options on how to make it work for you, in addition to that… check the news from PRWeb “WorldVentures Named Among Top 100 Direct Selling Companies world wide 3yrs in a row now!

Below are 14+ reasons why investing in our exclusive club is a great investment

Every dollar you invest is directly Given Back to you in DreamTrips points to use on any vacation of your choice, so you never lose a penny!

* Access to your very own concierge service, royalty & red carpet at the 4-5* Resorts and hotel stays

* Upgrades at most vacation resorts unless they are fully booked.

* Savings on your travel guaranteed, coz if you find that vacation cheaper within 7 days of booking anywhere else you will be refunded your cash and sent on that vacation gratis, Free, no cost to you…Wow .

* You get your very own booking engine like Expedia, Opodo, SkyScanner, etc. BUT much better….! Ha I bet you wonder How! Because If you book a flight and the price drops within 24 hrs of your booking you will be automatically re-booked at the new price and refunded the difference courtesy of the exclusive Rate shrinker technology that this company has!

* You never have to stand in queue at an airport as chances are you will get to be Pre-booked in, esp. if you are Platinum Babyyyy! Did we say great investment? There’s more…

* Benefits are even bigger if you live stateside, you get access to your own online Mall.

* Lets talk about arrival at your resort destination, not only do you not have to stand in line to check in, you are given a welcome drink, snack and get to have the best rooms. You also don’t have to waste time taking your luggage, the concierge service arrange all that for you at no extra cost. The bell boys pick it up while you take off your shoes and relax by the pool fast… Yep, we do…

* With all the above you get Your Travel Insurance, Transfers to and from airports all included in the booking price/DT (T & Cs apply)!

* Ohhh this great investment gives and gives some more; as a distributor, you can sit on the beach or by the pool, relax, live the life of Riley and GET PAID as your investment works for you! There are not many travel packages or clubs, or network marketing program that do. In fact I dare you to find any that beats our Vacation Club club in Exclusive world travel for normal people at extraordinary rates and experiences. Mind you like any good successful program, you will find some not so great stories out there. After all even Walmart has disgruntled customers & shareholders! Did these deter us NOPE, should it deter you, NO? Why? Because none are actually economically related. None claimed no payment or lack of funds, or delayed payments. Being a savvy entrepreneur yourself we are sure you will do your due diligence,so we want to be open that if you have any qns Please do ask us! Whether you will allow other people’s noise to cloud your dream and passion is up to you!

* For those that chose to create an income from the club as reps, we have the most extensive and best training there is bar none in travel and affiliate marketing and mlm recruiting worldwide! This company is winning awards for best practice year on year!

* Are you a giver and love to see the world put to rights, you would love the VolunTours esp. for a Uni gap year, sabbatical or simply giving back to those in need, its heart warming and amazing!

Are You a Business Traveler?

* You could be making commissions on your business travel that will pay for your leisure travel just by being a member and booking on your own site today.

* Companies use our services for their business travel via B2B agreements, so yes you can sign up whole companies as clients. Many company bosses have their assistants book everything through their Rovia sites and earn commissions (Rovia bucks) as well thus saving money. One of our team members earns 50% commissions on her business travel, PAID for by the company she works for. She uses all her sky mile cards just like normal. She also makes dough booking all their employees business travel! The Rovia concierge is great for them too with all their last minute changes which happens a lot, and the Rate-shrinker kicks in for them saving them cash. So is it a great investment for business travelers? Heck yeah!

Can you say money saver?! Absolutely! You get back every penny you invest and Get these 5* experiences at rates normal people will never get! Because many who don’t get the vision or picture & never ever understand that You DON’T HAVE TO SAVE UP For Years for a Once in a life time Vacation! You can make a great investment in Our Exclusive Club and live this lifestyle always without selling your home or going into debt, as this PAYS YOU to travel like royalty!

This Travel and Vacation Club costs a one never to be paid again fee of only $199.98 + $49.99/ month subscription! The cost of a cell Phone or Cable contract!!! Can You afford it? We bet you can, depending on your priorities! Will you go for it…! Heck we did! And it’s super simple to sign up. You simply get with a member, learn how you qualify and join with them. Simple as that, and If you want to be paid well simply chose to be a REP at a one off fee of $99 + $9.99/month subscription.  UK residents have the added incentive of 14 days no qns asked cancellation money back option! At the time of our joining our upline had been on 8 vacations in the same year. It was a no brainer for us as We Have a Passion For Travel and were already traveling twice a year in the summer & Christmas seasons. It literally took 10 minutes and we’ve never looked back. Below is a snippet of some of the vacations we’ve taken in just 18 months that you too could be ticking off your bucket list with this great investment as soon as you join!

Great Investment in Dreamtrips

Another reason this is a great investment for 2015 for you is, you get a business website and your products page plus an ID number. You’ll use that ID number to login & book your dreamtrips, buy stuff from your mall, book flights etc. And another great feature that makes this a great investment. You can Add your immediate family e.g. children & friends (shhhh) as “Preferred Users” and they get exactly the same benefits as you do when booking their vacations/flights or purchasing through the mall!
We won’t go into great details about the comp plan because that’s not important unless one is a focused entrepreneur. But two of its best features & incentives are:

1. As a member/distributor once you share this great investment & lifestyle with people you know, friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc. and make 4+ Membership Sales, your monthly fees are waived, as long as they stay active! 

2. With 12 Team members you earn your wheels and wings, i.e. the company pays for you to have a BMW or cash equivalent! As your team duplicates & grows so does your monthly Residual paycheck/income and it’s not just your direct team but Team volume! This Club and Program has created a long term income for many normal people like you and I, with focus and commitment. It can absolutely do the same for YOU! As you have seen in the videos above, this Platform is changing lives not just for members but for the less fortunate. We are normal people like you, living extraordinary lives in our day to day life, Helping others live a better life, without costing a fortune, and yes some of us are making a fortune from our great investment.

Guess what, in order to ensure your success, You will mastermind with 6-7figure earners, learning their secrets and how they generate leads, list build, use social media, Brand awareness etc. You will be networked to our Team training and weekly calls, you will never be left to feel alone unless you choose! You’ll receive EXCLUSIVE training thats not shared anywhere outside of our Team. Training that ensures your success and progress, which You Can of course share with your team as you grow! Can we say no brainer?

Want To Start traveling like a rock-star without breaking the bank and Get Paid to do so? Well right here’s How To Make that great investment, Create an enviable lifestyle, vacation like Royalty, earn an enviable income & Create memories of a lifetime. What attracted us was We could take our time and enjoy the product while building Our Business without Interfering with our jobs then, still true today!

You too deserve More,

Juleskalpauli.comP.S. If you want to join us we would love to assist you and be a part of your success. Help you create the life of your dreams. Could be paying off your mortgage, that debt, get your first BMW, or just a treat living your life today! Click Here to Learn How You can make a great investment in this Exclusive Travel Club and Team!