Keep round the camp fire to avoid the Quitting threshold in your Home Based Business!

Could it be time? How to know You’ve Reached the Quitting Threshold!

When is Quitting Okay?

Gee we thought we would keep the momentum on joint ventures & such….then she said she is quitting


I have absolutely had enough of his bullying, unappreciative attitude, I can’t take it any more, I’ve reached the limit am going to Q…q…q…I am quitting she burst out! Hiccups and all, she could barely get her words out!

Quitting what, we both thought, as we moved closer to give her a hug…She looked at both of us and said; YES I am leaving!

Wooo…hang on a minute, we’re by now really concerned for her! What’s she going on about? I mean we think she has an amazing partner, gorgeous children and a great job…or so we thought! Yet here she was talking about quitting! Jesus…she was in a right state, pure agitation! Fay had had enough…but of what?

I am so confused, how will my family survive…I’m quitting my job, she finally burst out!

She’s hit the quitting threshold and she knows it!

Fay tells us often about what she has to put up with to bring home a pay check. We see that it affects her home-life, health and overall well-being. Even when she is not at work she seems distant as if she is thinking about what’s next or what’s going down at “the office”. Honestly she seems on edge half the time and it shows on her young face. She is not yet 35…!

It has been so long since I’ve had a boss, yet it’s not hard for me to relate. See our story was similar! I hate to see people have to jump through hoops, work so damn hard to over deliver, get super results and never get the recognition they deserve from some douche-bag boss on a power trip and the company they trade their time for cash.

So today we are looking at how to avoid quitting a job because of stress. BUT you can definitely quit your job to start your own business. 

We do know a young man who Fired his Boss Live, because he found a great resource to create a full time income. He did it in 8 months! You wanna Learn what Resource he uses in this video, may be you could be next! 

Quitting a Job to Build Your Own Business Is a Brave Thing!

If you are a network marketer or home based business entrepreneur, we hope to help you to avoid that not so great place and how to keep your team keep as far above the quitting threshold as you can too! This by the way applies to both a career and entrepreneurship!

Everyone has a quitting threshold and may hit it if certain steps are not taken in time to avoid it. We all come close to it. Most successful people know the signs when they are coming close to quitting a project and of course when it is wise to quit! 

If you have a regular job you might relate to Fay’s predicament. More importantly, you might be able to start your journey on “how you can tell your boss to stick it.”  Fay works for a big company, boy the amount of office politics, brown nosing, sucking up, manoeuvring,  game playing and overall BS that goes on there is unreal. And we know coz I have been there to be honest! Difference was I walked in 2009!

Don’t get me wrong I respect that most people need to make a living and get up every day to make that career happen. Paul does it and he absolutely loves and enjoys his work as an Environmental Consultant! But you also should know that if you have reached that threshold where quitting seems the only way. It’s time to find something different for your life, it can happen if you are hungry enough.




Quitting threshold Explained, and How to avoid it!

Avoid the RED Scenario if you want to Build a Stable Team



What happens when a new member joins your team? Do you take a hold of their hand and guide them? Show them the system, training and schedule you use, so they too can rank up & earn? Do you spend the first 7-21 days helping them plant a firm foot hold and grow? This is the way to help your team to avoid hitting a quitting threshold in their first 30-90 days! Do you get them to stick? If you do, how do you do it?

If you don’t have a clue what we are talking about or even have a system in place & we aren’t talking about company provided tools (although those could be great), you could be in trouble…!  We use the “21 days 21 names strategy” to keep our new and old team members around the camp fire so to speak…Aha are you intrigued as to what this is? You gotta be on our team to learn how it all works. 

Keep new team members Close to the camp fire to minimize quitting!

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Seriously we talk to people that work crazy hours online…Why? Because they want to live their desired life 2-3yrs on!  Some of them are putting in 12+ hours per day with little to show for it and so they slide fast to their quitting threshold and many QUIT! Everyone’s varies, depending on several factors. We’re all for hard work but there is a MUCH easier way. We see time and time again the majority fall into a trap.

Below are the things that you must avoid as they will quickly drive you to that quitting threshold!

– Getting caught up trying to promote low end products.

– Falling for the ONE shiny object after another…this is a silent killer! 

– Learning, analysing obsessively but never acting.

– Buying software and one click wonder tools.

– Trying to go it alone without direction, in any career or network marketing teamwork always wins! 


These are paths that will get you NOWHERE, keep you frustrated and deeper in debt a year from now. There are MUCH easier (smarter) ways that do pay a heck of a lot better too. WITH SMART WORK, Focus, Commitment, Prioritising and Training 🙂 you can most definitely quit that job & build your brand online!

James Altucher gives us 10 reasons you have to quit your job. We showed this to Fay actually! We had to develop an entrepreneur mindset to get the results we desire. It doesn’t happen overnight so you may have to rethink quitting your job without another job lined up or means of income!

Now here is the deal. Many regular folks have taken the plunge and are getting life changing results online, so now it’s your chance to claim what is yours.

Because we planned and strategized, we can say it works…

Take this morning for example, we checked my ipad while still in bed and this is what was waiting for us. We earned overnight while we slept, we are sure glad quitting the industry wasn’t on our menu when we embarked on this – this never gets old!


Residual income is a result of not quitting, attracting the right people and ILT!



And the coolest part was that we did not have to sell anything. The back-end sales team does it all for us. That’s what happens when you get serious and leverage a system that is set up for success. So if you have had enough and are really ready to commit you can have the life YOU always wanted. NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY, but by gosh it’s so WORTH IT!

As far as we know you only DIE once so WHY NOT go for it, get some skin in the game and make it happen? There are many roads you can take to quit a career and job with pride and generate revenue online. They are NOT created equally. Many lead others to quitting and hating the industry! We urge you to tap into a system with some “meat on the bones” that you can leverage and Joine a Leader with integrity and focus.PKJ_TRAVEL

We’ve tested, tried a few, quit some and got different results, but this program is the one that’s really changed it all for us. So we invite you dig in, put in the work and tell your boss to kiss off! This is the way we recommend quitting your job on the spot.

Paul and I are taking on a few people to help directly…If quitting is your modus operandi please stay put! 

You one of them?

Don’t quit or allow yourself to accelerate towards the quitting threshold with no breaks…You started to succeed. Email us @ and let us know what your struggles are and how we can best help you achieve what you desire This YEAR!

So did you enjoy this article on “You Quitting? Sure Signs You Need to Quit That Job” we sure hope you did! If so please consider sharing, linking and how about sharing your insights below on how to stay motivated so quitting ain’t on the menu and your team too! 🙂 We love hearing from you! 


As always you deserve more!


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