Narrow Your Focus To Get More Done in 6 Steps! #productivity

Narrow Your Focus To Get More Done in 6 Steps! – Business and Life Lessons from The Alchemist!

Narrow your Focus to The Present and Enjoy the Now! #lifelessons #thealchemist

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In this Thanksgiving week, I would like to really focus on things that have helped grow our business. I am so grateful for so much and to so many and one of those is Paulo Coelho for his book The Alchemist. A book that teaches among other lessons; how to Narrow your Focus for maximum results…!


Do you make your target what you Want to, Be, Do or Have? If not, then you need to narrow your focus down to that exact thing! And today’s post will help you do that. A lesson I learnt from The Alchemist buy it on amazon here. I’ve read thrice and this time I felt that aha moment…a proper light bulb went off in my head! I am bringing this lesson practically into this 21st Century Home Business and Network Marketing Space….

You agree that: You, Simon Cowell and I all have the same 24 hrs in a day, so it follows then that if we want massive results in any area of our lives like Simon, we are gonna have to Develop some kind of Tunnel Vision or blinkers….hang on bear with me. In other words narrow our focus to that one thing until we achieve it…Huh!


As a blogger you should definitely narrow your focus in your categories and niche, so you attract a target audience! 

When Pauli did his PHD he zoned in on Environmental Engineering and went further into Water Management! He then also narrowed in on the management side too. His Current Consultancy benefits and our lifestyle reflect this Laser Focus! So let’s agree too that overnight success actually takes years!  

In this article, I want to share with you the lessons from our lives in the professional world and also from The Alchemist, on how to narrow your focus, and get productive in your business. Ready?

Let’s get started!

Check out our Short Video Tutorial on How to Narrow Your Focus and Get Your Desired Results:



#1. Persistence and The Value of Narrowing Your focus

Life is designed to test our staying power, this is a lesson Santiago learnt early in his life. Yet many an entrepreneur give up at the slightest whiff of challenges. See if you believe in your dreams persistence must be your garment UNTIL…


If you watched the above Video you will agree on the Painful and Graphic example I gave on Focused Action Vis a Vis General Action! So let me Ask you a Question:

How do you spend your productive energy? It doesn’t matter how super hyper you wake up in the morning; we all have a certain amount of energy available to us daily in certain core hours. You can either spend your energy on a variety of different things to average or no effect. Or you can persistently focus it on a Few Targeted and important activities and create the results you want and desire. And also have a great positive impact on others.  So this is what we mean by Narrow your focus: i.e. create the fastest and most results in the shortest amount of time. This brings a Good feeling which in turn attracts more of what you want! See how that works? Okay, next we must…



#2. Decide What To Focus On- And Become That co-creator or Alchemist !

Okay according to Wikipedia Alchemy is where by matter is trans-mutated into another matter altogether…something more valuable! What has this got to do with narrowing our focus?

Well as someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can use your talents and abilities to grow, develop and create something amazing in your life and the lives of lots more around you. So why not become the Alchemist? Narrow your focus down to what you love/like to do and what you are good at, Skill up and Apply yourself consistently to doing that thing – This is literally you practicing Alchemy… and creating your treasure!  


I see you spreading yourself thin, undertaking  a wide variety of actions when it comes to growing your home based or online business, or even accomplishing your corporate career goals. I used to do that, a heck of a lot!

So if you have watched the Video above you have got the Solution to what you need to do, to Heal yourself of this problem i.e. My HARSH Medicine for that malaise. If you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to grab a pen and Paper and Do so right now…I can wait…  Here is that link again  

Okay now …

Look carefully at that list and determine what the 3 things are a Must do for your target results and which are “Nice to dos” and frankly the time stealers. The first 3 are your High-Value Tasks and are the activities you want to focus your Core and majority of your time on.



#3. Never Quit – How to Decide What To Narrow your Focus On.


Narrow your Focus down to High Value Tasks for your business!

Are you taking care of the Oil in the spoon, while also taking note of what’s going on around you? The beauty, the works of art. The love, laughter, the good things, that actually make life worth living? Well I definitely imagine that when you took inventory of what you do, you totally forgor to include things like, Breaks, Lunch time, Meditation, exercise, Time out to breath, love, lugh, feed the body and soul! Well hehe is the lesson that Santiago really learnt!

So I did too. When I first took inventory of the activities I do, I realized that I was very inefficient, yet I wasn’t enjoying myself either. I did exercise when I could, I didn’t really meditate. I never did affirmations on a regular basis…This was 2 yrs ago.  My daily routine went something like below:

  • Check my mail…for 2 hrs lol
  • Check Social Media another 2 hrs
  • Create Content including videos, blog posts, post my link all over social media
  • Checking my affiliate accounts…hoping something changed!
  • Tweaking web designs – I am a web designer
  • reading other blogs and commenting on some
  • Self-development, webinars, tutorials, read a book..(I sometimes got lost in this too)
  • Exercise if time permitted…huh!
  • Watch some TV …

We are in the business of providing value to others and get paid to do so…! So I narrowed down my Income Producing or High Value Tasks:

  1. Create Info product – Was done and now only needs updating when necessary!

Now replaced by team training!

  1. Create & Promote Content – Including Videos, Blog posts, Podcasts, Scoping
  2. Prospecting & Marketing aka Lead generation and making Sales.

The more time I spend on these tasks, the faster our business has grown. We are receiving great feedback from our audience and subscribers on how much we are helping them grow. See one message I received recently! And I get at least 2-3 per week similar messages. 

Testimonial from a happy Customer! #servantleader

So guess what we’ve learnt to narrow our focus on these activities. Just as Santiago decided to narrow his focus to working for the crystal Merchant to grow the income he needed to travel to Egypt to find his treasure!



#4. How to succeed in your business by narrowing your focus. How we did it!

It’s quite simple narrow your focus, zone in on the 3 high value activities and get them done daily, no excuses. Focus on those tasks like your business success depended on them and IT DOES! It takes a lot of focused, persistent activities to grow a successful business. So if you are to put in the work, it might as well be as targeted as possible for maximum.

If you work 9-5 or shifts, decide how much time you want to devote to your business daily. Then apply the 80/20 principle. How? Allocate 80% of that time to your 3 tasks above. The Pareto rule has proven to be uncannily true for most life situations.

By focusing our time and actions we did managed to create and launch our Signature Info Product The Secret Affiliate Roadmap for home based business entrepreneurs, network and affiliate marketers and small business owners!  We also cut back on our daily blogging to 3 days a week. In order to be able to also Prospect, Market, Advertise, And create great content for our audience. Our Journey to Build a Super Authority Blog and Brand and we are loving this journey! In fact we are now working on a niche Travel blog COMING SOON. For the traveler who loves the finer things in life using MLSP Sites…(Speaking of MLSP Sites, if you are not leveraging this resource, you must be absolutely raking in the leads and sales or you are absolutely missing out. Grab it here now and start generating leads like the pro you are!)

So we have been productive with the highest value task on our list than we’d been for the entire year before this.


We now have an asset that can help grow not just our brand but help other entrepreneurs grow their business too. It doesn’t take much extra effort on our part anymore. All it took was for us to narrow our focus to increase our brand efficiency.


#5. After you Narrow your Focus, Are other tasks neglected?

Remember Santiago did do a few things along the way to get to his dream and find His Pot of treasure right? So clearly some other things have to be done including a few detours on our journey to our desired destiny. It’s called “Living in the gap.

So no we didn’t ditch the other tasks, we simply prioritized, zoned in, narrowed our focus. Remember the 20% “Productive core time” left over…aha this is where its spent. Many are the seemingly mundane daily business admin stuff that keeps our business ticking over! The nice to dos and here is how we tweaked our priorities to fit these tasks in!

We outsource some of these tasks and thus free my time to focus on the above 3 HVTs. Spread some of that money to others. Bless them too and you too will be blessed. We also batch process and deal with the majority of the same type tasks in a focused period of time, thus accomplishing more too. All other activities are frankly not useful and have been eliminated from my life. As I also have to be a mom, wife, friend and LIVE too.

  • Check email once a day time that’s it I learnt that I was wasting a ton of time. So It was absolutely necessary for me. To do this. I turn my phone on silent so I don’t have to hear notifications of whatsapp, emails or messenger either. is an awesome tool to keep my email clean Paul introduced me to this one & listed it on the 37 useful websites


  • Web disconnect. I love browsing the internet. It’s part of why I am good at what I do too. But I have to narrow mu focus to just the websites that I need during my core hours. This helps avoid getting drawn into web browsing and clicking link after link wasting time. If it’s not on my schedule, it won’t get done period.  


  • Time Myself: E.ggtimer is a wonderful lil tool. I actually use it to time my scopes too. So I also do the “Nice to do” tasks in time. Or you can get so involved in the high value tasks you’re your brand development suffers!


If you would like to Listen or download This definitive guide to Focusing and Brief Review again without having to read this article, Tune in Below



6. Narrow Your Focus, Lessons from The Alchemist: It’s a Wrap!

You want to take a long hard look at the people you wish to emulate and ask yourself what they do. You need to get uncomfortable. I tell you now Paul and I have gotten pretty uncomfortable in the past 2 years to build our business. We have also learnt to narrow our focus and scaled down on our “Leisure travels” to spend more on self-development.

If you spoke to lots of people who knew me years ago, most will tell you I have changed, for the better! Like Abram changed to Abraham I too grew into the Julie Syl you know. Most of my old school mates know me as easy going happy go lucky “Sylvia” Or Syl Jules. I have changed a great deal, and I am opening myself here in the hope that I am inspiring others too. I have done a complete overhaul towards that better version of me” that I am happy to look in the mirror and say I love you girl. Another lesson I have learnt from The Alchemist. To love me & be happy with who I am! Stop and smell the roses, to go where I am appreciated and celebrated.   

So I would very much like to see you grow to the awesome leader you deserve to be. Time for you to narrow your Focus by asking yourself these questions:


  1. What are the 3 MUST Dos, most Income Producing Activities in your business?
  2. What activities do you find yourself wasting time on?
  3. What steps are you taking (or going to take) to narrow your focus and change your life and others today?
  4. Which book have you recently read that has impacted your life?

Please do share if you don’t mind in the comments below! If you got value, do feel free to Like, Share and tag a friend.

You know you deserve more…


Live. Learn. Love

Julie Syl Kalungi








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