Our 5 Content Creation Types for More Website Or Blog Traffic! #contentmarketingtips #blogging

Our 5 Content Creation Types for More Website and Blog Traffic! – Part 2


Our 5 Content Creation Types for More Website Or Blog Traffic! #blogtraffic #typesofcontent

Confession time…this post on content creation types, was meant to go out straight after Part 1 i.e. the Content Promotion post!

But Pauli was super excited about sharing the Magic of places to visit in Delhi and i just couldn’t resist the man or the visual feast myself.  Plus we had some breaking news on Periscope for lead generation…that couldn’t wait another day nope!

So here we are now finally delivering the content creation types. Aka Part 2 of our Content Marketing Tips for this quarter of the year! 

Did you know that just as we are different in nature, it follows that different content types suit different people and brands in different ways? Well today we are gonna very briefly talk about Content Creation Types for more website & blog traffic.

You agree that you are also special in your own way, you have that special talent, knowledge, knack, product etc. that you would like to showcase. So you may find a certain type of content more suitable for your audience and yourself. In our Scope we share the different 5 content creation types and thus help you decide which suits you best!

By the way Julie broadcasts 5 days a week on Periscope about building your brand, self development, winning mindset, list building, traffic getting and ultimately making more sales for your business!

We can assure you that we love the first content creation type which You are gonna have to Tune in to our quick tutorial to Learn what it is Below:

Content Creation On Speed:




Having listened to the above tutorial on the content creation types do you still feel overwhelmed with this idea? And which types are already leveraging? Do you reckon Guest blogging is something you would like to try out to grow your audience? If so, get in touch with us and check out our Terms and Conditions on Guest Blogging.


Now obviously there are numerous more content creation types and types of content, i.e. the artistic licence. Like info-graphics, which we love, podcasts, which I am loving at the moment. And we encourage you to Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes “Your Power Echoes with Juleskal.” Alternatively you can Check out a selection of the said podcasts Here.

Our 5 Content Creation Types for More Website Or Blog Traffic! #guestblogging #contentmarketing


Its been our experience that when you choose a couple of specific Content Creation Types and zone in on a niche, you will attract lots of traffic to your site, blog and offers. That traffic based on the 80/20 rule will respond to your CTAs and subscribe to your offers. The rest is down to how well your funnel is set up for conversion!

Anyhow its only practical to let your audience guide your content creation type or process! Do your research and identify the information, products, ideas, facts, and opinions that are likely to have the most impact for your audience. Make it unique and value packed and you will have a riveted audience waiting to lap up your content whatever it may be, Infographic, Podcast, Vlog, Interview, Product Review etc. 



By the way if you are looking for the artistic side, you are on the money, coz content marketing is so hot right now, we have new bloggers sprouting every day and they truly need content creation guidelines. See some blog content is so poor it’s not worth a second of your time!  Neil Patel brought the sauce and breaks it down for us with 15 types of content. Notice his advice to create a content creation calendar for the different types of content and try it. You will not only find life easier you wont run out of content as you will know exactly what you are producing each given week. Give or take a few diversions for good reason! 


Content creation is only part of the journey, the real challenge is to get your audience to interact and engage with your content. And ultimately inspire them to take action. This is done by engaging with them directly. Reach out to your them with free value content. If its good they will take certain actions you suggest…

Like offering them the possibility to download your PDF, Audio, Slide-share or E-book on a pain point. For instance we offer to our audience our FreeUltimate Guide to Lead Grabbing Sales Letters” Another content creation type. To help you build better sales grabbing offers and lead magnets.

Such help you build a relationship with your audience and get them interested in your product/organization. That’s the reason you chose content marketing in the first place, right!

If you have no clue how to get the above done by all means Check out our Resources and Community Crushing it Here

Content Creation Types to enrol More Reps #mlsp #leadgeneration

We hope you have got value from our post on “Content Creation Types for more traffic?” We all want MORE of that holy grail – organic traffic. So go create the content that you find fun to do. Make it original by adding your personal experiences and rock your site. And before you go…if you found value do like, share and drop your tips on content creation types and types of content below.


Live. Learn. Love


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