The Pareto Rule

My friend disagreed about the Pareto rule or the 80/20 Rule Hmm!


Achieve More with Less

Haa haaa my friend cracked me up as I rambled on about Pareto and her workplace! …. She’d never heard of the 80/20 Principle or the Pareto Rule or the Cause & effect rule et al. until I told her about it. Here it is in brief if you have never heard of it: “80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts”. You can apply this rule universally and its accuracy is near uncanny. It’s the secret to Achieving More with Less. But here is the juice, when I told my friend Lets call her “Hetty”, she looked at me blankly and said to me, who the heck is Pareto? Look here I go and work a 12 hour shift, and you are telling me 80% of what I do is BS as all I need to do is 20% to earn my 12hr shift pay? I told her bluntly that YES 🙂

Then I asked her to elaborate …and this is where it got a bit hairy as she got a wee bit defensive. She said Okay based on the Pareto Rule. I can call my manager tomorrow and tell her that If I can deliver all I do in my shift in 20% of the 12 hours She should let me go home early so I can get in at least 6 hours of sleep! I told her that could simply get her fired…! She said well then your rule doesn’t work in “All circumstances does it?

Cause        Effect

Cause Effect

Now I was stuck for what to say to her. Then I quickly asked her to give me a break down of her 12 hours shift. She did. I won’t bore you with the details but by Gosh I managed to show her how she could very effectively manage her time at work to deliver efficiently. Coz she gets only 1 hour tops for a cuppa and a bit of a break. I showed her how actually she does most of the ESSENTIALS in about 20% of the time, the rest is time spent being “Busy” but not particularly productive! Unfortunately she can’t bunk off as she has to be on that ward Busy for the 12 hour duration! She works 12 Hrs a day/night 6 days a week. Her children only see her between shifts, groggy, tired, & oft time grumpy. She looks 10 times her age & yet she bears it all with a smile. But does she have to do this for the rest of her life? I personally don’t think so and I introduced her to another way. How she could have a bit more fun with her rapidly growing brood and live her life on a more balanced keel. I made it clear that I understand she is busy 24/7 so she could simply USE the Product as a customer, simply put the business opportunity IS STRICTLY optional! You too could learn more about it out below: TRAVEL_CLUB

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And I digress, but all in good faith 🙂 


I actually used to do this a lot in my 9-5

You should have seen Hetty’s face, it was like a light bulb went off in her mind. I was like her almost 6 years ago! 9-5 job during the day and changing my suit for a nurse uniform at night & weekends! A Zombie was definitely having more fun than I was, I looked like death warmed over, I was getting obese for my size & height…coz I stuffed myself with all sweets, breads, left overs at work, there was always something that staff could share & I partook. I knew I should do some exercise and do something about my life but I was working every hour God sent,  in denial and also very angry…! Every time I picked up by liluns, the child minder told me they had said a new word, they were walking, and they did a work of Art… Doesn’t every parent think their child’s hand print is amazing art…Picasso can’t compete 🙂

My Children were being brought up by minders, different ones at that. One day I was so exhausted from a night shift & 9-5 thereafter I picked up my son from the Play center and was so absent minded I drove into the road without checking traffic…and Bang! Wake up call…That accident woke me up to a reality that Life is more precious and I need to choose my direction! Fast forward to 2012 and Internet Marketing found us…!

Can I say it’s a journey we’re enjoying, getting consistent results working so much less hours, with a duplicable system & tools we have put together under the  Resource Section on our website

Lots of people may “”think”” they want to “fire the boss” & work for themselves! Some have already been laid off by the economic conditions…But they just never get around to starting and investing in themselves. Maybe they don’t have the forthrightness or confidence to do it…the bills wont pay them selves etc etc. Yet There are millions who are doing online or home based businesses part time and creating an extra income and slowly but surely growing closer to firing that boss! 

Which person do you want to be? I hope you’re one to take your future by the horns today and use at least 2 hours a day MINDING YOUR BUSINESS.

Create Your Brand and Start Your Journey to working 20% of the time for 80% of the results and earnings that will lead to a level of freedom in 2-3 years. Your 8-8 or 9-5 Job will never give you these things! Time to Focus and NO Quitting attitude! Be the 100% believer that the Pareto rule works, take action & You will achieve the results you need.

There the movers and shakers of the world. The people that make things happen, they follow the Pareto rule… Why not you?

In business, in life, even if you don’t see the immediate pay-off, even if it doesn’t seem fair that YOU are the one always doing things… Give 100% via the 80/20 principle!

With your family, with your friends, and with your work. It’ll always work out for your benefit and that of others. Now get out there and make things happen! Call that person that you’ve been waiting to call you, start that business that you’ve been waiting on someone else to hand to you in a pretty little gift wrapped box. Put in 100% like you’ve never done before. Your absolute best.

You can thank me later  🙂

P.S. If you are looking to progress in this industry you have to work with the right people. In fact You could be thanking me sooner rather than later if you’ll take the time to watch this presentation AND TAKE ACTION TODAY.

Does the Pareto rule work? Yes it Does.

Rise n Shine to your awesome Destiny

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