Network Marketing Advertising Must Dos to make Sales!

Network Marketing Advertising is the  One Essential Job of a Home Business Owner or in a Multilevel Marketing Business. So How Do We Approch It for Winning?

You now are on a quest to unblock your sale, how’s that going for you? Its time to tell us what you do and Get your network marketing advertising and biz to a new level, enter Google or FB Ads, Promoting, solos, ppc, ppa etc. We’re talking about your J.O.B…Oh my the “J” word rears its head. Yup you do have a job… You Are a Marketer. If you’re a home business owner, an affiliate or network marketer, are you in charge of generating revenue for your business? And you are, by definition, a marketer and advertising is part and parcel! So did you know that you have explicitly only two jobs…To ASK and TO TEACH or EDUCATE Others!

Like any task for network marketing advertising to bear results, you’ve got to research your market. This ensures that you reach the prospect when he or she is in the market for what you’re offering. See if we just bought a car no amount of ads or infomercials will sway us to buy another car, UNLESS our finances change, then we may down or up-scale…

Talking of Standing out in Network Marketing, side note here but we cant help sharing how chuffed we are, one of our mentors, an Online Marketing Leader, Public speaker and All round Rock-star Tanya Aliza Endorsed us…Now that’s standing out amongst the crowds Watch It HERE!

Okay, earth calling to Pauli 🙂 For network marketing advertising to be effective, it’s extremely important to educate our potential customers/prospects, subscribers and customers as to why they should buy from us. So today we are talking about our Most Important JOB…ASKING them to buy from YOU.

We’ve heard it said over & over that the greatest weakness of a home business owner or Network Marketing Advertising also includes Lead Nurturing,  a Must in Salesnetwork marketer is failure to close, or to ask for the sale. We watch numerous adverts, that never Really ask anybody to do anything. The worst we can do in our network marketing advertising is create or share a presentation or squeeze page that’s wishy washy! You know that your squeeze/capture page is Your Advert or Billboard and it can be placed at the busiest junction/ website even rank on Google Page one. BUT if people don’t know what action to take…they can’t take it can they!

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Network Marketing Advertising Basics!

The first thing we learnt in Advertising 101 is the AIDA formula, an acronym for the four tasks of any ad…

A- Attention;

I – Interest;

D- Desire; and

A- Action.

The above tasks apply to network marketing advertising, bricks and mortar advertising and any advertising of any sort. One of your most important Jobs is to Capture attention, Convert it to interest, and Cultivate desire. All this is part of “TEACHING or EDUCATING” a function of advertising. Action is the “ASKING” part.

Dominate your competition with Network Marketing Advertising

Since we invested in a home based business, we started to pay more attention to the ads on the telly, newspapers; our fav Radio station and we’ve noticed just how many adverts don’t make a “call to action.” This is a total waste of good money…simply foolish!

If advertising is just “salesmanship in print,” as a famous ad man said decades ago; today this included on the air or internet. Then how can you justify you as a modern day salesman failing to ask for the sale?

We learnt to always ask the Question “Are You Ready To get started?” Once we have shared our business opportunity with a prospect! This elicits a Yes, No or I have some qns type of Answer in its various forms. Which we call objections and one of our Mentors and Team leaders Tanya Aliza has EXTREMELY EFFECTIVELY handled these in a series of Blogs so head over there and Learn how to Be The Best salesman you can be HERE! Without spoilers, we can only say Tackle the objection before it arises and reduce the chances of having to chase someone for a decision that could have been a YES in the first place!


Network Marketing Advertising, Make an Irresistible Offer:

network Marketing Advertising, Make an Irresistible Offer!Network marketing advertising will only be effective if your Every ad carries an offer, and every offer should ask the prospect to take a specific action. (Make it an irresistible one) The offer doesn’t always have to be to buy, yet action must be requested, or you’re simply wasting your precious advertising and marketing budget. Below are a few suggestions to help your network marketing advertising offers:

1. You certainly can make an offer that’s designed to get someone to respond to a survey, to share their views, to opt into a sweepstakes or to buy. Another call to action might be to simply generate a lead that can be converted later i.e. an opt in type of advert. And a FREE report or some kind of analysis may do the trick in this situation.


2. You could create offers to get your existing customers to buy again i.e. return customers or to buy in greater quantity through upsells or side sells in other words two more good reasons to “ask for the sale.”


3. You could create an offer specifically designed to get lost or dormant customers to “come back to the fold?” We recently found out that some of our subscribers and the customers we thought we had lost hadn’t been lost to a failure of quality service/product on our part…It was simply information overload (Too many emails from all over). For others it was just forgetfulness or other priorities got in the way! Life does happen; people are not staying awake all night worrying about YOUR OFFER…! See we admit that our only problem had been NOT SPELLING IT OUT ASKING these subscribers to do business with us again.

Lesson Learnt: We can reap a heck more sales and profits by simply asking existing or past customers and rekindling the relationship. It’s very important to retain our customers read our article on customer retention HERE!

4. Two more reasons and ways to make our offers irresistible are to

a) Offer a “trial” to the prospect. A trial is often a small, initial purchase that you systematically nudge & build into larger and repeat sales. Lots of network marketing advertising these days starts with a trial offer, that can be extended to a full blown sale or even subscription. We bought into Aweber for their $1/30 days trial offer…Another example is our primary company. We are so excited about a new offer trialled in USA, a new app has been developed, that anybody can download & use 100% free, to experience various vacations and see just what/where they can go next and earn free travel dollars that they can redeem for a hotel stay or flights! This is a major breakthrough. We are super excited here in Europe and can’t wait to get our hands on it too!

b) Cement relationship with existing customers, could be by rewards! The loyalty offer encourages your customers to do business with you often and for an extended period of time.

For instance if you love reading books, you almost certainly have a favourite author…How about music…!

5. Our final suggestion is to create an offer designed to get your existing customers to refer or bring you other customers. These are incentive-based referral systems, and they can be among the most effective and cost-efficient ways to bring in new customers and cement existing customer loyalty. Boom 2 birds-one stone Sweet! Remember, you’ve got to ask in a compelling irresistible way. A team mate recently made an offer of a FREE Cruise give away. Paid for leave your wallet at home cruise… Get it? 10% off is generally not compelling enough.


Lets wrap network marketing advertising up:

For effective network marketing advertising, great offers are made up of CONDITIONS and APPEALS. Conditions are the price point and any limiting terms we place on our offers. Appeals are the optional extras – the “carrots” – we should and can throw in to entice our customers.

Below we suggest a few appeals you could use to sweeten your network marketing advertising deal aka “the carrots”:

  1. Free Samples & Trials
  2. Premiums (Super awesome Prizes)
  3. Guarantees – performance specific
  4. Discounts – make these real good, irresistible remember e.g. 50 -70% off!
  5. BOGOFS….Buy One Get One Free Most people prefer these to discounts…its psychological!
  6. Sweepstakes
  7. Bonuses If you can of course. (Ever see those Tesco Wine Offers, they sometimes give you a bottle of your fav Baileys for FREE? That’s a bonus and time for us to stock up especially great in summer.) We lotsa times buy for the bonus and choose between two options based on the extras.

As a business owner we urge you not to underestimate the importance of your network marketing advertising OR the power of any of the above strategies to help you get that SALE. Ask now, ask right and you’ll be making an offer they won’t refuse in your network marketing advertising strategy.

The Good Book said it too; “ASK and You shall Receive”…so why don’t you ask? What’s there to lose….a non-friend?

If you would like to learn more about network marketing advertising, you must Grab This Program that has taught us a shed-load and propelled our business in amazing ways!

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