Powerful Tips to Increase your Blog traffic

This guide has 12 Power Tips To Increase Traffic to your Blog Posts by up to 48% + Bonus Infographic

If you are like we were in the beginning, writing awesome blogs and not getting any traffic, then this blog is for you. We give you not 5, not 7, heck not 10 but 12 Powerful tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog posts fast and of course your offers, if you have set your blog and website up well to grab the visitor’s attention. This will in turn lower your bounce rate and make uncle Google happy and your ranking improves with great Back-links thrown in, you will be on your way to Organic traffic heaven, its been known to increase between 22-48%, the recipe pro-blogging success is made of.

Remember we said we would tell you the steps we took to create a 5figure income within just 3 weeks. We don’t want you to think it was just pot luck, we did the preparation, research, looked for high converting offers, created the Optin pages, Monetized our blog etc. We want you too to succeed, to increase traffic to your blog, articles, content whether on WordPress, blogger etc and your offers and to make consistent sales. Neil Patel wrote in his blog about the 7 Rules he followed to drive 100k visitors to his site and guess what those steps are listed in the Infographic below as well!

So if you are a new blogger or just stuck in a rut, this is something that you will find extremely useful. Worry no more, why? Because we give you 12 things to do after you’ve written a new blog post. Great tips to increase traffic to those blog posts. Take a look and Implement the suggestions in the Infographic below consistently, blog post by blog and watch how traffic to your website increases day by day.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog Posts Infographic

Increase Traffic to your Blog Posts Infographic


Now this is how you increase traffic flow to your blogs or content, broadcasts, Newsletters. Don’t let the title limit you to just blog posts, think articles, newsletters, short e-books etc!

Don’t be a selfish blogger, Participate in other blog communities. Have you noticed that people will comment with links to their own blogs at the end of popular posts. Commenting alone is a great way to get your name and ideas out in the world, but if you’re able to add a link to your blog as well, you’ll likely grab a few attentive readers. This is good, because the people who click through to your blog are likely some of the most loyal, possibly gaining you a solid following.

  • Add creative, insightful comments to blog posts. Writing meager, boring, or irrelevant comments and linking to your blog will drive people away.
  • Comment often and on a variety of different blogs. After a while, the authors of the blogs you comment on will begin to take notice and might contact you for collaborations. WikiHow goes into deeper detail on this.

Well Now you know your blog posts have half a chance to have an increase in traffic and lower bounce rates, go build some awesome value blogs. We know you can. If you have got value from this Blog, Share it forward with your team and drop a comment below.

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