Don’t Waste Time! 11 Steps to Create Infinite Blog Posts in 24 Hrs! #creatblogs

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11 Highly Effective Resources, Plus 25 Ideas To Create Infinite Blog Posts or Social Media Content in 24 Hrs. Never worry about Writers Block!

You can Create Infinite Blog Posts in 24 Hours, here is how! #contentcreation


Create Infinite Blog Posts – Here is How

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU…  It’s the first week of the new year and you feel blank, nada no ideas coming to mind! Your mind is stuck in holiday mode…You wish you were able to create infinite blog posts or blog content, or at least come up with titles for your blogs…! Do you feel like pulling your hair out and banging them walls?

Calm down and sit tight! Gosh we remember when we first started lol, we would spend a whole day on one blog post and still come up short!  Well we got you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Create infinite blog posts and content

First we advise that you put aside 24-48 hours to simply Plan, Research & Create some content…You Need to do this. Its the right time to do this, map out your content creation and marketing strategy for the new year!

If you are able to pump out at least your first 20 Posts of the year/season/month you will be on your way to creating infinite blog posts my friend! 

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Note that we started with just 7, then decided heck why not create a proper Ultimate Guide 🙂 So you get a whole resource to get yo going into the year! 

You can create 2-3 blog posts per week easy, your work starts when you publish. Thats what you must focus 80% of your content creation energy! So don’t sweat the small stuff mate, we have been there and can help you pump out quality content that attracts the audience you need! 

If creating content is a problem then you definitely should check out our blog post on ….74 highly converting blog or email titles complete with an awesome infograph

Your biggest challenge will be creating and keeping your content fresh. The easiest solution is to add a personal experience or experience of someone you know. A review of the product or service. Its essential that you have used  and/or tried the said product or service to give a personal opinion on it.

Over the past few years we have come across and tried a few resources to create infinite blog posts, seriously we have blog posts on ice waiting to be published, tweaked or canned…we have a choice. Now we don’t advise you to blog daily unless you are like the “Ray Higdon blog machine.” 🙂 We believe 2-3 times a week is ample.

Then promote those blog posts like crazy for the rest of the days of the week. This means you could have 104 -156 blog posts per year! And guess what these can be created within 24 hrs…At least the skeletons!

Lets get started helping you create Infinite blog posts Fast using our tried and tested Resources below:

Learn how we create infinite blog posts super fast! #blogcreation

#1 Google Calendar: 

You need a Content Creation Calendar Period! Are you a blogger or a hobbyist? This is what you do to create extra income right…! So sit down and agree what topics you are gonna focus on per month in advance, then the research begins. We outsource some, yet you can create lots of blog topics in one day. We like to keep a colour coded spreadsheet of ideas. Use colours that you’re comfy with as below! We use:

  • Blue for topics or posts that are ready to publish, with links and images!  
  • Green for ever green ideas and topics, just need a lil beefing up!
  • Pink for topics or subjects that we need more training or research on!
  • Orange for ideas we are either testing out or are undergoing training and we intend to Learn & Teach/share later!
  • Red for trending or seasonal one off topics


Create Infinite Blog Posts Using a Content Calendar! #contentcreation #MotivationalMonday

A sneak Peek on our Content Calendar Draft 2016!

We use Google Calendar as we can share it with a virtual assistant when we are extra busy for research & curation purposes. Thats why its important to have them colour coded as above. We also utilize Asana to progress, track and get results for our content & projects! You can start using Asana for free!

Once you know what you are gonna blog about that month or week, you will always find the information on the WWW…uncle Google awaits your pleasure! 



#2 Pinterest:  Not only is this one of our top blog traffic sources, it is also one of our top blog post idea sources. You too can create infinite blog posts from this resource seriously. Its also visually pleasing and that’s a biggie for us. By the way follow us in Pinterest here!

We use the Pinterest Feed Search and find topics, the same way our target audience does find our pins and we pull in a min 5-10 pinterest leads per day! Its essential to use your keywords as hashtags in your pins so that they are searchable by your target audience. Learn how to do that with our Free Pinterest Hacks below

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#3 Your Life Lessons aka Failures And how you Turned it round:  This is a true crowd puller. When you write about what you’ve failed at in your field and lessons learned. We recently shared our Instagram Mistakes and how learning Best practice has catapulted our IG Followers to a minimum 5 per day! We have had numerous lessons along our entrepreneurial journey, many of which we share along the way, in between our usual content calendar topics. Sometimes the lessons are so painful its hard to write about them. Yet, those are the lessons YOU MUST write about, because that pain will shine through. You will touch someone’s life out there and they are usually the most read blog posts! If we all wrote more about our life experiences, we could create infinite blog posts! Its a fact: Facts Tell, Stories Sell and if you struggle to write or share your story or personal experiences; Try This Resource to create the story of your life, one that will attract your target audience like butterflies to light!

Yet many people say they have nothing to share when you advise them to start a blog! Well you wont have that problem anymore! Since we also have a Luxury travel blog, we write about destinations, tips, art, travel, and all things fun and inspirational! Our personal experiences so to speak, its one of the best and most fun ways to create & share content!



#4 Portent Creation Tool: 

Create infinite Blog Posts with this Portent Title maker! #bloggintips

We love this fun title maker. Its is quite similar to the HubSpot topic generator, yet intrinsically different. The Portent tool is much more interactive, funnier, almost like a children’s pay site. Yet don’t underestimate the value it can give, to help you create infinite blog posts. We once created 25 post topics in 24 hrs! Talk about a gold mine huh!  You too can get a ton of topics from this tool. Ideas pop out and it gives you various resources to find similar content and be able to find & create long tailed keywords for your content. You can enter one noun at a time, and keep refreshing until you get to a title & topic that suits your idea! The last time I used this tool last year, I came up with 12 topics, and those gave me inspiration for an additional 13! Thus the 25 mentioned above all in a day’s work!

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#5 CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Now its impossible for me to share the Portent tool and not share with you another awesome Headline Checker that will help you crank out and create infinite blog posts, the CoSchedule resource! As you can see we played around with this post title a lil and got results below of the strength of the long tailed keyword in images below! We got the Smiley. This tool is almost similar to the aminstitute tool, which we sadly find a lot unstable lately! 

Coschedule_Headline_analyzer CoSchedule_tool to help you create infinite blog posts on tap! #contentcreation #blogsyndication



#6 Industry Magazines and Websites: When all is dark, and you cant find your creative genie, these are a life saver for you to create infinite blog posts, on tap! And the beauty is most are online. You don’t have to walk in the snow, rain or heat to go buy a hard copy. At the very least you should subscribe to your industry, niche or platform magazine. Failing that, we recommend you follow a good number of Industry influencers and leaders blogs! We follow a good few including Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Digital Marketing Lab, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, QuickSprout, HubSpotSocial Media Examiner, Vince Reid, Elizabeth Purvis, PJ Van Hulle, Anthony Robins, Russell Branson, etc etc. We may not necessarily read all their content daily, yet we ensure we scan their posts every blessed week, learn, implement & leave a great comment. The idea is to check out the title and content and think of how you too can spin the article to write something unique. Often times you don’t really need to look at industry specific magazines lots either, but definitely sometimes! You will be inspired to create infinite blog content from existing content, magazines, influencer articles, content curation is alive and kicking. Don’t disrespect the original author by a copy & paste job! But definitely create 20+ new topics from the ideas you get for your Monthly content calendar” 🙂 



#7 Facebook Groups & Pages: 

This is an obvious place to start. We have on one occasion created 36 blog topics from a facebook Page or Group. Allow us to demonstrate! Julie is a member of a few FB groups that relate to our businesses, many are niche groups. So what do we do? We read the group questions and generate blog topics from there. Lots of people are seeking for guidance and you have the answers!

You can usually create 2-3 article titles from one Facebook post. One of our favorite groups gets about 3-4 brand-related posts daily, you can separate those into 12 post titles/topics. If you visit say 3 groups  a day (Its easy to visit more, BUT Prioritize your time), you can easily create any number of posts way more than mentioned above!  Note the Question Originator and send them a private message aka PM, with the post link or Tag them in the post on the group…Be careful not to upset them with unsolicited links. By letting them know you will be publishing a post on the Qn they asked and will share the answer with them, in advance! 



#8 HubSpot Topic Generator:  This is a great free resource for title ideas as well. We simply plug into the HubSpot resource a few niche ideas and boom, we’ve got at least a 6 week horde. You can add up to 3 words and with one click you’ll get back 5 blog topics. Note that sometimes they are crap, but often times you get the idea. Try at least 6 different words for topics you wish to cover. This could give you another 30 content topics & potential headlines! HubSpot itself is a treasure trove of Blog Content ideas you can learn from test, tweak and create your own content, link back to them and drop your comment on original blog with your new blog post link…For link juice baby! 

Hubspot Title Generator to Create Infinite Blog Posts! #contentcreation #blogpromotion


#9 Alltop – This web Magazine is a blog sharing and syndication site that lists the most recent and trending topics from some of the most popular blogs across the globe. Last time we checked we were able to put together 12 drafts within 24 hrs. Alltop content is listed by topic and you can never run out of ideas to share if you are a registered user. Alltop will give you the topics you have chosen to follow first. In fact you will find lots of authority and trending topics in this online magazine! we love its Holy Kaw shares, a real hoot for a down day! By the way Alltop vets its membership, it doesn’t accept every website, so be ready to wait a few days before your content is also accepted on there. You can create infinite blog posts from this resource. 



#10 Trending Topics: Season Trends via social media: We all know that most seasons come with our knowledge e.g. Easter season, spring, summer, Hanukkah, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc! So we definitely can plan our content Super fast within a day and then build out the flesh around our titles and skeletons. You can never run out of content when you know what season or event is coming round the corner. Using Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn you literally can pump out content in a day from Questions people ask. Just like Facebook, Twitter is a cacophony of topics, ideas and quite frankly a topic generation machine. You can create infinite blog posts from twitter alone. First you need to follow fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers, niche marketers, industry leaders & publications, of course your suppliers, and your clients. Sign up for notifications & check their tweets. You will learn whats trending & your target market pain points (which is their target market). The idea is to glean where your value unique spin would fall. Search for relevant hashtags, see what questions people are asking and note all these down use Google docs or Evernote to keep it all accessible! You can easily come up with or create infinite blog post topics here. At the very least 30 a day easy.


#11 Now this’s similar to Alltop above! In addition to being a great resource to promote your content, is a great place to find great content ideas and create infinite blog posts! Its a great place to also link to great blogs or articles and follow the authors. We find that we receive a steady flow of traffic from even though we don’t visit it as regularly as we would like to! WHY? Because we set it up, once done, its automatic when we hit publish our content populates over there and bingo! Read our article on how to leverage as a content promotion tool


You In A Hurry? Watch or Listen via this Video!

If you are looking for a New Home for your blog Check out This resource

And because we love to over deliver we would like to help you started on your Journey; here are 25 Blog Ideas and Topics to get your creative juices flowing and get you through probably the first quarter of the year!

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1 Trending Topics or Seasons!

2 Write a Product Review/s, what you use & recommend!

3 Host a Giveaway or Linkup;

4 Beginners guide to……….(fill in blank)

5 Beginners Guide to…………promotion (Fill in Blank)
6 Your favourite marketing strategy & Why – best a video tutorial
7 Your daily morning and night-time Success Routine

8 Share what’s in your marketing tool kit
9 Do you have favourite business apps? Why – Video Tutorial;
10 Create a list of resources that are helpful for niche audience;

11 You a web designer? Share how to design a WP website;
12 Interview a Success or inspirational Story;
13 FAQ post in your niche
14 Share your favourite Business sites/ blogs and Why;
15 Create a Bucket list post – great for travel

16 Your “Marketing secrets”;
17 Create a Power Tutorial on how you use a Resource/s;
18 10 facts about your business platform.

19 Attended any events lately? Write about that or if about to attend
20 Write about Industry leaders, who to follow on Social media and why
21 A lead generation super guide or wishlist
22 Share your favourite Blogging tips…This topic is infinite lol!
23 Travel experiences, Destination Photos, Tips etc.
24 Know about SEO, favourite plugins, Apps? Write about them.
25 A tutorial on hacks e.g. branding hacks.


You can create infinite blog posts from the above 25 Ideas alone. Create a Content Calendar based on these ideas. Go create some power headlines or blog titles using the tools we shared above and without a shadow of a doubt you will crush it this year on your blog. Do bookmark this post so you can revisit as you need!



Create Infinite Blog Posts – And Promote them:

And we cannot leave you without some guidance on how to promote all the awesome Content you create. So we urge you to Check out our monster article on 19 whopping Unique ways to Promote your content for maximum traffic! And if you find you are still stuck, definitely check out our Content Marketing Category. Simply use the search box on top of side bar, drop down menu, chose topic of choice! It is packed full of tips, resources and strategies to get more targeted eyeballs on your content.

And once done with above, Make sure to build legal Authority back-links with the resource we highly recommend below:

Social Monkee - Authority Backlink Builder! #backlinks

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