Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza – It is Finally here, Our Full Uncensored Review

You’re reading our uncensored review of what we really think about the Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza (UBB). Note that this is a review so; Click here to visit the Official Website.

Why are we writing this? Well, when we learnt about the Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza, there weren’t too many real reviews about, so we thought we’d write one now to help new and potential clients & customers in the same position we were. This review will look at the good & flip side so if that’s not what you want to hear, then read no further, and without further ado…

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint, what is It Actually?

Ultimate Brabding Blueprint

Tanya Aliza Founder of the Ultimate Branding Blueprint

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is the newest and latest product by Online Marketing Rock-star, 7 figure earner & Founder of Business Blog Mastery and all round awesome woman Tanya Aliza Links.

It shows you the exact system Tanya herself uses to generate a minimum of 5-10Leads per day, which lead her to recruit over 400 direct reps in her primary business and earning a consisted 6figure monthly income online, from absolute fundamentals to the exact little details.

But it’s not what you’d expect. We’ve bought many courses, some frankly a great disappointment! When we logged in to the members area for the first time wow, we had a pleasant surprise! A plethora of articles or videos that have the most detailed training on Branding, Website setup, Design, Launch and promotion that exist today.  

Tanya takes you on as her Student-Client, if you will, and invites you to take her as your coach; then she leads you step-by-step through her exact formula to Branding You Inc., blogging and monetizing your blog to make money.

The whole ‘personal’ element is something we loved about this course; plus there’s a members-only forum included where you can discuss the teachings with Tanya herself! (Plus the other members). Think for a second how valuable it would be for you to have a direct communication link with one of the best internet marketers in the business? This is a big plus, and something that’s absent from many other courses.
Step-by-step, here’s exactly what the ultimate branding blueprint program gives you:

“Basically, you’re getting a how to guide on exactly how to brand YOU, Create a Killer, professional website, monetize your website, attracting targeted leads & building your list; Blogging 101 and implementing Tanya’s ‘6 figure/month’ system, plus a READY MADE Business Blog Mastery Product!”

Click Here to Go To the Official Tanya Aliza Website

So what Actual System does the Ultimate Branding Blueprint Training Teach?

Well, unlike many courses or ‘original new products’ on blogging and branding out there, in Ultimate Branding Blueprint Tanya teaches a system that’s been neglected as many teach about blogging but the systems they present are old & don’t work anymore. Tanya Teaches Whats Working Now. It is the training of choice for the best bloggers in internet marketers today and it works like this:

Welcome video and General Overview of the Ultimate Branding Blueprint by Tanya Aliza giving you a bird’s eye view of the course and Guiding you on what steps to take step by step in order to get the best from the course and for your own Branding Satisfaction!

Ultimate Branding: Your Own Personal Domain/s and Hosting services. The Themes to use to create the best aesthetically pleasing and responsive website and STEP BY STEP. Tanya guides you like she is over your shoulder, very few Gurus do this!

Ultimate Target Marketing: Tanya shows you how to create the look, feel and online style of your brand (with a Bonus action workbook) something to measure your success later.

• Building Your Blog: includes lead form setup so you can start generating leads fast. Tanya gives blog money making tips here. (There are 9 steps to this and they are all crystal clear & so simply laid out You will never have to pay a web designer to build your website for you, unless you are completely non tech savvy! The mighty Plugins and Widgets, without costing you a penny. We can safely say we have not spent a $ on any plugin at all thus far and you can see how wonderful our website looks!

Tanya’s BONUSES and these alone made the whole course super powerful. Coz this is where Tanya digs into Attracting targeted leads, Building Your List, Monetizing your blog/website, SEO & making Google happy, thus Ranking, Yes Please…!

We have had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Tanya Aliza and are super pumped to Share it.

101 Power Thoughts

Julie & Pauli Kalungi Interview Tanya Aliza CLICK HERE TO LISTEN & DOWNLOAD

Or Click Here To Listen to our Interview  with Tanya Aliza  You Need QuickTime Player


We Encourage You to Listen to this audio and Download it, you will learn a heck of a lot!

Personal and Business Branding, Online Branding is Essential in this Era & its Vitally Important that You Get Your brand Online Fast. The UBB is an All Round Course and Tanya brings it fully loaded. It comes bundled with affiliation, as a UBB student you can promote and recoup your costs earning great commissions, making it even more attractive!

Obviously this is a HUGE oversimplification of the Ultimate Branding Blueprint, there is so much value given its priceless; but this is a quick version for you. Now you may think that other internet gurus are already doing this…NO they aren’t! How many mailing lists are you on from people who gave out free products to you, worth Thousands? So now you see how powerful the Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza is.

As UBB students we have had success earning 5 figures in a network marketing company we promoted before and with over 250 reps. BUT we always promoted the company website and brands. We had never ever branded ourselves and we were not Building our List, because all our leads opted into the company landing pages!

It’s true that we got thousands of opt-ins, who we never got to build any kind of relationship with, thus losing their interest. Yet they showed interest by OPTING into the Links we promoted! This will never happen again with our own brand and website at the front line. You are your own brand!

The buck stops with you. UBB gives you that edge and your journey as a brand in MLM, small business owner, HBO and network marketing begins here! We can tell you now, as we review Ultimate Branding Blueprint, we get a minimum of 5 leads per day! This alone was worth the whole course! Tanya Aliza brings it period, the Ultimate Branding Blueprint coaching definitely ranks among the best on Branding & Blogging that we’ve seen today! In short: Ultimate Branding Blueprint Course works, so get marketing with Tanya Aliza.

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Flip side

Obviously, some will say we are biased, so here’s what we see as the flip side. We have no bad points about the Ultimate Branding Blueprint, sorry to disappoint you. But here goes:

• A newbie or a non-serious person may find the $397 Price-point a bit steep, if you don’t appreciate the value of Personal Branding and Blogging to Grow as a Sales Person then it’s not for you! Listen up, that price is given back to you in way so much value it’s amazing. You have the opportunity to promote the UBB and recoup your costs over and over again…so we didn’t use this as an excuse and neither should you! Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza more than outweighs the cost in value received and the growth in you as a Brand and Blogger for business and Home Business Entrepreneur as a result!

• The volume of information can be a bit daunting to someone who has no computer skills at all. So If you have some Basic Computer skills and can browse the internet, Get It! We guess if you’re looking for a quick little system then you need to look elsewhere, because with the level of detail Tanya offers you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn and to grow your Brand, get Long Term results IF YOU APPLY YOURSELF!

• Tanya took into consideration time zones and had the whole course pre-recorded, all scripts and PDFs attached and links given so you don’t have to stay up in the wee hours to attend live webinars if based in Europe, Africa, Asia etc, you can replay, revisit anytime & learn, or make changes to your brand as you and your list grows. This is absolutely priceless, so again training with Tanya Aliza is a worthwhile investment!

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Great Points

• One of the world’s best Internet Marketers, multiple 7 figure earner, and Trainer as your personal coach. Do we need to say more, and the best bit is we get to Work DIRECTLY with Tanya Aliza  as mentor in this program as well. Her coaching and hands on approach as a Mentor is next to None! We can’t really stress the benefit of this enough.

• The included products and PDF/Audio Reports. These will save you a LOT of time, and shows you exactly what a great Branding & Blogging product should be like.

• The Breadth of the system – Tanya goes from absolute fundamentals all the way to advanced levels of Branding You Inc. List Building, Attracting High quality prospects to your website, essential blog posts for your business, this course is For Serious Business entrepreneurs, if you don’t want to be a leading brand, it’s not for you 🙂

• The direct-line of contact with Tanya the Facebook forum and community spirit in there is awesome. Tanya directly answers your questions, very hands on. We can’t overstate how valuable this is.

Our Personal Last word

We’ve come to the end of our Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza review. It is one of the most impressive and complete training courses on branding and blogging today that we’ve seen in a long time. We can honestly say the course has changed our business and lives.

If you’re ready to Brand You and Grow Your Business like a Pro, if you know where you are going, then Get the Ultimate Branding Blueprint with Tanya Aliza, and watch your brand grow! If you’re looking to get started in the Internet Marketing business and want to set up the right way for the long term rewards, we can’t recommend Ultimate Branding Blueprint & Tanya Aliza enough! So much so That we gave a short testimonial about the Ultimate Branding Blueprint & Tanya Aliza!







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