How to Rock Periscope for Lead generation, Grow a following! #leadgeneration #periscopeforbusiness

How to Rock Periscope for Lead Generation, Grow Your Followers and Business!


Periscope for Lead Generation, Post Update 12th May 2016 It seems that since the start of May, Twitter has pulled the plug on and now you have to use other means to save your scopes. And of course you have lost your horde of scopes. If you have been using Katch videos in your blogs. You might like to go check your posts and remove the videos as they’re now broken links!

We offer a Solution below which we recommended Way back in November 2015. Create your free account now and save your scopes for the future!

I tell you now, as you read every word of this post you will start to realise how possible it is to rock periscope for lead generation, grow your following and business! And above all grow your heart base aka social proof. I love the hearts aww!

Many will tell you hearts mean nothing, don’t be attached to them. I agree to an extent. See I usually do my scopes when most of my following is asleep. Time zones and all that stuff. Yet I always find that someone, followers or web viewers do watch the replay and leave proof of their visits…those wonderful hearts. Social proof, that I am giving value, that they like and resonate with what I share. So yes they are good to have. BUT getting affected because nobody gives you hearts on a live show, means you are attached to then outcome. That’s bad for entrepreneurship. Today we are focusing  on rocking your periscope to generate leads for your business!

Remember I did say I would give you an update on how I was doing on Periscope in 3 -6 months on the Periscope Vs Blab post! Well I couldn’t wait that long!  I just had to share how you can literally use periscope for lead generation while its still youthful! Well at the time I can confess I had 59 followers all from one of my less used twitter accounts. I had about 549 Hearts and I wish I had taken a photo for proof. But that’s not the point.

I decided 4 weeks ago to scope daily 5 days a week Mon – Fri. I scope about traffic getting, branding, content marketing, list building & winning mindset. The last I did was on motivational Wednesday on the different Colours of entrepreneurs. You can watch it here. I also answer any Qns I am asked via “Ask Julie.” That way I hit several birds with one stone. A video, growing our list and answer a client question! So why am I excited 4 weeks later?


I am super excited about the social aspect of Periscope. You can interact with your audience in a live broadcast. Thats spectacularly awesome because they do respond right backatcha. You can discuss your soccer team success, pet needs, makeup, jewelry, car repairs heheeee. You can sing karaoke on periscope and people will tune in!  Once your audience is plugged into you, you could say anything and they will simply tap their screens giving you mob hearts or bats for Halloween


Well because I have some super exciting news for you about rocking periscope for lead generation! And how I am leveraging periscope for our brand and why you too should, let’s get on with it…

A Periscope Im

Before I committed to Scoping Daily 4 weeks ago!

Am Rocking Periscope for Lead generation, Are You? #leadgeneration #biztips

My Heart Count 1st Nov

Above are screenshots of my Before & Current Periscope Heart stats. I must say not only am I grateful for the engagement. It has inspired me & I am so encouraging you to definitely use Periscope to grow your following and list!


Below is Why you should rock periscope for Lead generation for your Business:

#1 Periscope for Lead generation:  A FREE TRAINING & ENDLESS STREAMING RESOURCE.

How to Rock Periscope for Lead generation, Grow a following! #leadgeneration #livestreaming

Unlike some video allowing or live streaming resources, Periscope allows you to scope as long as you wish, hours if you like. Instagram allows 15 second videos and Snapchat is 10 secs!  So get this you can hold live webinars, tele-seminars, conferences, hold private masterminds, training tutorials, dog parties anything really. I am imagining Periscope will soon replace that expensive webinar software for many. Before I go further I encourage you to tune in live or check out the replays of scopes because was removed by Twitter along with people’s thousands of Scopes. Yes. Thats why I have always encouraged Re-purposing of content. Lots of people used to share their Katch videos as opposed to Uploading them to YouTube and thus have backup.

The best way to save your Scopes now is to use the hashtag #save in your scopes  and they will be save to EggDrp or use fullscope via this link to back them up and have the bonus of tracking your results and analytics! 

The Question is wont the #save hashtag go the same way as katch?”

Now your katch link leads back to the your Twitter account I guess we can be grateful for that at least its not a broken link! Follow me on Periscope via image below:

Periscope Cloud Video Storage App.


#2. Periscope for Lead generation: AUDIENCE TARGETING.


Okay you may say it’s hard to laser target your audience on Periscope because of the trolls and I say you are wrong. See your followers will look for your content if you use #hashtags in your Bio & Scope titles. Your hashtags are searchable on twitter and Periscope! Plus here is whats exciting about periscope, you can ask your audience live what they need or want from your scopes i.e. market research. And get feedback live too or they get in touch with you after watching the replay. And this is how you leverage periscope for lead generation!


#3. Periscope for Lead generation: ORIGINAL CONTENT CREATION & RE-PURPOSING. 

How to Rock Periscope for Lead generation, Grow a following! #contentrepurposing #contentcuration

I actually did a scope and post on content creation and it was very well received. Over 5k hearts from replay viewers! Now while this may be paltry for some, it’s massive for most. I create content on periscope, I can use the scope in a blog post via. By the way if you are scoping your scopes have a 24hr window and they are gone unless you back them up or use the resource we recommend! By backing up your scopes, this is where the magic happens! This is where periscope for lead generation is brewed for long term business growth! Once you have done your super scope on your niche topic, you can download & re-purpose said scope into anything. Examples below:


  • Vlog
  • Blog post
  • Podcast – need audio software or you can record it live
  • YouTube Video
  • Evergreen webinar
  • Create a bonus Free offer
  • Create an info product


What are you waiting for, seriously? I am so excited. Periscope for lead generation is just starting to heat up and anyone leveraging it is on the cusp of a business explosion! It’s a super awesome way to create and test your products marketplace. I am already capturing segments of my scopes for our marketing purposes.


Speaking of re-purposing Listen to our Podcast on Leveraging Periscope for Lead generation below!



Okay now to the Practical leveraging of Periscope for Lead Generation:

#1 LET YOUR AUDIENCE KNOW: How about you either point your camera to your screen with contact and business details OR hold up a sign with links to your site and socials!


You can ask (not in every scope), ask your audience to leave their email address in the comments, esp. if you are offering something or Share your details as above for them to get in touch. It’s a great way to add people to your list. This is how I am slowly using periscope for lead generation and list building. Always begin and end each scope/broadcast with your website address and a Call to Action! Our List is growing nicely thank you!


#2 BE CONSISTENT: Like anything else if you are inconsistent you won’t only lose followers you will find it tedious! So scope daily for at least 90 days you will thank yourself later. Do you  a favour and set a specific time for your scopes. I usually scope between 9-10 am and 3-4 as a bonus scope. I now do a short weekend scope. People love it! This has helped build our audience slowly but surely and keeps them coming back.


#3 CREATE A PROFESSIONAL BIO: Yes your bio is that snippet of info that people check out before they decide to follow, watch your replay or bounce. Make it count! See every word in your Bio is searchable as I said before. So tell us what you scope about, who you are, and a website link if space allows. THINK WHAT DOES MY AUDIENCE WANT? This is how you leverage Periscope for lead generation!





YOU CAN NOW TRACK YOUR PERISCOPE STATS, RESULTS  AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR ACTIVE VIEWERS AND FOLLOWERS BETTER… How cool is that! ENTER Fullscope. The creator of Fullscope Casey Zeman @CaseyZeman says this about it “Knowing exactly who your audience is, is the key to getting better as a broadcaster and marketing to that audience. (Knowing the data helps you serve your audience better)” 

Use Fulllscope to Leverage Periscope for Lead Generation! #periscopemarketing #fullscope

Fullscope is a complete analytics and marketing software that provides you the most detailed insights from your Periscope Broadcasts. (And other live stream applications.) Here are the possibilities of Fullscope, You can 

See the ANALYTICS/STATS of your broadcasts?
✅ know WHO makes the most comments?
✅ Know Who is leaving you the most hearts (and how many)?
✅ Learn how long specific people are watching your scope and when they leave?

Find out all this info and Leverage this Periscope for lead generation analytics resource for FREE (yes, free!)  So Grab this Awesome Resource while it’s still Free here!


My Bonus Tip to utilize Periscope for Lead Generation is quite simply, be social!

Visit other niche scope replays, leave some hearts. Or better still attend them live and engage with the broadcaster give them hearts, connect with the audience and share the scopes too. Provide value in your own scopes. No need to create a scope being grumpy or negative about life. Nor should you be negative on other people’s scopes. If it’s not your bag, tune out. And my friends JOIN A PERISCOPE TRIBE. There are hundreds if not thousands already. Just like Facebook groups! I have seen Tag Tribes, warrior tattoo, Love Tribe, Peri10k, Peridudes (strictly men) etc. My absolute favourite, a group I highly recommend for women is The Perigirls. A FREE community of women on Facebook over 10k and counting, supporting each other on Periscope, with tips, support and training! An absolutely amazing community. If you are a scoping woman please do consider joining. And if you are a man then Peridudes is for you!


It’s in giving that we receive. Give more value, give your time, tap out your hearts and I guarantee you, you will be rocking Periscope for Lead Generation and growing your list! Making more sales…whats not to like!


Hope my Periscope update on how to leverage Periscope for lead generation and your business has helped you out. I hope I have inspired you to step out and broadcast live and who knows in a year’s time you could have a following in hundreds of thousands, At the very least I intend to do that! So How about we follow each other…You first Here.  

If you found value do consider a like, share and let me know your thoughts in comments below. I sure would love to know!


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As always I believe you deserve more so…

Live. Learn. Love


Julie Syl Kalungi









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