8 Network Marketing Team Culture Traits Worth Duplicating! #teamgrowth

8 Dynamic Team Culture Traits worth Cultivating and Duplicating for Business Growth OR Residual Income in Your Home Business!



In the last 18 months, we’ve purposefully built and noticed a significant shift in our professional, business, team culture and ethos. Once it was all about get them in, let them grind…Today we’re more likely to work very closely with our new & existing team members until they are creating their own momentum, launching their funnels etc…This could be 7 days or 90 days, if that’s what they wish!  


Okay I hear you, Whats Team Culture?

“Its your team values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, & habits…”

8 Team Culture Profile - The Basics! #businesstips



The team culture is usually set based on either your platform aka company values or by the team big dogs aka Leaders!

Are you bleeding team members in your business or corporate world? We are sharing with you our corporate and entrepreneurial experiences intermingled, plus lessons learnt. We feel your pain and that’s why we know and guarantee you will find our article on Houdini Style Client Retention very helpful too

Any entrepreneur or manager willing to retain their top team members and talent must answer this question:

“How do I create a competent enrollment system, fast start and growth process and a team with A+ players?”

If you are a corporate then you definitely must tap into or create a positive company culture As an entrepreneur, you are The Boss so gotta get Creative and without further ado below are our…



Team Culture Traits worth Cultivating: 

Team Culture #1: Be Very Creative and Innovative: this helps keep team members round the camp fire! 

You need to either create or follow one that’s been created before, no need to reinvent the wheel. A team culture that’s centered around being innovative, dynamic and keeping your team interested in growing the business. In our TSL team we have Knights of the Round Table sessions, Weekly brainstorming sessions, Weekly training calls, and many exciting team competitions to help us grow our business. These competitions have real exciting prizes inc. things like iPads, TVs, Free lunches with super industry hitters, where you can pick their brains without paying a penny what! Trips to exotic locations, all paid for hotel stays etc.  We have lots of fun participating, growing and winning. Our team is lead by industry leaders like Ray and Jessica Higdon, Tanya Aliza, Cesar Rodriguez etc. We have grown to over 5.6k. These perks of course come at a cost for the team leaders and participating members…(for every success there is a price.) But so does team dissatisfaction and attrition…think about that! We shared some hints in our post on Lessons from billionaires. 


Your team culture has the potential to either crush or skyrocket your team and residual income. So its worth cultivating and duplicating.

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Team Culture #2 Make Friends & Train Leaders: 

Gosh we may begin to sound like broken records, but how do you expect to keep these nuevo entrepreneurs on your team if you don’t attempt to make friends with them? This is a team culture that is essential in home business, network marketing and any corporate arrangement.

“Envision how the new team member is likely to grow and can in the near future take on substantially more of the team training responsibilities.” Pauli Kalungi

You must encourage communication as part of your team culture. Facebook is an amazing free resource where you can create a FREE group and use it to communicate daily and have comprehensive feedback, surveys, share successes, challenges, new company policies etc. This engenders regular communication from the team leadership, and between members. You will see new entrepreneurs push themselves into growing the business and if yours is a binary model well you can imagine how deep the residual well could flow!

Always look for character in your prospects because you can always train them or they skill up as Lori Greiner says! 



Team Culture #3 Let Other Kingdoms Grow! 

And this team culture is definitely similar but different from the one above. See in the home business industry as indeed in the corporate world; a great manager or leader encourages other members of the team to grow and rank up aka Kingdoms sprouting. This can be through training, self development and leading by example – hitting targets. In this instance, its thus important to take a personal interest in their growth, point them in the right direction while also allowing them room to grow and innovate. Take own initiative and SHARE their Lessons with the rest of the team so others can “DUPLICATE” their actions. You’ll have more happy productive and earning team members. An appreciated, earning team member is a happy one.

So how do you ensure you do this? By asking the right questions in first instance so you can learn their WHY and find your aces. Your Power Echoes with Juleskal did a super powerful Podcast on “10 Questions You Must ask Your Prospects and Cold leads.” Tune in and download ans SUBSCRIBE to our podcast below. 


You’ll find people with a burning passion to succeed, and encouraging that fire to heat up so they can achieve their aspirations and dreams, must be part of your team culture. Tanya Aliza has an informal session which she calls “an evening with Tanya.” Where we brainstorm, share ideas, encourage each other, have a laugh and a drink and all done online…yet it sure feels like we are in the same room having a girly night out! 



Team Culture #4 Be 10 Times Bolder

Team Culture - encourage your people to be 10 Times Bolder! #teamculture

Encourage team members to be 10 times bolder (10XB – this is a phrase coined by one of our team leaders Cesar Rodriguez and is now a full blown brand.) Its a team culture and a brand. And it’s based on obliterating fear. If you are fearful of taking a certain action that you know if done could greatly improve your odds for success, ask your self:

“If I was Ten Times Bolder what would I do?” Cesar L Rodriguez

A large part of highly successful people’s results come from making bold moves. The CEO of Capture Higher Ed Steve Huey says: 

“I believe innovation can occur anywhere in the company, not just in leadership or technology, and encouraging people to take risks is key to being an innovative company…”

This belief in the potential of their employees has led this company to Fortune Magazine, championed as a “Great Place to Work.” How great would it feel if your team keeps getting stage presence at company events for doing the same? We sure are building a vision to that and it shall Manifest



Team Culture #5 Empower New Team Members

When a new team member joins TSL, they are warmly welcomed and one of the first things we tell our direct team members is: You are the BOSS of your Business. By empowering new team members to become proactive in growing their business and lead, gives them the opportunity to add value to the team, their business and company in ways that are awesome. As part of your team culture encourage your new team members to take the reigns of their business and lives.



Team Culture #6 Give Back

Create a Team Culture steeped in Giving Back! #successtips

The Good Shepherd Trust in Zimbabwe, Helping spruce up a School for Children in Need!

We all know that its in giving that we receive. As part of several blog syndication tribes, we see many bloggers share their awesome content, and expect others to give while not reciprocating. In the same way we see many team members learn new ways to grow the business and order the goodies…as they want to rank advance fast and lord it over others…POOR team culture or Strategy. The more you learn the more you should teach others what you do that works esp team members. It should become a part of your team culture to: Invest Learn and Teach! Leaders that do this see their teams grow to great heights and laugh all the way to the bank. Create a team culture with a strong emphasis on aligned team or company values, and you will be pleasantly surprised as less team members ever want to quit!  

Encourage your team to Give back to Society as a whole, this opens your floodgates of abundance and lets your light shine through! We love to be part of the Pay it Forward and Bottle schools  Voluntour program. Its awesome to know that for every penny we pay towards our autoship, lots of children somewhere have a Brand Spanking new school to learn and grow too. Giving back is an awesome team culture to cultivate



Team Culture #7 Build Globally

If you are part of a program that has geographical limitations, i.e. its only found in your country or city, You need to start looking for a new home TODAY! Seriously. We live in a global economy and part of a team culture for growth is to build globally too. You haven’t yet seen nothing if all you have is locally based team members. As an online entrepreneur you don’t need to have a fixed offline team headquarters, when you can build one on facebook aka a Facebook Group 🙂 yet….

 “Team culture is much bigger than a zip code, Geo-location or Facebook group.” Julie Syl Kalungi

There is need for greater flexibility in a company or team culture. A culture that allows people to build their business and residual income anywhere in the world, no matter their physical location. As online entrepreneurs, our Business gives us that flexibility to work anywhere with a laptop or tablet/phone and internet connection. Sweet 




Team Culture #8 Have Team Perks

Well Team perks could be part of a dynamic team culture and include anything from private one-on-one coaching session with the team leader, to a get away to an exotic location for performing team members. 

Trust us, certain perks are “great for building a stronger team culture.” Such perks do assist with boosting team engagement and retention. If you live local to some team members, you could go for a spa day and brain storm. How about a Monthly lunch. Again these have cost implications to the sponsor or team members; yet funding benefits responsive to your team needs can help overall team morale. We’re on a mission to help you reduce attrition, we believe that people are the most important asset we all have.

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