The Art of Selling in 5 Super Hot Tips!

The Art of Selling in 5 Hot Tips! What Does It REALLY Take to Add 10,000 Subscribers to Your List in 90 Days? – Part 2

The Art OF Selling

It sure takes one to have or know the art of selling to put in place a strategy that attracts 10k targeted subscribers in 90 days and making huge sales! Those are lots of sales conversations (Part 1 of this series). Well it sure takes grit, focus and some serious cool tools and ideas. Above all it takes a very well set up sales funnel.

We’ve been telling you about the List-a-Palooza 90 Day Challenge, which has the claim of teaching you the art of selling and  ‘How to Add 10,000 People to Your List in 90 Days.’  Very bold right?  Well we were pretty curious, what would already need to be in place for that to be achievable? And we can assure you its amazing!


See we have purchased various training products, all aimed at making one a 3-minute expert, a sales guru in 30 days, an email marketing machine in 3 weeks etc. etc. and all are amazing products. Yet lets face it, one has to do certain things, take certain actions to Create the promised results!

So is selling an art form, and what does it take to grow a 10k+ email list and make huge sales?

We thought that was a great question, and here’s the answer… Every entrepreneur should be able to lean the art of selling themselves first and foremost to whichever audience they are targeting. Its not about pitching its about presenting a balanced portion of your best professional and personal side to enamour your audience. 

We believe and have come to trust the art of selling on or offline! See its not selling as you know it, rather its attraction! We have had a 6 weeks challenge in our team to hold each other accountable, share tips and strategies and basically push for the summer season to keep the momentum! 

This challenge also inspires US to show up, play a bigger game, and put something extraordinary Like a summit or a major Mastermind  one day out into the world.

I think its Rumi that says, “Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.”

SARP is our “huge, foolish project” right now. And we know that List-A-Palooza is PJ Van Hulle’s Huge foolish project. We are actually surprised how many people have joined that were just getting started with their e-mail lists.

Obviously they may not, in fact its quite unlikely that they’ll add 10,000 people in 90 days. However, many members of L-A-P are absolutely thrilled to have doubled, tripled or quadrupled their smaller lists.

The art of selling learn our view below:


So lets look at why The Art of selling is a must in your Arsenal! 

In order to hit the goal of 10,000 new subscribers in 90 days, you must master the art of selling online and take massive action in one of the following strategies:

1. The art of selling: Build Powerful Relationships & Connections

You Must Hold Mini or even Mega Launches every so often. And How do you leverage this> Through the Powerful relationships you must make or have. If you are launching a new product/program be it a webinar, teleseminar, event, an interview. You need to ensure you have built some super cool relationships or have strong connections with strategic alliances, JVs and or affiliates. If you have the above two in place, you can easily add thousands and yes even 10,000 people to your list in under 90 days by having them promote your launch. Ray Higdon did it with his 3-minute expert and now with the Top earner Academy Live event in August! 

What if you don’t have any of these 2 things in place?



2. The Art of selling lies in Knowing Your Audience! Attract them

To master the Art of Selling, take a walk in your Target Audience shoes!

Do you know who you are selling to or targeting?  Well here is the medicine; research, research and even more research…Lool you thought we had a magic wand didja! Honestly that’s it! Have your facts and know who you are having that sales conversation with on or offline.

We cant tell you just how sad it makes us watching moms, dads, nanas people with financial responsibilities, who have already taken the leap and invested in something, they then proceed to do it all wrong. Chasing people, begging others to buy, or posting naked links online! Someone suggested to Julie recently, “Join my business and I join yours” what!!!! Try attraction marketing…No, you don’t know what this is? You need to get with Us ASAP! 

Its agonizing to see network marketers oblivious of the needs and desires of the people they are trying to attract!  A Google search can reveal so much about people, so there’s really no excuse for not knowing who your target market is.

You could have the best product on the planet…is is for me? I could be a vegan and you are trying to sell me a prime steak!  We’ve seen it numerous times, people start pitching the product and how its fabulous! And it could be yet that puts people’s backs up. Know your audience; who they are, where they hang out, their background. Show them how good you are, what benefits they get by working with or buying from you…You will attract them every time! 



3. The art of selling: Invest Time, Energy and Training or Skill up 

We know people, public speakers and top earners who publicly share their strategies on how they add thousands of subscriber to their lists. Cesar L Rodriguez is very specific, he actually shows photos of his address books, loads of them!

He invested time and money to learn the art of Cold Market Prospecting. he added over 10,000 people to his list in less than 45 days using this strategy, that most simply cower away from.  He knew what he was doing and has invested a significant amount of time and energy in pulling it off. He is definitely our Go-to expert on cold market prospecting! 

Other people drive tons of traffic to their websites for free with Deal Sites (like Groupon or Living Social), to each their own. there so many resources out there we could go on and on. Our resource if choice and one we highly recommend is this one Right Here.



4. The Art of Selling: The Right Advertising!

The Art of Selling is steeped in The Right Advertising!

You are an entrepreneur right? You run a home based business…who told you it will promote itself? Seriously…Have a pot of Money to Invest in Paid Advertising. 

We have had hundreds  of people subscribe to our Offers just from Facebook ads. Yes it can be a minefield, so is Google ads, ppc, solo ads all aid advertising is a learned art as well..we did say invest in your education! 


The key to paid advertising is TRACKING the results from each ad.  It’s amazing how wildly the results can vary on two different adverts.  How about creating a separate tracking link for each advert you run. This will help you quickly increase the ad budget for that advert that’s performing well or bin the non performing ad. Simple! 

Here is another tip: It helps to have something under between $20-$99 to sell right after people opt in. An up-sell so to speak. The moment they optin has been proven a very hot moment. That’s when you will get people so into your story they have wallet out. Or Get rid of the time wasters! Its also great for calculating the ROI on your ads right away.


When people opt in for SARP, we offer them the chance to get the KASPA an advanced 9-module formula for building a super organisation from the ground up. A List-Building Success Kit so to speak for astounding 90% off.

Not only does this provide exceptional value for the investment and build tremendous good will, it also lets us know right away which ads are working and which aren’t.

When you do it this way, paid advertising doesn’t have to cost a lot.  You can start out with $5-$10 and build up. BUT ADVERTISE YOU MUST. See the art of selling is in advertising to the right audience , at the right time, in the right place! CLICK TO TWEET

The Guardian gives you some super tips on the art of selling your business and enterprise you will find that we were right on the same page in our Part 1 of Sales Conversation! We also recommend you read “How To Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkins




5. The Art of selling Stems from Boldness – Go for it anyway!

I love this see its so true, the legendary Les Brown says, “Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


The point is…What you focus on expands

Whether you’re just starting out or you already have a large list, by focusing on expanding and building your list for 90 days, you have set a target and you gotta go for it! We shall keep sharing this Free resource that you’ll receive through List-a-Palooza. It has helped us move forward MUCH FASTER!

Once you have results in any of the above strategies go ahead and write an Art of Selling pdf or Art of Selling Video and hold a Webinar…Create podcasts. You see you’ll have gold right there, and can command a healthy paycheck! 

Well we hope we have enlightened you a lil on “The Art of Selling – how to add 10k subscribers to your list.” Wait for Part 3 when we come back from holiday & an event we cant wait to share our notes with you!

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