Communication Skills are Essential in Business

Effective communication skills can turn you into a MLM business building machine & Home Business Rockstar!

We have some great news…We are finally tackling network marketing communication  we’ve been promising for weeks; and you may or may not now that in Online marketing & Direct sales its specially crucial! See a word can mean two different things to two different people, said exactly the same way!

Last night we visited a friend and had a long chat and at some point he said, that I Julie am gifted with the gift of the garb…that I literally can sell anything…at which I burst out laughing & said Amen

Now before we go any further, there just may be some not so awesome news…

And we guess it all depends on how you look at it esp. with regards to your home business and your MLM Success.

Here is some news:


Your paycheck your income, wages, your mullah call it what you want is positively, totally, absolutely, no questions, the solid truth, its determined by one thing…

EISHHHH …spill the beans already you say! What has this got to do with network marketing communication? You ask… well bear with us!


Others may be saying of course it cannot be because its obvious to them that many things determine a paycheck…right! Many factors determine my earnings! It’s all about numbers to determine my volume! Many things have been determining the numbers on my check…Have they?

We do understand how you feel by the way. You see we once thought the same thing, about the supposedly many factors that went in to the MLM Success Formula for a home business. Question is were we correct? Well, yes and no.

Here Is The MASSIVE Secret and It’s the Absolute Truth; Your Success is definitely a cacophony of many things, but your paycheck is determined by one. You know that Network Marketing is a People Business right….and what do people like to do…lets back up a lil here.

You see most people see their Success in Direct sales or network or MLM through the numbers on their paychecks, bank balance or lack of it…


Focusing on your income or earnings is important, BUT how the heck do you get there? By doing this one thing. Could be one on one, picking up the phone, composing that email, could be a blog post, a sales letter, a Facebook advert, that broadcast. You name it…do you see where we are heading? So now you agree that your earnings are simply 100% determined by ONE thing… and what is that thing?

It is what we call the THE Absolute Must Be mastered Skill in direct sales and networking.

Guess what, Most Hotel and hospitality staff have mastered this skill. World renowned Church leaders and Industry 7/8 figure earners have mastered and continue to master it. Company heads & politicians have mastered it. And If YOU want to become a highly successful entrepreneur and Home Business owner you MUST master it.

Man you must be itching to know what it is…


Have you heard of the saying “ It’s Not what you say, it’s how you say it…” Okay okay

Drum roll…it’s COMMUNICATION. A Skill set that if you don’t master, well you are dead in the water!

SIZZLING HOT Communication!

Below are some Awesome Tips in effective Communication from Videojug:

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We learnt that a while back Fortune Magazine did a study of over 200 Multimillionaires, and found that over 90% of them when questioned what the single most important skill was for their success:

Their response; the ability to communicate effectively!

There IS ONLY 1 rule to consistent & increasing earnings or income in Direct sales, affiliate or network marketing and online marketing: Here it is:

You will never get paid UNLESS You Talk to people, Lots of em”.



Repeat the above sentence and Burn it into your Mental CD-Rom!

The Importance of effective communication:

Communication is so important to business growth it has to be learnt & polished. In your network marketing business the art of listening is terribly important. Have you ever stopped, listened and observed communication taking place between a network marketing business builder and their business prospect? If so, can you recall that they asked more questions and reflected back the answers of the prospect, weaving a net around them so skilfully the prospect literally felt they made the decision to BUY all by themselves. If the business builder is effective in communicating it’s pretty much a done deal! You too can learn how you can ensure to keep lines of communication Open here. Please also note that;

For communication to take place there has to be a giver and a receiver of information. It’s a two way process!

You see while communicating you also are assessing your prospect, checking them out, qualifying them, Big Al Shreiter in his book “The Four Color Personalities for MLM” goes as far as saying that prospects personalities are in 4 Colors…Yellow for nurturers, Blue for the Chatterboxes, Red for the dominating authoritative leaders, Green for the statistical, mathematical minds… with most people being a mix of the above colours in different proportions. Learn what colours your prospect is and they will be eating from your palms! It’s a skill set and those that have learnt it are crushing it in the Sales industry. You too can join this elite group.

So we urge you to take the time to learn, practice and apply a range of effective communication skills for your home or network marketing business. You will see a huge shift in your team growth and earnings aka Paycheck and ultimately long term business growth and success. While you don’t need a PhD, you need to master the following; it will make a huge difference for you if you can:

  • CONNECT with your prospects & communicate
  • SERVE your clients or customers
  • COACH your business partners or down-lines AND
  • LEAD your team by example…you can’t expect your partners to deliver what you can’t OR do all the work

One of our mentors has gone as far as saying that “Communication is a Core Competency in Network Marketing and Directs sales, that is pivotal to our success”

We can’t argue with that for sure! It’s is a People business…so no people no business…and we mean communicate with these people. Do not just send them a friend request and a “Hi Thanks for adding me…” This same mentor also made it simple. She says communication per se is not enough. Focus your communication on the following:

  • Ask effective questions
  • Listen i.e. be an effective listener
  • Reflect back what they say, which others call paraphrasing– This will enhance your communication skills & process. This goes hand in hand with summarizing what the prospect says. By the way it would be great to take notes as well for follow up purposes!
  • Always ask The Closing Question… “Are you ready to Get started”, after all sometimes they need a little nudge, yes?


Are You Actively Listening in Your Communication Arsenal? You get paid for talking to more prospects, leads, potential customers, talking to your down-lines, your team, your mentors and trainers, and talking to your leaders! To Increase your earnings You MUST learn to and become a riveting MLM Communicator, and develop a charismatic and attractive style that is Powerful, Magnetic, Focused, Energetic, and is Effective in online and business success. We are not gonna couch it in cotton wool…

Look at it this way. How do you account for a young 20yr old person with no prior knowledge in Business success joins a company and within 12months this young man is a 6figure earner and he didn’t pick up a book before he got success on Network marketing? Such people exist in numbers. They could meet the gremlin of team retention but definitely communicating the product/service benefits and their story seems to come natural. Such people are natural communicators and story tellers! You see its true what they say, stories do sell and the best story tellers get to sell more in Home businesses and direct sales! SIMPLE!

Our bit of advice is be vulnerable and be open to Listening. Be genuinely interested in what the other party has to say, you see communication is a two way tool! And In our industry it’s definitely more about THEM than YOU!


If communication is your Achilles heel or weakness, then you gotta listen to some audios, read some books pronto amigos…Study the skill of communication; practice it in the mirror, practice posture and intonation. We have taken a few courses e.g. Ray Higdon’s TESS (Read our review here) and have an enviable personal & Team e-library and its paying off big time. One of Paul’s favorites is “Conversations with Millionaires” available through Also, another of Napoleon Hill’s Best sellers “Keys to Success The 17 Principles” Both are great books and will help you in your journey in Communication.

Today’s takeaway: Is Communication…email your leads, communicate with trust, integrity, sensitivity, even kindness. Communicate with authenticity and sometimes with brutal honesty and people will follow you… Heck in many cases they will throw money at you, don’t believe us – try it! This is the simple yet unbreakable truth, everything else is window dressing; Educating yourself on Communication is a MUST! And it will pay off massively HUGE in your MLM Success. LEARN it, PRACTICE it and APPLY it.

We believe in You, We know you Can and if you are looking to be part of a community of effective communicators who will lock arms with you and Ensure you hold yourself accountable to Your Dream and build your business fast, CLICK HERE NOW!

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